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Travel the trails of an Indian Legend The Great Plains Native Americans.

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2 Travel the trails of an Indian Legend The Great Plains Native Americans

3 Desert Southwest Southeastern Woodlands Great Basin Great Plateau California Northeastern Woodlands Pacific Northwest Coast Come to the Great Plains

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5 Housing ◊People in the great plains mostly lived in tepees. ◊Tepees where made of buffalo hides and large poles. ◊The tepees where warm in the winter and cool in the summer. ◊They also lived in grass houses. ◊Grass houses where made of tied grass and buffalo thongs. Back

6 Recreation Some of the things the plains do for recreation are things that are life situations but miniature. A game that was a real life situation that they liked was the buffalo hunt game. This is were a boy would have a cactus leaf attached to a stick and they called it the buffalo heart. The others would shoot at it with their arrows and the person who hit it got chased by the boy with the cactus leaf and was poked in the butt. Back

7 Food Buffalo and basin where the main source of food for the Sioux. They also ate pronghorns, antelopes, elks, moose, and deer. There was a lot of rice grass, arrow roots, and all different types of berries to be gathered. Tribes that lived near the river ate fish for a main source of food. Back

8 Clothing For Men  Men usually wore breechcloths and moccasins.  For special occasions men wore leggings with fringed flaps.  They also wore a shirt made of two skins from an animal that are sewn together. More

9  Women would were moccasins, short leggings, and a simple dress.  For special occasions the dress was decorated with paint, porcupine quills, and elk teeth.  The dress also was fringed at the bottom. Clothing for Women Back to landscape

10 Environment….what did it look like? The Great Plains were relatively low and flat. There also were….  vast treeless grasslands.  cold winters and hot summers  moderate rainfall  animals such as buffalo, antelopes,mule, deer, coyotes, prairie dogs, quail and pheasants.  tepees in which the Sioux lived in. Back

11 Values The Great Plains had Indians with very important values. There were…  Ceremonies to honor the buffalo spirits who gave up their bodies and to bring them back for the winter immigration.  The horse dance honored the horse because they made their lifestyles so much easier for hunting the buffalo. The horses also made their houses bigger because before the dogs had to carry it but the horse was stronger and could carry more.  The Sun dance was held each summer for celebrating the return of the buffalo with all the Sioux bands. Back

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