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Newsletter September - October 2009 Daniel Huisman Mobiel NL +31 633738272

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1 Newsletter September - October 2009 Daniel Huisman Mobiel NL +31 633738272 Dear Friends, Greetings from Holland.

2 The 19th of November I will travel again. Via Curacao I will go to Medellin Colombia, where I will stay till January, then on to Indonesia. The following organizations are happy with the websites I make and maintain for them in my time here in Holland; I am still busy moving some website because a free webhosting “Geocities” has been canceled.

3 In Colombia they are looking forward seeing me again. From 1998 I have worked many years in Colombia and I have gotten to know many dedicated people who help the poor children in missions.

4 The husband of a volunteer Deisy was killed in 2003 in front of the children home where she was working, he was shot at because he did not wanted to hand over his 2nd hand motorbike for which he had worked so hard and with which he was earning the income for his family. He even had his 6 years old daughter on his arm at that moment. His wife came running out when she heard the gunshots and threw stones at the attackers and they left without motorbike. Her husband died on the way to the hospital. The motorbike had to be sold to be able to cover the funeral cost. This was all so difficult for her. But she still works as a volunteer and she never stopped caring and helping the needy children in Colombia. Her heart goes out to the poor and deserted children. She goes into the neighborhoods to find and visit the children and help them by organizing meetings. To help them with whatever they need. Help with clothes or school and transfer them to a children home if it is necessary. The best is to always try to avoid putting a child in a children home because the help that can be done in their own home is always better for the family.

5 In Colombia there are many street children. These children already live on the street at a young age and are as little as they are already involved in drug abuse, theft, criminality and sex. The longer a child lives on the street, the longer it takes to have him/her live a normal life in society. It is very difficult for a street child to rehabilitate so that it will be a child again. A saying “You can take a child off the street, but you can’t get the street out of the child.” And many die young in their horrible street life. That is why we should do more in prevention, which is a better solution to the problem than to try and help afterward. The goal is to find the children where the mom is alone and in financial distress. Deisy has a calling with many years of experience; she loves the children and loves to help them.

6 UNICEF, divides street children into two main categories: 1) Children on the street are those engaged in some kind of economic activity ranging from begging to vending. Most go home at the end of the day and contribute their earnings to their family. They may be attending school and retain a sense of belonging to a family. Because of the economic fragility of the family, these children may eventually opt for a permanent life on the streets. 2) Children of the street actually live on the street (or outside of a normal family environment). Family ties may exist but are tenuous and are maintained only casually or occasionally. In the whole World there are about 100 million children living on the street and this amount is growing.

7 Deisy receives the children in the different neighborhoods to help them with their needs and schoolwork and shares the Gospel with them.

8 Do you like to help Deisy with her work to help the children? Send your gift marked “Colombia”

9 Proverbs 14:21 He who despises his neighbor; sins, but he who has mercy on the poor is happy.

10 Friendly greetings and thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you

11 Gifts to Holland; To; Daniel Huisman at Swifterbant Holland PostBank account nr; 5327093 Codes for sending money internationally; International Bank Account Number IBAN= NL96 PSTB 0005 327093 Bank Identifier Code BIC= PSTBNL21 Donate through For more donating options please visit;

12 Subscribe and Contact: Do you want to receive this Newsletter by Email every 2 months? Please send me your Email address; You can see this Newsletter at; Download in Html, Word, Pdf and PowerPoint.

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