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Newsletter January - February 2010 Daniel Huisman Mobile Phone Indonesia +62 81399142041

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1 Newsletter January - February 2010 Daniel Huisman Mobile Phone Indonesia +62 81399142041 Dear Friends, Greetings from Indonesia. The 23rd of January I arrived here and I will be here until the 16th of May.

2 I am helping out in the Mission Hospital Bethesda. They have been looking forward to me coming again. There are different devices which need repair and some projects I will take upon me like water distribution, drainage, and the laundry machines.

3 A lot of medical equipment has come from the USA, either donated or bought second hand, so the voltage is different 110 volt. On the picture I have just put in a transformer which changes the voltage from 220 volts to 110 volts in an incubator.

4 The Hospital exists already more than 40 years and it is now 36 years ago that it has moved to the new location, 2 walking hours distance, and each year on the anniversary of the Hospital the end of February there is a hike organized which we have early in the morning between the 2 places.

5 The Hospital is a beautiful testimony for a wide area around here; a lot of people know the hospital and find it a good and beautiful work we as missionaries do for the population here. Regularly there is a Medical team going out into the remote inland areas to reach out to the sick to be able to care fort hem and heal them. Can you imagine yourself in the middle of the jungle with no roads to a Hospital being ill? Those people are very grateful for this blessing.

6 The Hospital Bethesda exists of several departments with a Total of 250 local workers. 1.Outpatient clinic averaging over 25,000 patient visits per year 2.Inpatient hospital care with 90 bed capacity, offering high quality medical care on a sliding fee scale: No one is turned away! 3.A far-flung clinic outreach with 4 remote clinics accessible only by single engine aircraft and rural public health care serving over 70 village complexes with a total service population of 13,000 with a specific focus on preventive child and maternal health care and education 4.Academy of nursing with a proven track record, graduating 40 well-trained nurses each year 5.And the Evangelism team which takes care of the spiritual guidance of the patients and staff.

7 There is a lot of work to do here and I do miss it to have good tools here. On the picture you can see a nice flyer a local Hardware store, 4 driving hours away. The can provide a Complete mechanical toolset in a nice big lockable tool chest. Now that is what we really need here. There is so much repair work to do here that good quality tools are really necessary here.

8 Do you like to help with buying the tools? Send your gift marked “Tools” See; where the Dutchman Johan Smoorenburg helps the people in Haiti after the horrible earthquake.

9 Matthew 20:34 So Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes, and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Him.

10 Friendly greetings and thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you

11 Gifts to Holland; To; Daniel Huisman at Swifterbant Holland PostBank account nr; 5327093 Codes for sending money internationally; International Bank Account Number IBAN= NL96 PSTB 0005 327093 Bank Identifier Code BIC= PSTBNL21 Donate through For more donating options please visit;

12 Subscribe and Contact: Do you want to receive this Newsletter by Email every 2 months? Please send me your Email address; You can see this Newsletter at; Download in Html, Word, Pdf and PowerPoint.

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