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Newsletter January - February 2011 Daniel Huisman Indonesia +62 81399142041

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1 Newsletter January - February 2011 Daniel Huisman Indonesia +62 81399142041 Dear Friends, Greetings from Indonesia. In November I arrived here and I will stay till May. The people here are very thankful that I am helping here as a volunteer in the technical department of the Mission Hospital Bethesda in West Borneo.


3 Together with some workers we have started changing all the water pipes inside the buildings of the hospital. Many pipes underground are leaking and are not repairable. It is a big task and we hope to finish in March.

4 2 of the 3 washing machines are still working well after I have made them manual in recent years but after so much use the metal is corroding at the legs. So we bought some metal plates and I am welding them on the machines as you can see on the picture. Adding a few more years of life to the washing machines. The motor of the 3rd washing machine has burned out so I will take out all wiring and put in a new motor and make it all manual as well so it will be easier to maintain in the future.

5 90 bed Bethesda Hospital

6 In October 2010 I met Jeny after 3 years of writing with each other. Lord willing we want to get married 11-11-2011 in Chile. Jeny still lives with her parents and I could stay with them when I met Jeny in October 2010. I have stayed with them for 2 weeks and it is a nice Christian family. Of course I have also fixed something. In their house there was a sink which was broken since the horrible earthquake of Feb 2010. So we went to the hardware store to buy some parts. And I found a really handy universal adjustable flexible plastic siphon for the sink. So I bought 5 to take a long to the Hospital in Indonesia.

7 Jeny is helping the Hospital all the way from Chile

8 Jeny has done her first task in Missions already. The same universal siphons I had taken along to try out here are working great. So I thought: “I should buy some more of those next time I come.” At the same time Jeny writes and says: “You are in missions but I am doing nothing yet for missions” So I said; “Well there is something you can do …” So Jeny has now already sent a whole box of those universal siphons and they already arrived a month later. So in due time I will start exchanging all the leaking siphons so we will have no more dripping drains.

9 Daniel and Jeny in Chile October 2010

10  The screen of my laptop has expired; it slowly went darker and then went off. I have used it a lot and it’s already 2 years since I bought it 2nd hand. I’m using a PC now but will have to fix my laptop or find another second hand one. Do you like to help? Send your gift marked “Laptop” Other costs I have not anticipated is that I need to leave the country by March 15th to be able to get a new visa in a neighboring country so I can stay here till May. It will cost me some extra travel money so I am praying for that. The hospital is happy with all I am able to do here so it is worth the effort. Send your gift marked “Travel”

11 Proverbs 18:22 ¶ Whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtained the favor of the LORD.

12 11 – 11 – 2011 Daniel and Jeny will get married in Chile

13 Friendly greetings and thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you

14 Gifts to Holland; To; Daniel Huisman at Swifterbant Holland PostBank account nr; 5327093 Codes for sending money internationally; International Bank Account Number IBAN= NL96 PSTB 0005 327093 Bank Identifier Code BIC= PSTBNL21 Donate through For more donating options please visit;

15 Subscribe and Contact: Do you want to receive this Newsletter by Email every 2 months? Please send me your Email address; You can see this Newsletter at; Download in Html, Word, Pdf and PowerPoint.

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