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1 T ALKING T HROUGH S ATIRE News That Matters Not

2 Talking Through Satire Objectives: Understand the role of satire Develop a respect for satire Look at satire as a form of purposeful humour Interpret the intended meaning of satire Explore the types of humour Explore the forms that satire can be used in

3 Talking Through Satire Now watch these two videos Video 1: Video 2: Compare the intention of the humour in the two videos.

4 Talking Through Satire Satire and Sarcasm in Humour – The Banana Peel Example “Haha, that swine slipped over the banana peel! The banana peel must have got mighty HURT!” “The person who threw that banana peel should start booking tickets for a dip in the Ganges now!” SATIRICAL HUMOUR SARCASTIC HUMOUR

5 Talking Through Satire Explanation of the Banana Peel Example The object of Sarcasm is random: ridicule someone, because probably you have a grudge against that person, or just for the sake of it! But satire has been used in the example to ridicule the person who actually THREW that banana peel. Satire has deeper intentions. And, THAT is the difference between sarcasm and satire!

6 Talking Through Satire Defining Satire, Humour, Sarcasm Satire: Vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement. (e.g. Video 1) Humour: Anything that can provoke laughter. May be satirical, mindless, sarcastic, or purely meant for entertainment. (e.g. Video 2) Sarcasm: A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.

7 Talking Through Satire What Differentiates Satire from other forms of Humour? Answer: The INTENTION!! Sarcasm : Destructive, Evil Use of Humour | Painful, Bloody, Inconsiderate Satire : Constructive, Positive Use of Humour | May be painful, but always bloodless | Mature and Purposeful Humour: No specific intentions! “The difference between satire and sarcasm is the difference between surgery and butchery.” — Edward Nichols

8 Talking Through Satire Elements of Satire Sarcasm Irony Wit Parody Hyperbole Subtlety Humour Criticism

9 Talking Through Satire Elements of Satire – 1) Sarcasm “Chetan Bhagat, a renowned IITian-sperm owner and a below par author in the opinion of many, has finally decided to knock at the Supreme Court doors. Due to the recent bans on many authors and their books, the author has asked the courts to read his books properly and ban at least one of them.” Targets of Sarcasm: Chetan Bhagat’s hunger for publicity; Chetan Bhagat’s writing quality; Hype surrounding IITians

10 Talking Through Satire Elements of Satire – 2) Irony In a bizarre show of snobbery and blatant attack on our cultural values and traditions, a prospective bridegroom has said “no” to dowry. Disturbing stories have surfaced from the groom’s childhood where he has always followed traffic rules, never eve-teased a girl or a guy for that matter, and has never been in a fight. Some claimed of never seeing him smoking or drinking either. ___ Health activists fume after Minister for Religious Beliefs finds temples more important than toilets ___

11 Talking Through Satire Elements of Satire – 3) Hyperbole Last week we took our stupidity to a whole new level, with the ban on Vishwaroopam and banning Rushdie for the 92874284 th time from entering into India. ___ Accused of drunken driving, man says he was just “avoiding potholes” ___ Two young boys arrested in Delhi for killing penguin in Antarctica

12 Talking Through Satire Elements of Satire – 4) Wit Protestors agree for release of Vishwaroopam after Shruti Haasan says she will also leave India with her dad ___ After Kejriwal’s exposé, Rohit Sharma alleges Virat Kohli’s runs grew tremendously in past 3 years

13 Talking Through Satire Elements of Satire – 5) Parody Drawing parallels from what actually happens, into a whole new imaginary incident Man gang-bitten by wild dogs in Gurgaon, police blame him for wearing short clothes On the unfortunate night of 15th April, Raju was spotted by five wild dogs who had been roaming around on the roads freely. Raju came out of the mall at 1 am and started walking towards home. “I didn’t even realize that five dogs had been quietly following me, and when I did, I really got scared and started walking faster. The dogs’ paw- steps became faster too. They passed lewd barks at me, which were getting louder with each step. I felt helpless. There was not a speck of life in sight, only the dogs, their ugly barks and I alone on the deserted road. Before I could think of what to do, they were eating into my legs and tearing apart every morsel of flesh on them with such vigour that I went numb.” Raju further says, “It was… painful.”

14 Talking Through Satire Elements of Satire – 7) Subtlety Two young boys arrested in Delhi for killing a penguin in Antarctica The official statement of the two prime suspects was released earlier this evening. One of the two accused said, “This is outrageous! I was nowhere near that tree! My friend and I were bursting crackers in the neighbourhood to celebrate Sachin’s performance in the ODI that day, when suddenly the police came and arrested us!” Can you identify what is subtly hidden in this paragraph?

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