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REINVENTING CUSTOMER RETENTION!! So it makes sense to everyone at the dealership!

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1 REINVENTING CUSTOMER RETENTION!! So it makes sense to everyone at the dealership!

2 Sustainability in an uphill climate A Dealer controlled maintenance program that not only satisfies the Dealer's, Customer's, F&I’s and Service Department's core needs, but enhances and reinforces a relationship that creates long term viability for the dealership. This 360 degree solution will increase cash flow & customer retention REINVENTING CUSTOMER RETENTION!!

3 1. Redeemable at selling dealership. 2. Dealer determines service redemption prices and may update as needed. OVERVIEW How the Preferred Customer Program is different. 3. Ability to market via smart phone/tablet app, email, etc. 4. No additional equipment or personnel necessary. Service redemption is online. 5. Dealer retains all revenue in-house including investment income.

4 Program benefits: Immediate revenue generator Dealer retains funds, interest & spoils No setup cost to the dealer Enhances service drive traffic & opportunity for up-sell revenue Increases penetration, improves customer retention, generates cash-flow without discounting highly profitable up-sell services Increases potential for repeat & incremental vehicle sales Smart Marketing: You monitor your growth through a multi-tiered site for dealership Fixed Operations & customer logins, while the Preferred Customer Program Smart Marketing module sends out: Welcome packet & email to every newly enrolled customer Dealership iPhone, Droid, and Windows apps Thank you email for each service redeemed Service reminders based on their plan intervals Bulk email opportunity to send dealership specials & offers to all your customers enrolled in the program, for no additional cost. Because… It makes sense to the Dealer It makes sense for the Customer It makes sense in F&I And the Service Department loves it Reporting: You cannot manage if you cannot measure! Depending on the size of your dealership, you can be managing unlimited amounts of customer services both redeemed & outstanding. Managing your liabilities can be a daunting task, but with PCP a simple click of a button will show you exactly where you are. The program gives the Dealer a better understanding of its performance both quickly & effectively with 24/7 available access. Customers can also log in to their site to see how many services they have in their individual plans & the history of their use. Dealerships can use that portal to convey more specials, & keep the customer returning for all of their vehicle needs.


6 Most dealers will use a sub-account to manage all revenue generated within PCP.

7 Credits ∙ Revenue from Sold Contracts

8 Debit ∙ Service Redemptions ∙ Cancellations ∙ Compensation ∙ Admin

9 Use PCP’s vast array of reports to provide detailed documentation.

10 Reports Available 24/7

11 Monthly Contract Production Report Total Contracts Sold: 60 Revenue Generated: $22,013

12 Monthly Service Redemption Report Debit off the account for payment back to the Service Department Total Coupons: 224 Total Amount: $6277 Use this report to provide the backup

13 Monthly Cancellation Report Cancellation for the month: $469.65

14 Matured contract report will highlight any contract that has matured due to time or mileage. These funds are now fully earned and can be brought back into the dealership via “Other Income” on the statement. MATURED CONTRACT REPORT

15 Matured Contracts Report Highlights contracts that have matured due to time or mileage between any selected date ranges. In this example: 319 contracts for $32,621

16 Reflects the accrual amount for each contract generated and any redemptions that have occurred. DEALERSHIP NET BREAKDOWN REPORT

17 Dealership Net Breakdown Report ∙ Detailed status report of all contracts ∙ Initial Accrual Amount ∙ Services Redeemed ∙ Net Balance of each contract

18 On Demand Video Training


20 The service redemption page allows all services covered under the Preferred Customer Program to be redeemed within our system. This helps the customer and dealership to keep track of their used & remaining services. SERVICE REDEMPTION PAGE

21 Online Claims Submission

22 1) Service from drop- down menu 2) RO# 3) Mileage reading at time of service 4) Date of service You can search for a customer by contract number, customer name and the last 6 of the contracted vehicle vin. The following information will need to be completed in order for the service to be logged successfully: 1 2 3 4

23 Service History Online Chat Available Over 95% of questions are resolved without ever having to waste time on a phone call. Simply initiate a live chat request and one of our live chat operators will expeditiously resolve most issues.


25 Our system will prompt for confirmation before renewing the contract in our system. Click "ok" if you chose to follow through with the renewal. RENEWAL OF CONTRACT OPTION

26 After the contract is successfully renewed, the valid date will automatically update to reflect the next year the contract is valid for. RENEWAL OF CONTRACT

27 A contract can expire due to mileage, time, or from the customer using all of their services. If a contract is up for renewal, the "RENEW CONTRACT" option will appear on the bottom of the page. If this option is not on the bottom of the page, the contract is not up for renewal and the service will be performed at the dealership's discretion but will not be able to be logged within the system. EXPIRED & RENEWAL


29 Point of Sale Material Customized for every dealership

30 Point of Sale Material continued… Will spell out precisely what is offered by each dealership

31 Point of Sale Material continued… Will spell out precisely what is offered by each dealership

32 Point of Sale Material continued… Will spell out precisely what is offered by each dealership

33 Customer Contract Embedded Card

34 Customer Card Letter Sample Will spell out precisely what is offered by each dealership

35 Automated Email Marketing Samples Thank You for enrolling in the program.

36 Automated Email Marketing Samples continued… Thank You for redeeming a specific service.

37 Automated Email Marketing Samples continued… Service Reminders based on actual individual customer driving habits.


39 myPCP AVAILABLE ON SMART PHONES Customers can share broadcasted specials on Facebook with friends and family.


41 myPCP available

42 Also available:

43 Other PCP options available The Service Drive program focuses on opportunities for the Service Advisors to retain customers that may not have purchased PCP during the sales process. PCP Express The Front Load Option empowers the dealer to pack a (1) year PCP contract on each sold unit and then allows F&I to upsell to a greater term.


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