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SMARTPHONE & TABLET CONSIDERATIONS. Smartphones and Tablets – PROVIDE VALUE FOR COUNCILS Enables mobility - Streamline business process - Remote access.

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3 Smartphones and Tablets – PROVIDE VALUE FOR COUNCILS Enables mobility - Streamline business process - Remote access to core systems supports (e.g. local laws, asset management, building inspections, GIS Mapping) - Logging of faults/reports remotely Delivers productivity - Mobile workers review and access corporate data offsite - Completion of off site activities without returning to council - Increases workplace efficiency with access to email, calendar, etc. Encourages tangible cost savings - Replaces paper based practices (e.g. Council meeting agenda & attachments) - Reduces need for travel, particularly back to Council offices Provides staff benefits - Enables staff inclusion with access to monitor council social network pages - Encourages work/life balance with blending of professional & personal life

4 CONSIDERATIONS AND IMPACTS Network connectivity - any device, anywhere, anytime Security of Council data and device security Applications management Support infrastructure Personal usage and personal data (i.e. photos) Downloads Privacy compliance Wiping data from lost or stolen devices Ownership, Council and/or BYO Training Management and administration Require enforceable policies to govern acceptable usage. (refer MAV Smart Phone/Tablet Usage policy guidelines)

5 DEVICE ALLOCATION Role based? Typical council working styles could be: Desk bound (desk or laptop computer, landline) Teleworkers (home office, client site, etc.) Campus nomads (multi-location, wireless) Road warriors (multi & remote locations, wireless) Business case based? Drive productivity and efficiency Meet a business function

6 DEVICE SUPPORT CONSIDERATIONS Develop guidelines and a usage policy Develop and manage security profiles Council core systems integration User training for device applications Technical training for device support Stock for immediate replenishment Processes for incident and problem management General administration and billing

7 DEVICE MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS Asset management Device set up processes Software licences - Security - Mobile applications (Calendar, file sharing etc.) Connection and download plans Mobile device management software - Training and installation HR Considerations - Not just an IT Issue

8 ICT Impact & Resource Summary* Quantity 5103060 Acquisition$8810$16,660$48,060$95,160 Support $25,200$49,440$124,400$209,840 Management $0$8,076$9,228$10,956 TCO 1 st 12 Months $34,010$74,176$181,688$315,956 Device only** 12%11%13%15% FTE hrs per wk 4816 * Detailed spreadsheet available

9 Future considerations: Device refresh cycle Changing technology and emerging operating systems – require flexibility in management and support Consumerism of IT (demand for the latest and greatest) BYO devices and their accompanying issues Will require planning for: Cultural change Organisational change - Not just an IT matter

10 The following resources matrix is available for working group reference

11 ICT Impact & Resource Matrix for Smart Phones & Tablet Devices RequirementCost factorQuantity FactorBYO ImpactComments 5103060Council Policy will determine cost recovery (if any) Matrix covers 1st 12 Month timeframe. Designed to apply own Council Cost factors to those aquired from Council Interviews, LG experiences, and the IT Analysts ie Forrester, Gartner etc. Acquisition Costs $8,810$16,660$48,060$95,160 Device Cost$800$4,000$8,000$24,000$48,000$0 or Allowance?Purchase versus Lease options. Business versus IT Ownership. Procurement Process$60$960 $0Completed before any purchases and reviewed annually; cost would be 16 hours regardless of how many are purchased. Software Licences/Security Some operating systems may required additional fireawall/seccurity S/W Business applications$50$250$500$1,500$3,000$0 or Allowance?Office apps ie Notetaking, Word, Presentation preparation, Project Management Ticklers, Spreadsheets Device Connection Plans$60$3,600$7,200$21,600$43,200$0 or Allowance?per annum IT Support $25,200$49,440$124,400$209,840 Policy Implementation$60$960 $0?16 hours inc leveraging MAV Model Support FTE$70,000$8,000$16,000$32,000 $0?4 hours per week for x 5 Set Up, Connectivity,Load Applications, Security Profiles$60$1,200$2,400$7,200$14,400$0?4 Hours per device to include setting up asset on service desk application, billing details, ordering of handset, managerial sign-off etc Application Changes/Integration$0 $0?Presume standard 'off the shelf' applications User Training (Provided in House)$60$1,200$2,400$7,200$14,400$0?4 hrs per device Training - IT Dept -User Functionality and Device Tecnical Support$2,000 $4,000$6,000 $0?Course cost of $2000 per person regardless of number of devices aquired Stock for Immediate Replacement$800 $1,600$4,800$9,600$0?1 unit per 5 users Incident/Problem Management$60$8,640$17,280$51,840$103,680$0?Call Rate 60% Yr1, 20% Yr 2 (Gartner) Average 1 x Hr per call per week. 48 wks pa. Storage/Cloud? How is Council storing back up data General Administration & Billing$60$2,400$4,800$14,400$28,800$0?Managing who has the handsets; contract dates; billing innformation; ensuring correct plans. I would estimate 10 mins per week per device. Management $0$8,076$9,228$10,956 Asset Management $0?What are current internal council processes? MDM Software/Set Up/Secure email Gateway $0$6,000 $0?MDM S/W begins to have cost/benefit over 10 devices. Managemetn of BYO devices governed by council policy MDM Software - per device, pa$48 $480$1,440$2,880$0? MDM Software Maintenance 20% $96$288$576$0? MDM Software Install & Training$1,500 $0? Anticipated 12 month cost $34,010$74,176$181,688$315,956? Device Only Cost v TCO 12%11%13%15% **FTE Notes FTE hrs Required per week 4816 ? FTE ?Some scale with number of devices

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