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Best Practice Guide for Smartphone and iPad/Tablet Use Chris Goldstone

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1 Best Practice Guide for Smartphone and iPad/Tablet Use Chris Goldstone


3 Background: MAV ICT Maturity Assessment Program Need to develop policies and guidelines for Smart Phones & Tablets Objectives: Develop Model Policy and Presentation tool kit Enable Councils to tailor for their own circumstances Deliverables: Best Practices Guidelines for Use of Smart Phones and Tablets IT Cost Impact and Resource Matrix Best Practices for development of Smart Phone & Tablet Applications Model Smart Phone & Tablet Usage Policy Presentation for IM Mgrs to deliver to Council Executives

4 Smart Phones and Tablets – PROVIDE VALUE FOR COUNCILS Enables Mobility Delivers Productivity Encourages Tangible Cost Savings Provides Staff Benefits

5 Best Practices Guidelines Purpose Policy Statement Related Policies Device Ownership Standards Security Connectivity Usage – Business & Personal Downloads Roles & responsibilities Training Compliance

6 Model Policy Document Designed for tailoring for Council requirements Suggested Mandatory Policies Ownership Council Owned BYO & its implications Policy Options IT Support Applications Management Device Management Privacy Compliance Downloads Wiping data from lost/stolen devices

7 ICT Impact & Resource Summary* Quantity 5103060 Acquisition$8810$16,660$48,060$95,160 Support $25,200$49,440$124,400$209,840 Management $0$8,076$9,228$10,956 TCO 1 st 12 Months $34,010$74,176$181,688$315,956 Devices only** 12%11%13%15% FTE hrs per wk 4816 * Detailed spreadsheet available ** Note: cost of the device relative to total operating costs

8 Best Practices for Mobility Application Development. Courtesy The Forrester Research Inc Understanding the User Experience Context is King Best Practices in design Opportunity to Innovate Future of Mobility Application Development Reference: kscan/-/E-RES59132

9 Next Steps Deliverables distributed to Councils Tailor policies and presentations for own council Other helpful references Citrix : Leeds Council… steps-towards-bring-your-own-device/ steps-towards-bring-your-own-device/ Defence Signals Doc - Support Strategic Directions Group

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