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by Evolve IP Managed Services

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1 by Evolve IP Managed Services
IT as a Service (ITaaS) by Evolve IP Managed Services Last Update: May 19, 2015 New logo in upper left, The Cloud Services Company replaces the AIS in the footer Whack current icons, replace with 5 new cloud icons (try with new gray/white treatment)

2 What are the Benefits of ITaaS? Is ITaaS a Fit for my Organization?
Table of Contents What is ITaaS? What are the Benefits of ITaaS? Is ITaaS a Fit for my Organization? Supporting BYOD Managing Mobile Devices Product Overview RMM Help Desk Managed IT Professional Services What ITaaS Doesn’t Cover How the Cloud Supplements ITaaS Show multiple services in a single cloud

3 What is ITaaS? IT as a Service is a technology delivery method that treats IT as a commodity, providing an enterprise with technology solutions and support at a predictable monthly fee. Show multiple services in a single cloud

4 What are the Benefits of ITaaS?
ITaaS Benefits Economics - Reduce cost of current IT spend with a predictable monthly fee Productivity: Focus on core strategic business initiatives rather than dealing with IT tasks and problems Scalability: Eliminate constraints caused by a lack of internal capabilities and limited resources Agility: ITaaS can quickly adapt as your IT requirements change Availability – Reduced downtime across your entire infrastructure Show multiple services in a single cloud

5 Is ITaaS a Fit for My Organization?
ITaaS Candidates Plan to move to the cloud or have already done so Need to centrally manage all devices, including mobile phones and tables Support BYOD Would like to supplement or outsource day-to-day end-user IT support or the entire IT support department Require dedicated engineering design, implementation and IT support for projects Target / Use Cases Multi-location customers Every end-user, regardless of type Frustrated / Overworked IT Looking for a gradual transition to the cloud Mobile workforces Need supplemental technology support Show multiple services in a single cloud

6 Supporting BYOD Bring Your Own Device
Employees expect the ability to work from anywhere, on any device IT Administrators are now required to support employee owned devices, straining IT support resources IT has not traditionally had a powerful portal or management software to properly administer multiple types of devices (Tablets, Smartphone, Laptops (MAC)) IT does not need to stand up mobile device management platform onsite, saving time and reducing capex RMM enables the administration of devices using a centralized, cloud-based interface. Smartphone or Tablet (iOS or Android) Windows based devices Linux based devices Mac based devices Show multiple services in a single cloud

7 Managing Mobile Devices
Defining the Problem Mobile devices requiring IT support has more than doubled No time or focus on strategic business initiatives such as: Security Compliance Disaster Recovery IT Departments must learn how to manage new devices rapidly in order to support the employees Support windows have increased since workers are working all hours via mobile, straining and frustrating IT teams Employees and their devices may be off premise

8 ITaaS Product Overview
Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) Self-service platform used for centralized management and monitoring Help Desk Normal business hours, end-user IT support with proactive updates Managed IT Comprehensive IT support with 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and response for critical issues Professional Services Dedicated design, implementation and support Show multiple services in a single cloud

9 Features: Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM)
RMM provides IT departments with a remote management console for existing physical and virtual workstations, as well as mobile devices, servers and network devices. Features: Web-based / Mobile Dashboard of all desktop assets (physical, virtual, mobile) Remote Access / Console Configuration Management & Enforcement OS Patch Management 3rd Party Patch Management Anti-Virus Monitoring and Management Manage Windows and Apple O/S INCLUDES Mobile Device Management (MDM) Show multiple services in a single cloud

10 Help Desk Help Desk leverages our RMM platform and enables companies to outsource their end-user help desk support. Includes: Incident-based, normal business hours telephone and support for end-users Covers desktops, mobile devices, servers and networking equipment (routers, switches, firewalls) Automated patch management for operating systems and select applications Automated anti-virus/anti-malware definition updates and security scans Proactive response to critical alarms Show multiple services in a single cloud

11 Managed IT Managed IT allows customers to outsource their entire IT department and lifecycle IT support. Includes: Normal business hours Help Desk support 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and remediation Comprehensive support for server-side applications Vendor management License and warranty management Routine system and infrastructure wellness checks Backup management Show multiple services in a single cloud

12 Examples: Professional Services
Professional Services is available to assist with IT needs that fall outside of the scope of RMM, Help Desk and Managed IT. Examples: Reconfiguration of environments and infrastructure when migration to the cloud Dedicated engineering support and assistance Design, implementation and support of customized solutions Help Desk and Managed IT out of scope maintenance and support Security compliance remediation Show multiple services in a single cloud

13 What ITaaS Doesn’t Cover
While ITaaS can offload the majority of support for organizations, on premise support may still be required for items such as: Print toner needs to be replaced CFO smashes and breaks space bar on keyboard Monitor falls off desk and breaks Run new cable drops Fix the projector Upgrade workstation memory Setup new AV in conference room User training for the new CRM software Show multiple services in a single cloud

14 How the Cloud Supplements ITaaS
Moving to the cloud supplements ITaaS by providing: The ability to rapidly deploy new users from gold images On premise hardware failure typically involves replacing a thin client Data in the cloud is backed up frequently Environments are highly available and may be accessed from anywhere No more liability if a laptop is stolen No more large capex for hardware with limited scalability No more stressing when the CEO asks for a new project or additional server/desktop capacity

15 Thank You Show multiple services in a single cloud

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