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Welcome to 6th Grade!.

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1 Welcome to 6th Grade!

2 Mrs. McCallister’s Classroom Rules and Procedures

3 Why we have rules and procedures…..
Keep us safe Save time Stop interruptions Learning!

4 Classroom Rules Our class rules revolve around the 4 R’s at Sheffield Middle School: RESPECTFUL RESPONSIBLE READY TO WORK READY TO LEARN

5 Consequences Verbal Warning Think sheet and/or punch card “PUNCH” CARD
one card per month Every 5 “punches” equals 1 lunch detention Less than 10 punches at the end of the month equals admission to the end-of-the-month reward party/movie!!

6 Pencils/Paper Pencils should be sharpened within the first 5 minutes of class. (This is the only time that the electric sharpener can be used) If your pencil breaks, after the first five minutes of class, quietly get up and get a pencil sharpener from the bucket and sharpen it at your desk. When you are done you can quietly return the sharpener to the bucket. Every student should start out the day with 3 sharpened pencils to keep from having to sharpen pencils during instruction! On every assignment, your heading should have: Name # Date Headings should go on the upper right hand corner of your papers

7 Class Procedures: Entering the Classroom
Be ON TIME! Be SEATED, SILENT, and ON TASK as quickly as possible! Sharpen pencils within the first 5 minutes of class.

8 Classroom Procedures: During Class
If you need something or have a question, raise your hand. If you need to use the bathroom, use the following signal: Bathroom breaks during instructional time should only be in case of an emergency! Students must sign out when they leave to use the bathroom and must sign back in when they return. Planners will also be signed and used as their hall pass.

9 Classroom Procedures: Questions and Answers
Raise your hand QUIETLY Think time When someone is called on, put your hand down and actively listen to what is said

10 Classroom Procedures: Walking in Line
Wait to line up until instructed to do so Face forward and walk quietly with arms at your side Listen for stopping points

11 Class Procedures: Leaving Class
Make sure your area is clean and tidy. Write down homework assignments in your planner. During dismissal time listen for your name to be dismissed to your lockers. Students are not to leave the classroom until I dismiss you!!

12 Bell Work Bell work is to be done within the first 10 minutes of class. ELA bell work consists of the Daily Language Review (DLR). Each student will be given a DLR on Monday, with their bell work for M-TH. Every Friday, there will be a short 10 point quiz based on the M-TH DLRs. Social Studies bell work may be up on the Smart Board.

13 Homework Homework will be listed on the board daily.
Turn it in on time! Due dates will be listed with each assignment. Homework is due on the due date! However, I will accept late assignments for half credit.

14 Accelerated Reader (AR)
Each student will be expected to read an independent book nightly as part of their ELA homework. This time will increase per quarter. You will also have a weekly journal response due and a project per quarter. Once you finish a book you will take the AR book quiz for that book. Each student will have a personal point goal. This goal will also increase per quarter. The progress you make towards that goal per quarter will translate to your AR grade for that quarter. You are responsible for keeping track of your progress by filling out your log sheet!

15 If You Are Absent As soon as you return, check the hanging Absent folder to get your missing assignments. You will have one day per absence to make up the work that you missed. Look over the assignments before you leave class so that you can ask me any questions you may have.

16 Grading Scale 100% - 93% = A 92% - 85% = B 84% - 75% = C 74% - 65% = D
64% or below = F

17 Academic Integrity (Honesty in Learning Policy):
Students are expected to maintain academic integrity. There should never be any plagiarism, cheating, or any other type of academic dishonesty. All potential cases of academic dishonesty will be settled by notifying administrators, notifying the parents of all students involved, and the student(s) will be given a zero for the assignment. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

18 Class Website We will have a class website and as soon as it is up and running I will let you know the address.

19 Any Questions???

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