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DOVE: EVOLUTION Michael Brooks, Stephanie Esparza, Christopher Tamou, & Victoria Whitford.

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1 DOVE: EVOLUTION Michael Brooks, Stephanie Esparza, Christopher Tamou, & Victoria Whitford


3 ANALYZE THE CONTENT Organization?  Dove Motivation?  To show that the idea of beauty has been skewed and women are held to very unrealistic standards Purpose?  To raise awareness and reestablish confidence in women Audience?  Everyone

4 ANALYZE THE CONTENT Larger Conversation?  Women are portrayed as objects of sex  Go to extremes to have the body that society deems perfect  Unrealistic expectations take a toll on all women’s self-esteem

5 ANALYZE THE TACTICS Main argument?  Women in mass media, entertainment, and television personify a standard of beauty that is impossible for women in reality to obtain Expectations of presentation?  Would be expecting to see a transformation to occur Rhetorical appeals?  Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Style and Tone? Welcoming vs. Offensive?  Simplistic style and serious tone  Welcoming, enlightening

6 ETHOS Dove is a well-known reputable brand for skin care products that has been established for a long time, and it is a name that people trust Used to show the actions performed by the company that alter the woman’s features in order to falsify the sense of beauty  Author represents themselves as an omniscient third party  Author could have something to gain by defaming their competition, giving them a chance to sell their products in the same manner.

7 PATHOS Creates a sense of astonishment that people are capable of going so far in editing Used to implicitly depict the negative feelings about women and their looks  attempts to invoke an emotional response in order to enlighten the public by using a false image of a woman to illustrate the lengths major company’s will go to attain profit

8 LOGOS Not the predominant rhetorical appeal used Logically makes sense for companies to portray their products in the best possible way to increase their sales  Beneficial to dove to do this because it creates trustworthy bond between them and their customers


10 CONCLUSION Was rhetoric used effectively?  Authors effectively communicates message to audience What was learned about rhetoric?  Rhetoric can be used to persuade people to view issues differently  Rhetoric is a tool used to inspire people to challenge today’s mainstream problems  Rhetoric can affect people so strongly even when no words are spoken

11 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS How are you going to react to the next ad you see?

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