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Welcome to Back to School Night! Ms. Durand Second Grade Pepper Drive School.

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1 Welcome to Back to School Night! Ms. Durand Second Grade Pepper Drive School

2 Introduction : Meet Ms. Durand This is my 4 th year as a full-time classroom teacher. Prior to teaching 2 nd grade at Pepper Drive, I taught 3 rd grade, 7 th grade Language Arts and World History, and 8 th grade Language Arts and U.S. History at Carlton Oaks. I have been a Literacy Coach at PRIDE Academy, a private tutor, and a substitute teacher for every school in the Santee School District. I attended Cajon Park School for Kindergarten through 8 th grade and graduated from West Hills High School. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English with distinction in the field from San Diego State University. I also received my teaching credential from SDSU.

3 8:30 – School Starts 8:30-10:00 – Math 10:00-10:15 – Recess 10:15-11:15 – Reading Groups 11:15-11:55 – Writing 11:55-12:35 – Lunch 12:35-1:45 – Language Arts 1:45-2:20 – Social Studies / Science / P.E. / Art 2:20 – Dismissal Daily Schedule

4 Common Core State Standards On each desk is a handout that details the exact California Common Core State Standards for 2 nd grade. The Common Core is a rigorous set of standards for Language Arts and mathematics curriculum that has been developed based on best practices of schools and organizations around the country and world. The Common Core focuses on “The Four Cs:” Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. This school year, your student will be engaged actively in all four Cs frequently. For further information on California Common Core, please visit:

5 Technology in the Classroom Students will be using a variety of technology this school year to encourage their learning:  Language Arts will be supported with:  RAZ Kids ( )  Accelerated Reader ( )  Multiple other technology based items to ensure conceptual understanding  Mathematics will be supported with:  Dreambox ( )  Multiple other technology based items to ensure conceptual understanding The aforementioned websites are supported and required by the Santee School District to ensure student success in the classroom. These websites are helpful in that they work with the student’s particular lexile level to encourage individualized growth.

6 Class Work Students will do an array of activities in class every day. Some of these will be completed the same day and some will be completed over time. These activities include individual, partner, and group work. Papers completed in class will go home with students. A stamp or sticker will show you that your student completed their work. These do not need to be returned to school.

7 Homework Homework packets will be sent home every Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) and are to be returned on Fridays. Please initial the reading log and practice the spelling words. The spelling activities are not assignments and do not need to be returned, however, they are a great support for the spelling test on Friday. Students who complete their entire homework packet every Friday will be eligible to watch a movie on the last Friday of the month after lunch. Students who do not complete all of their homework will work in a study hall atmosphere with a teacher to support their learning.

8 Behavior The card system:  All students start on Green Day. When a student struggles with behavior, they are “charged” a ticket.  If the student still struggles with their behavior once a ticket has been taken, they change their card to Yellow Day (warning).  If the student continues to struggle with their behavior, they change their card to Orange Day (a note goes home).  If the student still continues to struggle with their behavior, they change their card to Red Day (a visit to the office for a behavior discussion).  Students who are exceptionally well behaved are given tickets and/or moved to Gold Day.

9 Behavior (Continued) Tickets:  Tickets are distributed and charged throughout the school day.  At the end of the school day, students receive tickets for the following:  Gold Day = 3 Tickets  Green Day = 2 Tickets  Yellow Day = 1 Ticket  Orange and Red Day are not given tickets at the end of the school day.  Tickets can be used for the following:  15 tickets = reading time in the fluffy chair  20 tickets = computer time  25 tickets = prize box item  Tickets are also given to students who still have restroom passes at the end of each month. Each restroom pass = 1 ticket.

10 Classroom Website The classroom website has multiple helpful links to support both students and parents. Please visit the website frequently for updates and information. My contact info is on the homepage: 619-956-5133  Email is the best form of communication for me, but I will always respond to calls as well.

11 Parent Volunteers Some things that parents can volunteer to help with:  Putting together homework packets  Tracing, cutting, gluing, etc.  Working with students one on one or in small groups to support learning I am also still in need of a room parent. Please consider signing up to support our classroom! There is a sign up sheet on the back counter.

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