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Branson Cedar Ridge Primary August Faculty Meeting 2013-2014.

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1 Branson Cedar Ridge Primary August Faculty Meeting 2013-2014


3 Welcome New Pirates! Cody Swearengin- PreK-1 st Grade Counselor Melissa Firey- Kindergarten Hannah Johnson- SLP Waco Hale- SPED @ CRP and CRI Haley Toombs- Nurse Courtney Leist- Music @ CRP and BE Travis Ezard- PE @ CRP and BE Lori Carpenter- Pirate’s Cove Coordinator Jacki DiNino- Pirate’s Cove and Subbing Shasta Kennon- Para (Rosebrough) Cora Fulton- Library Aid Erika Gettling- ECSE Para Rachel Borcherding- Para (Felton) Ginger Wright- Para (Felton @ Charland)


5 Summer time Share-Out Share with those around you what you did this summer that you enjoyed the most...

6 My Summer Time Experiences

7 What have I learned? New Routine Grace Don’t Judge Expectations Thankfulness Support System New Schedule

8 Community Support We all need support at some time or another! Build Community Support Before You Need It! Be willing to be supported and support your colleagues Activity Teamwork!

9 Communication Email is for facts, not opinions. Opinions should be discussed face to face. Subscribe to Blog Check Blog and Calendar daily Continue communication with colleagues and parents Never too much, various methods, professional Common Sense with Social Media School Devices- School Owned- Be Smart!

10 Parent Communication An expectation Often and Accommodating for Parents Follow-Up Consider how it’s received Who gets to who first wins! Don’t hesitate to call a conference! Article- Do you like your teacher?

11 Important Document Review All on Blog Take Care Of -Staff Information Sheet -Staff Emergency Medical Sheet -Initial Blood Borne Pathogen Sheet in office -Positive Parent Contacts Due by September 10 th - Prefer Phone or Face to Face, email or note is acceptable -Parent/Student Handbook Sign-Off Forms, MUST have all students accounted for!!!

12 Building Safety We must be intentional about keeping our students safe. ◦ID Badges ◦Bring walkies any time taking students outside (if not possible…cell phones). ◦Report any suspicious person or vehicle on or around school grounds. ◦All visitors must have a sticker pass…report or notify the office. ◦Bring students to front lobby at the end of the day (4:00). ◦Read emergency flipchart before Monday (fire, tornado, intruder) ◦Future faculty meeting topic

13 Active Supervision Vitally important! Student safety is #1 concern. Duty Responsibilities ◦Be prompt…the master schedule relies on us following it as closely as possible. ◦Active Observation…move around…interact ◦Utilize posted expectations. Morning Duties…Gym, Drop-Off, Front, Breakfast Mid-Day…Recess, Lunch After School….Pick Up, Bus, Staff Children

14 Car Pick-Up System Issuing 1 tag per family; 2 per car rider kids (all the time) Used to identify as an approved pickup vehicle No tag = no child, send around to office to show ID Training of parents from day one No parking in the loop! Please help reinforce. ID Car Tags

15 Kids in the Gym Kindergarten will begin Friday. 8/30 Kindergarten pick-up at 8:35, Teachers on Duty-please be prompt, have a plan, if you have a sub please leave your duty as part of your plans.

16 Evaluation Process Talent Ed- online evals, walk-throughs, PDPs Mike Rutherford Training- 8 times this year in St. Louis Friday, August 23 rd, next training Coaching and Feedback

17 Bus Driver Requests/Info Use restroom before loading busses 1 st couple days of school- make eye contact with driver to verify drivers know student and know where he/she is going. Mock Dismissal- Monday at 9:30 Kindergarten Release Daily- 3:40- Car Kids, 3:45, Bus Kids

18 Misc. Field trips- 2 per grade level, one Fall one Spring, before NWEA Spring testing, less than $5.00 per student, between 9:00am and 2:00pm Parent Communication- No visitors till September 26th, positive parent contacts- due September 10 th Lunch/Breakfast with their child only- must sit outside or at visitor table. Handbook- Reference Staff Children Energy Ed- Saved over $330,000, Call/Email Jeff Engel with needs/concerns, but be tough, not spoiled

19 Misc. Continued Committees- Need a Lead Chain of Command, Utilize Leadership Team if possible, Administration, Central Office Office Flow Confidentiality Intervention- Imbedded, daily, data, Atchison and Cravens PLC Schedule- Townsend- Morris @ Isringhausen PDP Plans- September, On line in Talent Ed, Tailored Individually, Goals tied to evaluations

20 Misc. Continued Web and Facebook Pages- Help us share activities, events, photos, reminders, etc. (Kreyling, Isringhausen, Townsend- Morris) On line Sub Forms, Emergency Subs Call Early- 294-1808 MSTA/BTA Rep for CRP Flipped Faculty Meetings Walkie Checkout- See Beth Office Coverage when I’m out....

21 Professional Development Committee Heather Sisk Becky Dougan - Paperwork Deadlines and Meeting Dates on Calendar - Bring back valuable info to share with colleagues

22 PBS Team Christina Collins Cody Swearengin Brianna Kelly Waco Hale Dana Maple K Rep?

23 Library Update Ms. McCormick Ms. Fulton

24 Nurse Haley Introduction Nurse Passes Basic Supply Bags

25 Counselor Cody Introduction Philosophy Schedule Procedures

26 Prek Team Wee Buccaneers (ECSE) Mighty Mateys (Title) Tiny Treasures (Tuition) Pirate’s Cove Changes this year MPP Grant

27 Wrap-Up Announcements??? Are you ready to Run with the Squirrels? Prize Drawing

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