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Welcome to Ms. Snow’s Fourth Grade Open House! While you are waiting for us to begin, please… 1)Read your child’s letter to you & take a minute to write.

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1 Welcome to Ms. Snow’s Fourth Grade Open House! While you are waiting for us to begin, please… 1)Read your child’s letter to you & take a minute to write them a note back. 2)Fill out and sign the papers on the right side of your child’s desk… Inclement Weather/Emergency Release Form Handle with Care Help Wanted Field Trip Permission Slip for the Fire Safety Village

2 Engaged and getting married in October!!! 8 th year teaching… –Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Georgia –Masters Degree from Kennesaw State University –Mathematics Endorsement earned at the University of Georgia –Orton Gillingham certification (multisensory approach to literacy) Taught 3 rd grade my first 4 years as an educator, EIP for grades 2-5 for 3 years, and now 4 th grade… All About Me

3 7:15-7:45 Attendance, Morning Work Morning Announcements 7:45-8:50 Math 8:50-9:35 Specials 9:35-10:15 Finish Math 10:15-11:00Language Arts 11:09-11:39 Lunch 11:40-12:30 Finish Language Arts 12:30-1:00 Recess 1:00-2:00Science, Social Studies, Health 2:05-2:25Dismissal Daily Schedule

4 Parents Are Important!  Education is a partnership between parents and teachers. It is important that our relationship be very positive.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately.  Email: (best way to contact me)  Call Mount Bethel 770-578-7248  Agenda…(You are welcome to write notes here, as I check the Agendas daily & can write back to you quickly.)  Notes  Weekly Performance Report (in weekly folder)  Blog: Communication

5 Please contact me (preferably via email) anytime to schedule a conference I can find time to meet with you most days during specials time or after school I do kindly request that we wait to have a conference until the end of the first two weeks of school. During this time I am getting to know your student academically, behaviorally and socially. Cobb County’s Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held October 21 st -25 th this year. Conferences

6 Please, no unannounced visits to our classroom. This request includes the morning arrival time and lunch pick- up time. When I am focused, the students always get my best! I appreciate your support and understanding. Visitors are welcome, but please contact me in advance to let me know you are coming. Scheduled visitors must sign in at the front office before coming to the classroom. Visitors to the Classroom

7 If you must pick your child up early from school, please send a note in advance so I can have them ready to leave at the appropriate time. Pick-Ups after 11am count as a full day of school. Parents must sign students out in the front office and bring the release slip to the teacher. I cannot release your child to you without the release slip from the office. Please understand that core academic subjects are taught all day long, so students will miss academic time if they arrive to school late or are picked up early. If a child stays home sick, please write a note that states this. If a child is taken to the doctor, please send in an excuse from the doctor’s office. Early Pick-Ups and Dismissal Notes

8 Class Blog Please check our class blog for updates on what we have been learning. I will be posting newsletters periodically…my goal is to have one posted for you each week.

9 Check and sign daily Notes between home & school can be written in the students’ agendas Important skill to acquire as students move into the upper grades… –I encourage students to highlight, check off, etc. assignments that need attention each evening –Students are welcome to personalize Agenda information, for example some children like to add after school activities or afternoon transportation information to each calendar day Agenda/Assignment Books

10  Homework extends learning opportunities beyond the confines of the school day and may be utilized for a variety of purposes.  Homework Purpose:  to practice newly acquired skills to increase speed or accuracy  to introduce a new topic and to activate prior knowledge  to gain a deeper knowledge through research, graphic organizers, or product creation.  Assigned Monday through Thursday. Students should not be spending more than 40 minutes a night on homework. All homework assignments are corrected, reviewed for student learning and promptly returned to the student, many are student-corrected as we discuss them in the classroom. This will be done by each student with a red pen.  Read daily at home  Practice Math Facts Daily Homework

11  Respect Self and Others  Take Responsibility for Yourself and Your Actions  Be Honest  Put Forth Your Best Effort  Lunchroom Behavior  No Bullying  Ms. Snow is a mandatory reporter Behavior

12 Birthday treats are always welcome. Please…  Send enough for the entire class (currently – 27 students)  Pre-cut cakes & include forks/plates/napkins  Send individual drinks such as juice boxes or water bottles, pre-cut cakes and include forks/plates/napkins  They will be shared during snack time or at lunchtime. Birthday Treats

13 Please consider signing up to be an Art or Music parent for a day… No artistic or musical talent is required! There are ready-made lesson plans for your use with the class. Needed during a once-per-month 4 th grade meeting/planning time. Day: Wednesday Time: 12-2 Parents

14 Questions? Thank you for coming. I look forward to a great year!!

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