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Uninterruptible Power Supplies 1Phase UPS Monitoring System LCD SPT 600 – Series SAMPOONG POWER TECH CO.,LTD. TEL : 02-868-8427 FAX : 02-853-4884.

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1 Uninterruptible Power Supplies 1Phase UPS Monitoring System LCD SPT 600 – Series SAMPOONG POWER TECH CO.,LTD. TEL : 02-868-8427 FAX : 02-853-4884

2 Table of Contents 1. Display Screens 2. Display Configuration 3. Display Screen 3-1 Initializing Screen 3-2 Top Screen 3-3 Measurement 3-4 Power History 3-5 Event History 3-6 Meter Setup 3-7 Time & Date Setup 3-8 Sys Information 3-9 Comm. Setup 3-10 Pager Number Setup 3-11 Comm. Monitoring 4. Events

3 1.Introduction It describes the use and the operation of 1Ph. UPS Monitoring System. That is, the system is designed to obtain its necessary information from analyzing the data on LCD monitor. And, the system explains the method how to set the information and operate the directional keys. 2.Display Configuration Initializing Screen TOP Screen MeasurementPower HistoryEvent HistoryMeter Setup Time&Date Setup Comm.Setup System information Pager Number Setup Comm. Monitoring # Display Configuration indicates all functional configurations of UPS Monitoring System. # It shows the correlation between each function: the measurement status of UPS, system status, alarm and system status histories, data, all settings, and etc. # Initialized screen a displaying screen a beginning of system's activation w/ input power. # Main menu screen shows main menu. # When select a menu thru the directional keys and press the 'Enter’ key, you will see the desirous screen and the operation of the functions in the screen.

4 3.Display Screen It describes the output mode from the screen showing all the functions of 1Ph. Monitoring System and the method of the key-pad in those cases. The order of the screen is from the initializing screen to the main menu and to the showing of it. The setting and operation is to be complete if you press the 'Enter' key after selecting a menu on each function. And if you press the 'Cancel' or 'ESC' key, you can cancel the setting or return to the previous steps and the initializing screen. 3-1Initializing Screen 2001/12/01 15:00:00 > System Normal Load Percent=00.0 Reset a CPU board while pressing an 'Alarm Stop' and a 'Buzzer Stop' key in the case of installing a board on a system for the first time or there is a change. And, you had better re-set everything after resetting the CPU board once again while pressing the 'Execute'/'Enter' key on the initializing screen. Date & Time is displayed even with second. If the time is not displayed or can not be controlled, it indicates that the operation of UPS Controller would be abnormal. Therefore, you should check and fix it. If it is displayed incorrectly, refer to the section of 3-7, Time & Date Setting. UPS mode indicates one out of 'System Normal', 'System Bypass', and 'System Battery' modes according to the system status. Load Percent ’ indicates a current load-efficiency down to one decimal place.

5 3-2.TOP Screen (ON)UP (OFF)DOWN RFLF 경보 내역 ESCENTER 경보 정지 ENABLE 계측 [Main Menu] 1.Measurement 2.Power History 3.Event History 4.Meter Setup 5.Time & Date Setup 6.Sys Information 7.Comm. Setup 8.Pager Number Setup 9.Comm. Monitoring It is displaying a main menu. If you press any key on an initializing screen, the monitor is showing the top screen. The menu displays three lines on a screen from the second line to the fourth line. And, 9 menus in three lines except a title are displayed with the 'Scroll Lock' key, 〈 UP 〉 / 〈 DOWN 〉. "←" is displayed at the last part of the currently selected line. Therefore, it indicates the position of a current cursor and performs a selected function when the 'Enter' key is pressed. For the more detailed information about the functions, refer to the describing screen of each function.

6 3-3 Measurement Screen [Measurement] INP 220V 110A 60HZ OUT 220V 100A 60HZ BAT 216V TEMP 23 ℃ If you press the measurement of operating panel, you can easily go into a current menu. Each measured value is the value which applies "a Calculated Changing Average" to each one and calculates it after reading the value of adapter. Hence, they do not immediately point the rapid change of it out and just follow the effortful method for the reliability of it according to noise levels. There would be the case which needs about 10s to direct a new valid value because of the change of it. Displaying Monitor is: Input: Voltage/ Current/ Frequency Output: Voltage/ Current/ Frequency Battery:Voltage and UPS Temperature

7 3-4 Power History Screen [Measurement] INP 220V 110A 60HZ OUT 220V 100A 60HZ BAT 216V TEMP 23 ℃ [Power History] 100 2001 / 12 / 01 11:30:30 INP 220V 110A 60HZ OUT 220V 100A 60HZ It is the screen which resumes the periodically stored data of the measured value from a UPS Monitoring System. You can refer to the change of the measured value because it periodically records Input Voltage/ Current/ Frequency and Output Voltage/ Current/ Frequency. And, it can help you analyze a cause by resuming the 'Event History' and the 'Power History' of the time when events happen. It can record max. 100 histories and they are orderly overwrote from the old ones. 3-5 Event History Screen [Event History] 100 CODE=[17] ADR=000 2001 / 12 / 01 11:30:30 SYSTEM BYPASS It records histories to an appropriate 'Event History' when a particular alarm is monitored in UPS Monitoring Controller. The recorded histories are used as information for after-service and etc. It can be recorded max. 100 histories and orderly overwrote from the old ones. If you press the 'Alarm History' key, you can return to a current menu so easily.

8 3-6 Meter Setup Screen [Meter Setup] INP 220V 110A 60HZ OUT 220V 100A 60HZ BAT 216V TEMP 23 ℃ It is a function used only by manufactures. (Consumers must not use it.) It is a functional screen setting the standard of measured value. 3-7 Time & Date Setup Screen It is a functional screen resetting time and date when they are inputted incorrectly. [Time & Date Setup] 2001 / 12 / 01 11:30:30 2001 / 12 / 17 15:20:40 CURRENT TIME & DATE COMPLETE TIME FOR SETTING When the 'Enter' key is pressed after setting time & date thru the left/right key of operating panel, a new time & date can be reset.

9 3-8 System Information Screen [System Information] Model No : 000000 Max Load : 100.0 KVA It is a function used only by manufactures (Consumers must not use it.). It is a screen setting the model ID and capacity of system. 3-9 Communication Setup Screen [Communication Setup] PROTOCOL:SMART-MON CONNECT:DIRECT ONLY SPEED : 19200 bps There are three kinds in protocol as a communicating method. They are: SMART-MON, MEGA-TEC, POWER-WISE. 'SPEED', baud speed, is one out of 38400bps, 19200bps, and 2400bps and it is determined by protocol. You must press the 'Enter' key to complete a setting after determining a communicating method.

10 3-10 Pager Number Setup Screen [Pager Number Setup] Phone No : 018xxxxxxx////yyyy y///2//#s It is a screen setting receiver's telephone no. or pager no. when some particular events (alarms) are monitored. 'Number 0' indicates the telephone no. of the PC which is connected to modem and activates a monitoring program. 'Number 1' and 'Number 2' indicates pager/PCS phone no. Setting for Number 0: Computer-use Only ex.1) 022346789: when setting the telephone no. like 02-234-6789 ex.2) 9,0313456789: when setting the telephone no. like 031-345-6789 using a switchboard connected to outside with a no. 9. Setting for Number 1 and Number 2: Pager or PCS phone-use Only 1. Pager: Input the phone # orderly while hanging it on. Just input appropriate no. of '/' between #s as much as a waiting time. ex.) 01510350018///2# → when the response of pager's co. says "Press 2 for paging" after setting the no. like 015-1035-0018 (in the case of no.1 for recording and no. 2 for paging). 2. PCS phone: This case is more complicated a little bit. At first, the paging function has to be provided by the PCS supplier. That is, there has to be a message-managing center and user must know the no. (As a reference, input 0018 instead of 018 as a telephone office no.). ex.) 0182340088////2345678//2/# 018-234-0088: Input the no. of message center like 0088→018 on each telephone office no. ////: A waiting time for phonetic information at the step //2: The paging code for phonetic information, “Standby for a while “, ”no. 2 for paging” #: Means ‘Complete’

11 3-11 Comm. Monitor Screen [Comm. Monitor] It is a screen monitoring the status of interface in system. This function is used only by the engineers who check the interface in system.

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