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New Horizons Cybersoft Limited. CONTENTS Concept Behind Spot Billing Benefits of SBM(GPRS) GPRS enabled SBM advantages. SBM(GPRS) Billing Process Data.

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1 New Horizons Cybersoft Limited

2 CONTENTS Concept Behind Spot Billing Benefits of SBM(GPRS) GPRS enabled SBM advantages. SBM(GPRS) Billing Process Data transmission in the system. Download data into SBM(GPRS). Description of system at SBM(GPRS) side. Description of system at Server side. Billing calculations

3 CONCEPT BEHIND SPOT BILLING In Spot billing system, the bill of the consumer will be calculated and printed on the spot, immediately after the reading is taken. 3

4 BENEFITS OF SBM(GPRS) In Normal Reading and Billing System, there is gap of about 8 days b/w meter reading and bill delivery. But in SPOT BILLING, this gap is eliminated, hence a benefit is obtained of preponing the due date by approx 8 days resulting in the cycle time reduction and early revenue realization. In Spot billing only one time visit to consumer premises is required against the existing two visits i.e. one for reading and second for bill delivery. So it is also consumer convenient practice to adopt. 4

5 The Overall cost of meter reading and bill distribution will be reduced by 16 %. In normal billing Meter reading cost is Rs. 5.64, Bill distribution cost is Rs.1.39 and bill printing cost is Rs. 0.57 so total Rs.7.6 ( plus applicable service tax) is being cost towards one Meter read. The chances of wrong reading will also get reduced as readings will get verified at site itself, resulting in less stop cases, saving on RQC & BQC personale. There will be reduction in consumer complaint regarding non- delivery of bills. 5 BENEFITS (CONTINUED)

6 It has no data loss for any physical damage of SBM(GPRS) because the Data saving and updating will be done at server side instantly at the time of billing. The printing in the SBM(GPRS) is using thermal printer, which will print faster and clear. Thermal printer can be replaced with dot matrix if required. We can store the data in the sqlite database( Which is small database used for portable machines). The SBM(GPRS) is compact in size and weighs less. 6 GPRS ENABLED SBM ADVANTAGES

7 It has got latest processor for higher processing speed. It has got higher memory capacity 16 MB Flash and 32 MB SRAM. The display in the SBM(GPRS) is with large backlit graphical display (128x64). The SBM is having a GPRS Modem (Dual band with Standard antenna) for remote online data upload and download. The MR need not visit the Data Center daily and he will be under continuous supervision and operation of NHCL Supervisors. 7 GPRS ENABLED SBM ADVANTAGES


9 Encrypted data 9 SPOT BILLING FLOW CHART Displays Basic Information of Consumer Select Meter Remark Enter Reading Enter MDI Request Sent to server Server Process Billing Logic Database Response from Server Bill printing Save bill details Main Menu Encrypted data Start Billing Enter Kno

10 Billing System Of GPRS Enabled SBM GPRS Enabled SBM Machine Inter Mediate SBM Server with Billing Engine Download Server with DEBS Billing Engine Download Data and Debs Bill Diff. SBM(GPRS) Billed Data Encrypted DL and Billing data transfer through GPRS Encrypted Reading Details DEBS Data synchronization

11 Data Transmission is done through the GPRS between the Billing logic server and the Spot Billing Machine. Data Transmission is done in 32 bit encrypted mode while sending and receiving to and from the Spot Billing Machine. The Speed of data transmission through the GPRS is 3 to 4 times of GSM data transmission of 9600 Bps. The data transferred through the GPRS for one billing transaction in SBM is equivalent to 0.5 KB. 11 DATA TRANSMISSION IN THE SYSTEM

12 The meter reader downloads the data to bill on that day in the form of database file everyday morning. The records to bill only on that day is downloaded into the machine. The data consisting of master details required for reading and validations such as Consumer No, Name, Address,Previous reading e.t.c of the consumer is downloaded into the SBM(GPRS). The data downloading into the SBM(GPRS) can be done through the FTP remotely by contacting the server. Tariff file is downloaded into the SBM(GPRS) machine which is one time process having different supply types,Slabs and Slab rates to calculate energy charges for the different type of consumers accordingly. 12 DOWNLOAD DATA INTO SBM(GPRS)

13 The System contains GPRS enabled application in the SBM machine which Interacts with the server through GPRS. The data validation is done. Shows the data entered by user for confirmation. The validated data is sent to the server. The computed bill data received from server is formatted and prints the bill. Stores the sent and received bill details in the sqlite database of the machine. 13 DESCRIPTION OF SYSTEM AT SBM(GPRS) SIDE

14 The System contains the Server application with billing logic which. Receives Meter reading, Remark and MDI from SBM(GPRS) terminal. The data validation is done. The server computes the bill based on units consumed, Current Meter Remark, Previous Meter Status, Previous Bill type and the Previous bill date. The RQC and BQC checks is done on the bill calculated. The Data is stored in the intermediate upload table and calculated bill details to the SBM(GPRS) terminal. 14 DESCRIPTION OF SYSTEM AT SERVER SIDE

15 Whenever the signal is not available, The bill can be issued to the consumer with the billing logic in the machine and whenever the signal comes the billed data is uploaded to the server automatically. Whenever the case comes like bill printing is stopped due to paper struck or any other interruption. The option given in billing screen to reprint the last bill. 15 HANDLING EXCEPTIONAL CASES

16 Meter remark wise billing calculations. Meter status and bill type wise billing calculations. Supply type change wise billing calculations. 16 BILLING CALCULATIONS

17 Some of meter remark wise billing calculations are explained below. In the OK meter remark the calculations will be normal based on current and previous consumption difference units. In the case of PL meter remark the bill will be calculated on average basis. In the case of RT meter remark the bill should not be generated. In the case of MS meter remark the bill is provisional which takes the difference of previous and current reading or average units whichever is higher. 17 METER REMARK WISE BILLING CALCUATIONS

18 Some of meter status wise billing calculations are explained below. In case of meter status “A” and previous bill type is “N” and the meter remark given is other than exceptional meter remarks then bill type generated is “N” or “D” or “J”. In case of meter status is “D” and current meter remark is other than normal then the bill type generated is “S” except for the cases where current consumption is >=50%average * slab. In case of meter status is “A” and previous bill type generated is “A” and current meter remark is of normal type then the current bill generated is “D” which is adjusted bill. 18 METER STATUS AND BILL TYPE WISE BILLING CALCUATIONS

19 When the supply type is changed for the consumer in between the billing dates. The calculation is done based on the old slab for previous supply type and New slab for current supply type in cases other than the current bill type generated is “A” or “S”. The old slab is calculated from Lsp bill end date to the type change date and new slab is calculated from type change date to current bill date. 19 SUPPLY TYPE CHANGE WISE BILLING CALCUATIONS




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