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Introduction Who we are - Team Intro Riverwalk part of overall revitalization of downtown area.

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2 Introduction Who we are - Team Intro Riverwalk part of overall revitalization of downtown area

3 Process to Date USF Master Planning Presentations Online survey with Realize Bradenton – 1400 responses Public engagement meeting at Marriott 2 Public Presentations at DDA Board Meetings Team meetings and design workshops over the past three months Stakeholder Meetings

4 Survey Results Casual dining Bathrooms Shade, pedestrian comfort, safety

5 Bradenton Riverwalk Project Area

6 Master Plan Components Florida History Garden Enhanced Portal at Green Bridge Great lawn and Day Dock Enhanced Clock Tower Plaza Botanical Walk Enhanced Bandshell Family Activity Area at Rossi Park Outdoor “Living Rooms” Active Recreation Area Enhanced Memorial Plaza Restoration Area Boardwalk

7 Florida History Garden/ Green Bridge Underpass Area Features could include: Historic photo tour Historic timeline plaques Maritime sculpture Enhanced, shaded seating Enhanced underpass area and gateway features

8 Florida History Garden


10 Great Lawn and Day Dock Features could include: Flex lawn for yoga and wellness activities Arbor swings overlooking Manatee River Restroom facility and possible “Ship Store” Day dock facility Enhanced clock tower plaza

11 Great Lawn and Day Dock

12 Botanical Walk and Bandshell Features could include: Shaded botanical walk/butterfly garden with seating, sculpture Variety of outdoor rooms and spaces Mix of hard and soft path Enhanced bandshell with shade structure Audio/Visual equipment and art at bandshell

13 Botanical Walk

14 Rossi Park / Family “Fun Zone” Features could include: Interactive fountain and plaza Restroom and bathhouse Nature-based play sculpture Enhanced playground Shaded seating areas Gateway features Renovated fishing pier Created biopond with “remnant estuary” Tidal Discovery Marsh

15 Rossi Park / Family “Fun Zone”


17 Outdoor Living Rooms and West Active Recreation Zone Features could include: Outdoor “living rooms” Shaded seating areas Accent lighting Public/private partnership at Marriott Sand volleyball Shaded pavilion

18 Outdoor Living Rooms and West Active Recreation Zone



21 Multi Use/Active Recreation Area Multi-use plaza for festivals and events 13,000 SF +/- Skatepark in alternate location (pending FDOT approval) Enhanced memorial plaza On street parking Grove of trees with LED uplights

22 Multi Use/Active Recreation Area


24 Features could include: Native landscape edge Softened seawall Outdoor classroom with restroom facilities Educational and interpretive signage Shaded seating areas Kayak launch On street parking Restoration Area


26 Additional Recommendations Enhanced Security Enhanced Landscape Maintenance and Waste Pick Up Bike Stations with Credit Card Swipes Public/Private Partnerships Wi-Fi Events Programming

27 Sustainable Design Approach Created wetland/bioswale Native /adapted landscape palette = low maintenance and low water requirements Irrigation Capture rain water Soil moisture/rain sensors Reclaim/reuse water Efficient equipment (drip, adjustable flow bubblers) Material selection – consider life-cycle costs, low maintenance Accommodate Alternate transportation (bike swipe stations, bike racks) Educational signage

28 Sustainable Construction/Implementation Minimize pollution from runoff – temp. sodding, sediment basins, mulching, silt fence Recycle existing materials Local manufacturers – lighting equipment, pavers, etc… Solar/LED retrofit of existing lighting equipment.


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