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+. + Pier 1 and the area around it have fun things for everyone.

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1 +

2 + Pier 1 and the area around it have fun things for everyone.

3 + Even the mind-blowing views are fun for children!

4 + One fun thing to do by the pier is biking on the bike path.

5 + If you are there to learn, right next to pier 1 is a historical sight!

6 + This activity board is by the entrance to the pier.

7 + At the start of the pier, there is a café with a large variety of food.

8 + The pier is also great for walks and sight seeing.

9 + From pier 1, there is a great view of the sunset.

10 + Pier 1 at the Hudson River is fun for everyone. There are historical monuments for the adults, large fields for children to play on, playgrounds, kayaking, bike riding, etc. These are some things to do at the Hudson River. On the pier itself, you can exercise talk a walk with your family, of even just go to see the amazing views. From the pier, you can even get an amazing sight looking up towards the boat dock. Also, you can see New Jersey, the sunset, the George Washington Bridge and much more! From pier 1, there is also a great view of the 69 th street transfer bridge. The 69 th street transfer bridge was part of the west side line of the New York central Railroad and also was a dock for car floats. In 2003, it was places on the national register for historic places by the United States Department of the Interior. At the beginning of pier 1, there is a café called pier 1 café. It is outdoors and has a large variety of healthy but tasty foods. Because of the location, if you go to eat there for dinner, you can see the sunset! Things To Do At Pier 1

11 + Another activity by pier 1 is bike riding. Dont worry. If you dont have a bicycle, it doesnt mean you can go riding. Along the bike path, there are huts where you can rent a bicycle. The bike path goes from Battery Place to W. 59 th. There, it connects with Riverside Park South. If you dont know how to ride a bike, they have bicycle lessons at pier 54. Furthermore, there are mile markers every 0.5-mile. At the start of pier 1 is a board with notifications and activities, where lists of activities and programs are posted daily. Some activities include music concerts, dance performances, movies at nighttime, kid shows, etc. Also, there are many playgrounds for children. Finally, pier 1 of the Hudson River (and the area around it) holds many fun things for the publicity to do. People of all ages that go to the Hudson River can have fun. Pier 1 is home to lots of activities, so many that they have a board to keep them posted. This shows that there are many things to do at pier 1 of the Hudson River.

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