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The Parks of the City of Fredericksburg. Parks Staff The Parks Maintenance Division is currently staffed with: –One Division Manager –One Supervisor of.

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1 The Parks of the City of Fredericksburg

2 Parks Staff The Parks Maintenance Division is currently staffed with: –One Division Manager –One Supervisor of Park Maintenance –Four Field Supervisors –Five Full-time employees –Five Regular Part-time employees –Fifteen Part-time seasonal employees

3 Alum Spring Park End of Greenbrier Drive Discover this hidden treasure within our city limits! This wooded park is located at the end of Greenbrier Drive extended. It is equipped with a renovated picnic shelter, picnic tables, restrooms, grills, play equipment and walking paths.

4 Alum Spring Park Renovations The Friends of Alum Spring Park and our staff have been working on the area around the cliffs to make the hillside more secure from erosion, and to make it safer for our hiking patrons.

5 Canal Path Fall Hill Avenue to Princess Anne Street This paved pathway is 1.8 miles long and winds along the canal from Fall Hill Ave. to Princess Anne St.

6 City Dock End of Sophia Street This historic dock dates back to George Washington's day. Public fishing is permitted. Located near the end of Sophia Street, just past the railroad tracks.

7 Dixon Park 1300 Dixon Street Dixon Park, the City's newest outdoor facility, is 46 acres and features athletic fields, an outdoor swimming pool, playground equipment, 1.5 miles of trails, restrooms, and nature preserve areas. Future expansion plans include a new Community Center. The Jogging/ Walking Trail is a paved pathway that begins at the kiosk, and is marked to help you track your distance.

8 Dixon Aquatic Facility 1300 Dixon Street

9 Fredericksburg Dog Park Kenmore Avenue near Mary Ball Street This is a special fenced-in area available to CITY residents and their pets only. This dog park is self-monitored by its users and is designed for dogs 4 months and older.

10 Fredericksburg Dog Park Renovations Working with the Fredericksburg Dog Owners Group (FDOG), we are rotating the two sides of the park to allow the grass to have time to re-grow. FDOG is working to secure funds to build a wooden shelter.

11 Hurkamp Park Corner of William and Prince Edward Streets A historic downtown park with a fountain, brick sidewalks and benches. Local farmers sell produce on Saturdays and some weekday mornings. The park is located at William and Prince Edward Streets.

12 Hurkamp Park Renovations We are currently working with the Public Works Department to take out two trees that pose a safety concern, and to thin out some of the remaining trees to allow more light into the park. When that is completed then we will begin addressing the quality of the grass in the park. All work should be completed this fall.

13 Maury Playground Corner of William Street and Kenmore Avenue Maury Playground has an open play area, basketball courts and playground equipment.

14 Maury Playground Renovations We have replaced the broken slide in the playground, as well as, moved the safety borders around the playground out to meet the NPSI requirements. We have worked with Ann Little to plant 11 new trees in the park. We have moved the light switch to the outside of the fence to try to reduce vandalism. Now players must press the button through the fence.

15 Memorial Park Corner of Mary Ball St. & Kenmore Ave. Memorial Park (previously known as Kenmore) is located on the corner of Kenmore Ave. and Mary Ball St. The park is equipped with 2 unlighted tennis courts and 6 tennis courts that are lighted from dusk - 10 pm throughout the year, as well as a tennis practice wall, basketball court, open play field, childrens play equipment, and a toddler play area.

16 Memorial Park Renovations We have replaced two slides that were broken. We have smoothed out the brick walkway by the tennis courts, and added 50 new named bricks We are installing a memorial bench along with three new trees. We plan to fix the tennis court lights in the spring.

17 Motts Run Reservoir This 860-acre natural area including the 160-acre reservoir, is a haven for fishing, boating canoeing, hiking and picnicking. It also serves the residents of Fredericksburg and parts of Spotsylvania County with drinking water. Motts Run features over 4 miles of hiking trails with a new orienteering course.

18 Motts Run Reservoir Renovations We have worked with Public Works to smooth out the drive into the reservoir. We have cleaned up the bank to allow more space for shore fishing. We have replaced the boards on many of our picnic tables. We have added our Recware system to make the reservoir more customer friendly.

19 Old Mill Park Caroline Street This park features soccer fields, playground areas, picnic shelters, restrooms and river front views.

20 Old Mill Park Renovations Extensive renovations have occurred in this park during the past year including: –Expanded gravel parking lot –Renovations to two of the three shelters –New electric and water lines to the shelters –Three new foot bridges –A new playground

21 Lowes Heroes Program The foot bridges were provided through the Lowes Heroes program. Lowes provided the materials and workforce to complete the construction of two of the three new foot bridges in Old Mill Park.

22 Snowden Park Fall Hill Avenue across from Bragg Hill Subdivision This park has playground equipment, two baseball fields and basketball courts. The playground structure is designed for 5 – 12 yr. olds. and includes an independent swing set and a small slide for the little tykes. The court is a two bank basketball court.

23 W.L. Harris Playground In between Tyler Street and Glover Street This park has a covered shelter, playground equipment, a small basketball court and a lighted basketball court.

24 Future Parks Three new parks are on the horizon: –Cossey Botanical Park –Cal Ripken, Sr. Park –Riverfront Park

25 Cossey Botanical Park Littlepage Street and Grove Avenue The Cossey Botanical Park is primarily a passive park to be used for instruction and as a resource to educate homeowners in alternative plants for their home gardens and landscapes. The park will feature winding trails through different areas of vegetation that will be maintained by the Masters Gardeners in the area.

26 Cal Ripken, Sr. Park The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation is working hard right now to raise the funds to begin construction of this project which will include three artificial turf baseball fields, a playground, a shelter and restrooms.

27 Riverfront Park Sophia Street The Riverfront Park will feature an outdoor amphitheatre, gardens and fantastic views of the Rappahannock River.

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