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Rapides Parish School District Dr. Gary L. Jones, superintendent.

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2 Rapides Parish School District Dr. Gary L. Jones, superintendent


4 Mr. Jeff HickmanMs. Sylvia Davis

5 Welcome to PHS… Meet Our Students

6 PHS Demographics Group N% 29923.6 252.2 7.06 74465.5 605.2 Total 1135100

7 GroupsNumberPercentage of the school population Students with disabilities 857.4 LEP171.4 At Risk45339.9 Pre-GED7.06

8 Freshman – 333 Sophomores – 305 Juniors – 261 Seniors – 229

9 Mentoring Program To successfully implement a comprehensive orientation program for incoming freshmen.

10 What Incoming Freshmen Face ● New surroundings ● Changes in classroom expectations ● New peers ● Larger, unfamiliar surroundings ● Increased pressure on maintaining good grades ● More choices in course selection ● More choices in school related activities

11 What Incoming Freshmen Face ● Need for time management skills ● Changes in instructional techniques ● Increase in student autonomy ● Fewer teacher reminders, less guidance ● More negative experiences ● Pressure concerning post graduation education and/or career options ● More dependence on peers for self concept ● Peer relations dominating factor

12 Goals of a Student to Student Mentoring Program I. Provide significant interaction and communication with incoming freshmen. II. Provide information and encourage involvement for incoming freshmen. III. Provide positive reinforcement for classroom effort, social behavior, and school attendance.

13 Five Step Summary of the Kickoff Program (Adapted from The Kickoff Program, developed by Lee Lonzo) Step One: Kickoff Coordinator Workshop Step Two: Kickoff Mentor Training Day Step Three: Kickoff Day (August 10, 2008) Step Four: Kickoff Connections Step Five: Coordinator Follow Up

14 Selection of Mentors Number of mentors needed: 4-6 per homeroom of 20-30 freshmen form a team Application process held in early spring Teacher evaluations and screening NFL type draft held by Freshmen Academy teachers to choose mentors Minimum requirements: grade point average (predetermined by administration), school attendance and good disciplinary records

15 Team leader chosen for each team: provide communications to other team members Profile of Mentors: 2/3 seniors, 1/3 juniors; equal number of males and females, should reflect the diversity of students in the school Selection of Mentors

16 Qualities of a Mentor good listener, good speaker, caring, confident, respectful, energetic, enthusiastic, spirited, compliant of school rules, completes tasks in a timely manner, takes the initiative, considered a leader by peers and teachers

17 Expectations of KOM’s ● Ministry ● Run a comprehensive orientation day for freshmen ● Implement periodic planned KOM connections ● Make at least 3 contacts with their freshmen per month ● List of expectations given on application ● Embrace the motto: “Failure is not an option for MY freshmen”

18 Assignment of Freshmen to KOM’s ● Assigned randomly, or alphabetically by Coordinators or NFL type draft among team mentors ● 4-6 freshmen per mentor ● Freshmen complete “Freshmanaire” form and given to their assigned mentor

19 Kick Off Day ● Pep Session & Welcome ● Ice breakers / Spirit building activities ● Team building activities ● Awareness of opportunities offered at the High School (Club Rush) ● Familiarizing freshmen with school rules and procedures ● Discussing the in’s and out’s of “lost, lunch, & lockers.” ● Running a mini schedule ● Locating classrooms, meeting teachers ● Food, music, dancing, door prizes, and FUN! ● Parent orientation

20 Rebel Kick Off Agenda ● Registration ● Breakout Sessions 1-4 ● Welcome/Pep Sessions ● Orientation Sessions ● Parent Orientation ● Mini Schedule ● Wrap Up Session

21 Pineville High School... a tradition of excellence.

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