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Increasing Parent Involvement Through Student Led Conferences.

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1 Increasing Parent Involvement Through Student Led Conferences

2 G. Ray Bodley High School Fulton, New York

3 Presenters Brian Buchanan, Principal Jennifer Brown, Team Leader Ami LaDuc, Team Leader Denise Pawlewicz, Team Leader Zach Mizener, Student Hannah Geitner, Student Geri Geitner, Parent/Administrator

4 Fulton City District Profile Small City School District (Population 10,000 / Student Enrollment Approximately 3700) 4 Elementary Schools (2130) / 1 Jr High (552) / 1 High School (1165) Average Secondary Class Size: 20 Racial / Ethnic Origin: 2% Black or African American 3% Hispanic or Latino 1% Asian 94% White

5 High School Profile Grades 9-12 (1165 students) Traditional 9 Period Day (38 minute classes) + 1 Advisory Period (23 minutes) Advisory Program year 4 of implementation for grades 9, 10 and 11 Supported by 4 Guidance Counselors, School- Home Liaison, 2 Assistant Principals, and 1 Principal 75 students enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses Post High School Plans 40% 4 year colleges / 40% 2 year colleges 20% work/military

6 Accountability Timeline 2003-04: SINI Year 1 2005-06: SINI Year 2 2006-07: Corrective Action Year 1 2007-08: Corrective Action Year 2

7 Profile Shift 2003-042009-10 Free Lunch Eligible41%51% Graduation Rate59%80% SWD Graduation Rate 34%53% SES Graduation Rate 58%74%

8 Program Mission Our program mission has four goals: 1.Build a relationship with an advisor 2.Foster a sense of community 3.Develop essential skills 4.Improve academic performance

9 How are you currently achieving these four goals in YOUR district? Discussion Point

10 Advisory Overview

11 Freshmen First Day First Day of School— Freshmen Only –Advisory Team Building –Building Tour –People You Should Know –Fashion Show –Know the Rules –Follow Your Schedule –Practice Opening Your Locker

12 Logistics Advisory consists of a maximum of 15 students. Advisory meets every day for 23 minutes. Advisory moves together by grade level with Advisor.

13 Advisor Responsibilities Monitor attendance, grades and discipline. Provide academic support. Assist in student goal setting. Arrange tutoring services or parent teacher conferences. Act as a liaison between students and adults. Advocate for students and parents. Offer community service opportunities. Communicate important information to students and parents about school functions. Collaborate one day a week and monthly with other advisors.

14 Sample of Advisory Activities Career Exploration Community Service Academic Support Skill Development Academic/Career Planning Goal Setting PSAT/SAT Prep Options Day Peer Mentoring/Tutoring Career Fair College Visitations Scholarship Search College Visits/Search Bowling Party Advisory Picnics and Field Trips Birthday and Holiday Celebrations Community Building Activities

15 Zach and Hannah The Student Experience Academics Social Interaction Community Service Student Led Conferences

16 Consider the positives and negatives an advisory program would present in your building. Discussion Point

17 Student Led Conference Overview

18 Student Led Conferences Student leads a conference with parents, advisor, and other important adults in his or her life focusing on the student's reflection of learning and achievement. Students are encouraged to share academic, career, and personal goals. Each Student Led Conference is individualized where a student may use technology, showcase projects, and use his or her portfolio to demonstrate learning and achievement.

19 Getting Started With Student Led Conferences Choose a Date Communicate to Parents Prepare Students Schedule Conferences Confirm Requests The Conference Post Conference









28 Sample Student Led Conference Mrs. Geitner and Hannah Geitner

29 Discussion Point “Student Led Conferences provide students with an opportunity to take ownership over their educational experience. The students are given the time to reflect upon their goals, academics, strengths and weaknesses, and how all of these factors will help build their future.” -Advisory Leadership Team

30 Outcomes Percentage of Students Involved in a Student Led Conference in 2010: 78%. Percentage of Parents Surveyed Described the Student Led Conference Experience as Either Good or Excellent: 96%. Graduation Rate Increase: From 59% to 80%. Approximate Percentage of Students Scheduled for Student Led Conferences for 2011: 85%.

31 Things You Cannot Measure...

32 Working Together Student Parents/Guardians Advisor Administration

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