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Creating Freshmen Success Task Force Report High School Study Session Board Presentation January 30, 2007.

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1 Creating Freshmen Success Task Force Report High School Study Session Board Presentation January 30, 2007

2 Background  UHS Design for Excellence  Model Schools Conference  Analysis of Freshmen Performance Data

3 FS Task Force Purpose  Ensure Success for All Freshmen  Increase Student Achievement in Rigorous, Standards-Based Curriculum  Design for Excellence from Beginning of High School  Fulfill the District Vision and Mission: “All students will acquire and apply knowledge.” “Student achievement results will show mastery of standards by individual students as well as by student subgroups…with no significant differences in performance between groups.”

4 FS Task Force Process Five Meetings in Nov – Dec 2006 to:  Analyze Achievement Indicators  Listen to Teachers and Students  Review Effective Strategies Within UUSD Nationally  Develop Recommendations for Board of Education

5 FS Task Force Participants  Teachers and Administrators High School Junior High School  District Office Superintendent Educational Services Asst. Supt./Directors/Coordinator

6 Freshmen Achievement – First Quarter  35% of Freshmen – 1 or more “Fs”  “Fs” Increased from Previous Year  7443 “F” Grades  608 “D” Grades  Courses with Highest “Fs” English Math Science PE Wood I

7 Grade 9 First Quarter F’s


9 Why an Increase in F’s  Students less prepared?  Expectations higher?  Summer intervention effective?  Homework completion?  Late assignment acceptance?  Grading practices?  Use of scaffolding?  F’s to motivate…or create hopelessness?

10 Freshmen Profile  Rigor Academic Preparation  Relationships Participation Attendance Behavior

11 Rigor: Grade 8 CST English Lang. Arts

12 Entering Freshman: CST ELA Trends Increasing Performance  All Students  Every Subgroup African-American, Asian, Hispanic, White Disabled, Disadvantaged, English Learners, Males, Females

13 Rigor: Grade 8 Algebra I ParticipationPerformance

14 Entering Freshman: Math Trends  General Math Fewer Students – Steady Performance  Algebra I Increasing Students – Increasing Performance

15 Relationships  Participation – Extracurricular Activities Freshmen: 51% Seniors:74% HS Level:35% P Level:69% Honors/AP:93%

16 Connections – Participation in Extracurricular by Grade (05-06)

17 Connections – Participation in Extracurricular by Level (05-06)

18 Relationships  Attendance - Absences No difference from previous freshmen  Behavior – Suspensions and Expulsions Same or better than previous freshmen

19 Student Voices  Thorough explanations of subject  Teaching with graphic organizers  Teacher tutoring  Grade improvement options  Remembering class explanations during homework  Learning from lectures  Disconnected homework  Lack of grade improvement options AppreciateChallenges

20 Task Force Recommendations  Seamless Transition 8 th – 9 th Grade  Rigorous Expectations  Common Core of Teachers  Administrative Support  Personalization  Interventions  Program Identification

21 Seamless Transition 8 th – 9 th  Begin early in 8 th grade Teachers, Counselors, Students  Plan jointly for at-risk students Class placements, Supports  Continue Summer Bridge Program  Meet HS Link Crew students in 8 th grade  Maintain Parent-Teacher communication with use of homework agenda in 9 th grade

22 Rigorous Expectations  Use learning strategies and graphic organizers  Make homework relevant, varied and meaningfully connected to course work  Provide in-school and after-school tutoring and homework assistance  Use older students to tutor freshmen  Report grades every three weeks  Implement grading policies that are fair and support earning credit through the semester

23 Common Core of Teachers  English, math, science, Special Education, EL, and PE teacher teams  Common prep periods for teams  Additional common planning time  Professional development in reading strategies  Loop Options: 8 th – 9 th – 10 th  Teachers who speak parents’ languages

24 Personalization  Recognition for High Achievement & Progress  Recruit freshmen for activities  Parent outreach and positive communication  Team-building  Student culture for mutual support

25 Interventions  Diagnostic reading and math assessments for all at-risk 9 th graders  Extended school year  Double-blocked literacy/math  Comprehensive Pyramid of Interventions  Referral process for timely identification  Instruction in effective learning strategies  Peer tutoring during/after school  Master schedule to accelerate achievement – block scheduling, 7 period day, advisement

26 Program Identification  Name cores to support effective character traits for success  Consider facility needs for Teacher communication/collaboration Students’ sense of belonging Other programs

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