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P.K.O.M. Panther Kick-Off Mentors Freshman One Day Orientation.

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1 P.K.O.M. Panther Kick-Off Mentors Freshman One Day Orientation

2 What is PKOM??  A voluntary mentoring program for Juniors and Seniors to help welcome the incoming Freshmen.  A voluntary orientation day for incoming freshmen to familiarize them with their new surroundings, meet new classmates, meet their upperclassman mentor, and start the year off on a positive note.

3 PKOM Program Stats “Failure is not an option!”  Fall ’05 – 18% had 2+ F’s  Fall ’09 – 9.5 % had 2+ F’s

4 Program Numbers  150 Junior and Senior Mentors  84% of mentors are A+ tutors  TAP (Advisory) classes  22 Freshmen sections  Approx. 25 students per class  All 4 years

5 Program Design- Students helping students  Students help design the program  TAP teachers participate in training  Student mentors teach the TAP curriculum

6 Who actually comes?  Class of 2009 had 75% attendance  Class of 2013 had 84% attendance  90% of the TAP teachers attended  Opportunity to meet other teachers too

7 Kick – Off 2010 August 11, 2010  7:30 am – 1:30 pm  Sports/band excused from practices  Schedules, IDs, lunch, lockers, prizes, orientation activities PLUS…

8 Their First Official Mehlville T-Shirt!!! Class of 2012 design

9 Kick – Off Events  Ice breakers with TAP class  Schedules and finding classes  Skits about High School  What do expect on First Day of School  Lunch

10 Activites High School Game Relationships built in TAP class

11 Freshman Response “I’m glad I went to KICK – OFF Day! It was loads of fun and I wasn’t scared about getting lost in the halls on the first day of school!”

12 How does someone attend?  Registration forms available at 8 th grade orientation night!!!  $7 Registration Fee  Lunch  Shirt  Confirmation by July 1 guarantees shirt on KICK OFF Day

13 Questions????  Christy Baker Union High School Union High School  Jane Ebert Mehlville High School Mehlville High School

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