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Transition to High School: Upperclassmen Leading the Way Presented by: Dolores Fischer FMP Coordinator and FMP Student Mentors.

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1 Transition to High School: Upperclassmen Leading the Way Presented by: Dolores Fischer FMP Coordinator and FMP Student Mentors

2 Freshman Mentor Program Mentoring - “The Act of Giving”

3 F M P “Our Friendly Meeting Place” Mentoring “The Act of Giving” The FMP Student Mentor is giving each freshman: “A gift of knowledge” “A gift of friendship” “A gift of experience”


5 WHAT IS FMP????  The freshman mentor program provides each freshman with a supportive environment that allows a smooth adjustment from junior high to high school, both academically and socially.

6  Advisory that meets 4 days a week  On-going orientation to high school  A comfortable environment to grow in high school  Counselors monitor each freshman's academic progress  Constant announcements of school activities  Academic Resources through faculty advisor, FMP’s, and subject study groups. FMP provides each freshman with:

7 History of FMP  1990-91 - Pilot Homeroom Freshman Advisory with two teachers.  1991-92 - Expand Advisory to more teachers  1992-94 - Continue Homeroom program to see the lasting affects of FMP  February -1994 visit Highland Park High School’s APF program  March -1994 - Proposal for Freshman Mentor Program to Board of Ed using Highland Park model to include student mentors  1994-95 - Pilot FMP Advisories with students  1995-96 - Expand FMP to the whole freshman class  1996-97 - Implement Freshman Orientation Day  1997-98 - We decide to pilot 6 advisories with 3 student mentors in each, rather than two.  1998-99 - Expand Program to include more FMP’s and advisories  1999 - 2000 - Introduced Board of Directors to help maintain control over the growing program  2000 -2001 – Expand all advisories to 3 FMP’s in each  2001-2002 – Pilot 4 to 5 FMP’s within each advisory  2002-Present – Improve FMP to Freshman ratio, eventually growing to over 240 FMP’s strong.

8 FMP Faculty Leaders DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES FMP DIRECTOR Three FMP coordinators observe, evaluate, and monitor advisory activities

9 FMP Student Leaders FMP ADVISORY LEADERS FMP EXECUTIVE BOARD TWO PRESIDENTSVICE PRESIDENTS Board of Directors Leaders that organize FMP events 3 FMP Mentors

10 Advisory team * = Dean and social Worker meet their freshmen on Orientation day. COUNSELOR, DEAN*, SOCIAL WORKER* FACULTY ADVISOR STUDENT MENTORS (3-4)

11 Advisory Team Student Mentor Faculty AdvisorCounselor

12 Advisory Team  The Faculty Advisor: Provides leadership coaching for Student Mentors Supervises advisory (satisfies contract for supervision) Helps organize/participate in activities Performs administrative duties Provides a resource for all students

13 Advisory Team  The Guidance Counselor: Provides an opportunity to develop a rapport with their freshman Talks about necessary topics with students as a group Allows time to answer questions for students

14 A Week In Advisory  Monday - Small Group Day  Tuesday - Meet with your counselor  Wednesday - Homework/Study Day  Thursday - Activity Day

15 Special Events  August - Freshman Orientation Freshman dance Guidebook Test Co-curricular Education  September - ~“Becoming A Patriot”~ Superintendent speaks to freshman Introduction to technology  October - Homecoming Discuss earning privileges at Stevenson  November - Principal Visits Career Cruising  December - “The Giving Month”  January - Preparing For Finals Registering for classes - four year plan  February - Pre-Driving program with police Odyssey  March Co-curricular Fair  April - World of Difference  May- 8th grade dance 8th grade transition program Advisory Awards Day

16 FMP provides each freshman with:  A comprehensive transition program during their 8th grade year which includes: Parents and future freshmen come to Stevenson for Registration - February Co-curricular fair - March Meeting with FMP student advisors at junior high schools - May Freshman Orientation day - August

17 Co-Curricular Fair In march, The Stevenson Student Activities invites parents and our future freshman to learn about Stevenson’s clubs(over 100) Intramurals, and Sports Teams.

18 Spring Eighth Grade Transition Program  FMPs go to Jr. High Schools  In small groups FMPs talk to their future freshmen about Stevenson High School’s:  Academics  Co- Curricular Opportunities  Social Aspects  Support Services  Freshman Orientation day

19 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION DAY  The day before the “official first day of school”.  Two FMPs ride each school bus and greet freshmen at each bus stop (56 bus routes)  FMPs escort students to the Sports Center to pick up their schedule and direct them to their advisory classroom.

20 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION SCHEDULE  7:30 A.M. - 8:00 A.M - Receive class schedule, locker card,and ID (if taken in summer school) in the sports center. Freshmen then report to their Advisory.  8:00 A.M. - 10:15 A.M. - Advisory Activities, ID/Yearbook Pictures, Tours of the school in small groups with the FMP’s. Visit key places in school (i.e. lockers, gyms, lunchrooms, etc.).  10:15 A.M. - 11:15 A.M. - Welcome Assembly  11:30 A.M. - 12:30 P. M. - Meet with Dean, Counselor and Social Worker  12:30 P.M. - 1:30 P.M. - Lunch  1: 30 P.M. - 3:30 P.M. - Mini School Schedule* * Schedule has 5 minute periods with 8 minute passing periods

21 Becoming a Freshman Mentor  Step 1 - Application: Part 1 - Student Profile Part 2 - Resume Part 3 - Ice breaker activity* Activities we use to develop our Activity Resource Books Part 4 - Essay Questions* *- See Example in Resource Section

22 Becoming a Freshman Mentor  Step 2 - Evaluation: Faculty Evaluation of Applicants -  Are they… Positive role models Willing to lead others - Responsible to manage a group  Do they have… Communication skills Respect for Diverse ideas and personalities Enthusiasm and Motivation FMP Directors -  Academics  Attendance  Responsible Behavior

23 Becoming a Freshman Mentor  Step 3 - Interviews: Out of about 450 applicants, only 50%-60% receive an interview with senior mentors and board of directors

24 2nd Year Mentors  Reapply This includes a student profile, resume, activity, and answers to essay questions  Faculty evaluations Faculty re-evaluate applicants  Counselor, FMP Faculty Advisor, and FMP Director’s evaluations Evaluate FMP student mentor’s effectiveness as a leader,a positive role model, and a responsible student.

25 FMP Student Mentor Training  June – Last day of school Orientation to FMP program by learning about our history, traditions, expectations, & our passion to help freshmen.  Summer - FMP Student Mentor Advisory Pairings  FMP’s meet to begin to develop advisory team dynamics Dateline FMP ~ when the FMP team meets on a social level  August - 2 days Team building through games and activities Motivational Speaker - Mike Smith from Differences Makers works with FMPs to develop their mentoring skills  Lunch & Learn Lunch meetings (once a month) throughout the entire school year

26 FMP and the Students  Ultimate Goal… Become that “special upperclassman”  Rewards Privilege of being a part of an internationally recognized mentoring program and esteemed co-curricular Opportunity to help others Develop friendships between you and your freshmen

27 FMP and the Students  Benefits of FMP:  Ease freshman’s transition into high school  Mentors serve as an easily accessible resource and role models  Provides a comfortable, friendly atmosphere  Helps them to meet their peers  Creates instant “upperclassman friends”  Who benefits more? They both benefit tremendously

28 Benefits for All 1.Creates lasting friendships 2.Helps freshmen adjust to the social and learning environments of high school 3.Upperclassmen have the opportunity to build “trusting relationships” 4.Upperclassmen develop their leadership skills 5.Gives upperclassmen the opportunity to have a lasting impact on their freshman's lives FMP Student Mentors are the “STAR MAKERS OF STEVENSON”

29 F M P “Friendly Meeting Place” It takes an adult 7 days to 7 weeks to make an impact on a student’s life, but it takes another student their age or slightly older 7 seconds to 7 minutes to make a difference. ~Anonymous~

30 LEARN MORE ABOUT FMP FMP Website Contact the Director of the Freshman Mentor Program Dolores Fischer 847-634-4000 ext.1673 GO

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