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A Glimpse into Hackensack High School Grade 8 Assembly 2014.

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1 A Glimpse into Hackensack High School Grade 8 Assembly 2014

2 Social Development  More Independence  More Expectations  A chance to meet new classmates from sending districts  Adjusting to new teacher personalities  Open Lunch Periods

3 Grade Nine Academy  Mr. Montesano – Principal  Mr. King- Assistant Principal  All freshmen are housed in the East Wing  Classes, lockers and homerooms in EW  All freshmen receive IPADS  Freshman Advisories with Guidance Staff

4 Discipline  Code of Conduct Behavioral expectations and consequences for your actions Behavioral expectations and consequences for your actions  All students are expected to attend all classes and arrive on time  All students are required to wear IDs  Hats/Head coverings are not to be worn inside the school building except for religious/medical reasons  Cell Phone use is not permitted inside the school building  Musical devices are not to be used inside the building

5 Extracurricular Activities  Clubs  Volunteer Opportunities  Theatrical Performances  Musical Performances  Athletics GPA/Credit Requirements GPA/Credit Requirements NCAA Eligibility NCAA Eligibility

6 Shadow Program  Eighth graders may shadow a ninth grader at the high school for a day  Shadow Forms are available online at the high school website or from your guidance counselor  Forms must be sent to Mrs. Vazquez at the high school

7 What should you expect? MORE WORK MORE WORK Summer Assignments Summer Assignments Larger graduating classes Larger graduating classes Testing –Biology, HSPA, Midterms, Finals Testing –Biology, HSPA, Midterms, Finals Help after school/tutoring services Help after school/tutoring services Interesting Classes/Choices Interesting Classes/Choices

8 Academics  Schedule  Grading System  Transcript  Grade Point Average (GPA)  Credits

9 Course levels  College Preparatory (CP) are high school level courses  Honors and Pre AP are upper level courses that require teacher recommendation and evidence of strong academic ability, demonstrated through grades, work ethic and test scores  Lab Classes are remedial courses designed to prepare students for state testing. Student needs are determined through NJASK 8 exams.

10 Typical Freshman Schedule  English 1  Physics or Biology  US History 1  Algebra 1  Lunch  Physical Education 1/Health  Personal Finance  Spanish, Italian, or French

11 Honors Freshman Schedule  Pre AP English 1  Pre AP Biology/Lunch  Pre AP US History 1  Honors Geometry  Physical Education 1/Health  Personal Finance  Spanish, Italian, or French

12 Freshmen Alternates  HSPA Math 1 Lab in place of World Language  Period 1 Personal Finance at 7:30 am in order to make room for Band  Geometry or Algebra 2 in place of Algebra 1  Algebra 1/Physics combo class

13 Upper Class Course Options  Law/Criminal Justice  Accounting  Web Design  Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD)  Power Mechanics  Broadcast Journalism and Documentary  Sociology/Psychology  Marine Biology  Anatomy and Physiology  AP Statistics

14 Grading System  A+97-100  A90-96  B+87-89  B80-86  C+77-79  C70-76  D65-69  Funder 65



17 HELP! Where do I go? You (Student) TeacherCounselor Drop In Center

18 Help! Step 1 Teacher After School Help Student Contracts

19 Help Step 2 Counselor Tutoring Services Drop In Referral Align your goals with future Plans

20 Help Step 3 Drop In Center TutoringJob Placement Emotional counseling and Referrals

21 Freshmen Orientation  Freshmen are invited to attend one day of orientation at the end of August  Run through schedule  School tour  Locker practice  Discipline and school procedures  Academic expectations

22 Thank You!  We are all looking forward to welcoming the class of 2018!  Any Questions?

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