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HENRY CLAY I0I Orientation for Parents of the Class of 2016

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1 HENRY CLAY I0I Orientation for Parents of the Class of 2016
Tuesday, January 17th at 6:30pm Guidance Counselors: Bonnie Barnes, Lana Bishop, April Cain, Josh Edwards, Rachael Howard, Jackie Smith, Sharron Wesley All Information Provided Tonight is Available on the Henry Clay Counseling website.

2 *Henry Clay serves about 2300 students in grades 9-12.
*HC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. *Approximately 80% of our graduates enter college. *22 credits are required to graduate.

3 General Info HC operates on a traditional 6 hour school day (non-block). The first class begins at 8:25 am and the last class ends at 3:15 pm. Students will take 6 classes each year. Each class is worth ½ credit per semester so students can earn a maximum of 3 credits per semester within the 6-period day. To be a 10th grader students must earn 5 credits; 11th - 10; 12th – 16. Foreign Language classes are not required to graduate. However, 2 years of the same foreign language is required for college admissions. Students are not required to take a foreign language in 9th grade.

4 Graduation Requirements
4 English credits 3 Math credits – You must take math each year. Minimum = Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and 1 math elective 3 Science credits Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry OR Adv. Biology, Adv. Chemistry, Adv/Gen Physics

5 Graduation Requirements continued
3 Social Studies credits Citizenship, World Civilizations, US History 1 Health and Physical Education credit 1 Arts/Humanities credit 7 Elective credits (1 might be Math) GRAND TOTAL = 22 CREDITS

The PCC is the same as the graduation requirements except for the foreign language requirement. At least 2 years of the same foreign language is required for college admissions. Highly selective colleges require prospective students to have had a more rigorous curriculum. PCC for selective colleges: 4 years of English 4 years of Math 4 years of Science 4 years of Social Studies 3-4 years of the same foreign language 1 year of Arts/Humanities

7 9TH GRADE SCHEDULE The typical 9th grade schedule will be a Total of 6 Classes: Gen or Adv English (Adv. Requires Summer Reading) Algebra I, Adv. Geometry* or Adv Alg 2* Integrated Science or Adv Bio** Adv Citizenship Elective *must qualify by taking the math placement test **must qualify by taking Adv Geom or Adv Alg 2

8 Placement Exams 9th graders who desire to take an advanced math class are required to take the math placement test. Each middle school will administer this test – EJHayes and Morton is on March 21st If the student wants to take a math class higher than Algebra I, then the student must take the math placement test to qualify.

9 9th GRADE ELECTIVES – All Year
JROTC Art I Drawing I Design /Printmaking Crafts Computer Science Computer Applications Business Economics Advanced Business Econ Freshman 101 Life Skills Debate Drama Activities Newspaper Broadcast Journalism Fitness for Life Intro to Engineering Advanced IED Architecture Graphic Communications World Languages Band Orchestra Chorus

10 GRADING The grading scale is as follows: A = 92 – 100 % B = 83 – 91%
The school year is divided up into two semesters. Students receive progress reports every 6 weeks. Final grades are posted to the transcript at the end of each semester. Grades are not cumulative from one semester to the next. Each semester stands alone with permanent grades.

11 KEES Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship
Students can qualify for money with good grades and ACT or SAT score 2.50 GPA or better at the end of each year. Bonus award for ACT and SAT Test Scores. Only AP courses are weighted KHEAA will notify students For more info go to

Requirements to be promoted to the next grade level: *5 credits to go to 10th grade *10 credits to go to 11th grade *16 credits to go to 12th grade

13 NCAA Eligibility All student athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse NCAA has a list of Accepted Core Classes The GPA is averaged using only these approved core classes. For more info visit

14 Orientation for New Students
Orientation will be held for incoming 9th graders the first week in August. Students will be invited to Henry Clay to meet teachers and tour the building.

15 Henry Clay Extracurricular Activities
Athletics Baseball Basketball Cheerleading Cross Country Football Golf Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Track Volleyball Wrestling Clubs – to name of few Academic Team Dance Team Debate Team Drama Club French Club Go Green Club History Club Hockey Outdoor Club Speech Team And Over 50 More Listed on Page 27 of the Program of Studies

16 Henry Clay High School Incoming Freshman Orientation
Thank you for coming! Last Name of Your Student Determines Your Counselor A – Cole = Sharron Wesley-Porter Coll – Gol = April Cain Gom – Ka – Rachael Howard

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