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Freshmen Orientation Class of 2017 Welcome! February 21, 2013.

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1 Freshmen Orientation Class of 2017 Welcome! February 21, 2013

2 2013-2014 High School Administration  Mrs. Holly Schafer- Principal  Mr. Sean Wolanin– Assistant Principal  Mr. Sean Baker– Assistant Principal  Mr. Rob Coxon- Athletic Director

3 Ms. Lisa Meinhardt (Palmison) Freshmen & Seniors (G-M) Mrs. Maridi Gurtsak Juniors & Seniors (A-F) Mrs. Lauren Peterson Sophomores & Seniors (N-Z) Mrs. Laut Administrative Assistant/Registrar Guidance Department Staff

4 Graduation Requirements Language Arts4 credits Mathematics4 credits Science3 credits Social Studies3 credits Health½ credit Physical Education½ credit* Fine Art1 credit Electives5 credits TOTAL CREDITS21 credits * PE Waiver Option: Completion of 2 full-seasons of any sport or Marching Band, Drill Team or Cheerleading.

5 Graduation Requirements  Students must pass all five sections of the Ohio Graduation Test: Mathematics Reading Science Citizenship Writing  Initial test: March - sophomore year  Seven attempts to pass the tests  Intervention & remediation available  ODE website has practice tests

6 4-In-The-Core OFHS full-time students are required to take four credits each of: Language arts Math Science Social studies Science & math recommendations are based on current grades in math & science Language Arts Honors and Social Studies Honors are self- select (with application) World language recommended for freshmen with A/B in English

7 Olmsted Falls High School Program of Studies Honor Diploma College Prep Criteria: must meet 7 of 8 criteria listed Athletic Eligibility: Students must pass 75% of all eighth grade courses during 4 th quarter to be eligible for fall sports Post-Secondary Enrollment Options: students can earn high school and college credit simultaneously Academic Recognition: Summa Cum Laude (4.0), Magna Cum Laude (3.75-3.99) & Cum Laude (3.5-3.74)

8 Typical 9th Grade Schedule 1 Period Mathematics1 credit 1 Period Science1 credit 1 Period Social Studies I1 credit 1 Period Language Arts I1 credit 1 PeriodFine Art/Elective1 credit *1 Period Phys. Ed/Health¼ & ½ credit PE Waiver Option: Completion of 2 full-seasons of any sport or Marching Band (including Drill Team and Cheerleading). * Students who take PE and/or Health in summer will need to take an elective to have suggested course load.

9 Elective Course Choices  World Language: Latin, French and Spanish  Art I  Visual Communication Design (VCD)  Band, Choir, or Band/Choir combination  Personal Fitness I and II  Sports Performance and Weight Training I and II (athletes)  Computer Networking Technology  Principles of Biomedical Sciences  Introduction to Engineering Design  **Publications (See Mr. Gaba/ 8 th grade LA teacher for details about this elective)

10 Scheduling for 2013-14 Scheduling in the classroom- Week of March 4th Students have been given a practice scheduling sheet Due back to Middle School teacher by March 1 st Scheduling will occur week of March 4 th at OFMS All schedule adjustments MUST be made prior to June 13th August Students receive their schedule, locker assignments and take a tour of our building *Students new to the district can contact Mrs. Laut for an enrollment appointment: 440.427.6116

11 Thank you for attending!  Visit with teachers in the cafeteria  Program of Studies and PE Waiver forms available in the cafeteria  Honors Social Studies and Language Arts applications available  Visit our media center & tour the building

12 Have a nice evening! Ms. Meinhardt School Counselor – Class of 2017 or 440.427.6118

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