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2 Your company name and logo here Information about you here

3 What is Retail Management System? Technology to effectively manage your key business processes within a tightly integrated system Technology that helps you streamline business operations and connect customers, employees, and business partners

4 Designed for the Independent Merchant Store Owner or manager is business decision maker Store Owner or manager is the centralized merchandiser Store Owner or manager doesn’t have time to train staff on new tools Typically, 1-9 stores

5 Store Operations Streamline business operations, including inventory, supplier management and POS processes Make informed decisions with accurate data & powerful reports Market, promote and sell across channels Reduce point of sale systems and operation costs Expand easily to multi-store operations

6 HeadQuarters Control prices, purchasing and inventory-chain wide by region or store View, analyze and share data across your entire business Exchange data and management directives with any mix of stores Pull detailed sales and inventory information from multiple Store Operations installations and disseminate management changes to defined stores Set and monitor policies and procedures for each and every store

7 System Requirements RMS Store OperationsRMS: HQ Operating SystemWindows 98SE or later PCPentium III or greater RAM 64MB Minimum 128MB Recommended 128MB Minimum 256MB Recommended Hard Disk Space50MB Available60MB Available CD ROM DriveYes VGA POS: 800x600 Manager: 1024x768 or higherAll: 1024x768 or higher Note: MSDE included on both products. SQL sold separately. SQL recommended for RMS: HQ installations. Some internet access may be required. Payment to service provider and fees for telephone/long distance may apply.

8 Do you lack inventory visibility and control, and experience stock outs, excess inventory, lost opportunities? RMS remedy Instantly check prices, availability and locate stock Set reorder levels, best-price suppliers and automatic PO’s Utilize multiple pricing structures for markups and discounts Reduce shrinkage, false returns, and unauthorized discounts

9 Does high employee turnover lead to significant resources required for training? RMS Remedy Windows based, easy to install, set up and adapt Teach POS transactions in as little as 15 minutes Easily reconfigure POS screens to display what your clerks need to see (and remove non-essential fields and info)

10 Do you have operational inefficiencies? Slow transaction speeds, disparate systems, lack of central control? RMS Remedy Transact credit cards in as little as 5 seconds Let wizards finish long tasks in minutes Know which associates and items sell best Leverage multiple suppliers/ get lowest prices Predict what days & hours to staff up or down Integrates with other MBS applications

11 Do you lose sales because of poor customer service? RMS Remedy Keep lines short with fast transaction speeds Serve other customers while keeping a stalled transaction on hold Display “upsells” so associates mention them Use multimedia NetDisplay to assist sales Customize receipts with advertisements Capture/display buying histories at POS Target mailings to customers’ special interests Grant automatic discounts to frequent shoppers

12 Do your POS stations quit working if you store network goes down? RMS Remedy Keep selling even when the network goes down—data will upload from registers once connectivity is restored

13 Merchant Payment Services for RMS Store Operations

14 Simplified, Integrated Card Processing Substantial discounts on merchant services No hidden fees Streamlined operations Reduced operating and labor costs Increased customer satisfaction

15 Citibank Merchant Services Competitive Rates Visa/MasterCard card swipe 1.69% + $.23 per transaction Visa/MasterCard MOTO/Internet 2.25% + $.23 per transaction Visa/MasterCard Commercial 2.55% + $.23 per transaction Diners Club/Carte Blanche 2.85%

16 Citibank Merchant Services No Hidden Costs Application FeeWaived Enrollment FeeWaived Conversion FeeWaived Other Setup Fees Waived Many payment service competitors have these and other miscellaneous fees.

17 Partner Organization Support Describe offering

18 Foundation Services from Microsoft Business Solutions Product Maintenance –Major and minor releases for one full year Access to CustomerSource –Search TechKnowledge Foundation Services provides assurance that you have the latest software and insurance for additional support.

19 Microsoft’s Commitment We’ll be around for the long term Technology and market leadership Focus on the independent merchant Industry partnerships and services that enhance the value of your investment For more information:


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