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Retail Management System Louis Piedra Product Manager - Latam Region Microsoft Dynamics.

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1 Retail Management System Louis Piedra Product Manager - Latam Region Microsoft Dynamics

2 The new RMS 2.0 New Features –Option for store-driven HQ item costs –Address verification for credit card processing –Support for new payment device Enhanced Features –Redesigned matrix functionality –Product activation – No dongles –Purchase orders –More discount options –Search items by supplier reorder number Current platform support –Shipped with SQL Server 2005 Express edition –Windows Vista support –Microsoft Dynamics branded 2

3 Calculated HQ item costs Option at HQ to use store cost –Uses store cost method based on weighted Average of all stores. (( Store 1 Cost * Store 1 QTY) + (Store N Cost * Store N QTY))/ Total QTY –Cost field in item properties is disabled at HQ manager –New Item Cost tab at HQ –No changes to the Worksheets 250,260,302 Can still use HQ item cost method Ability to view all store cost at HQ 3

4 HQ item costs New Store Cost Tab in HQ item properties 4

5 New payment devices RMS now supports all-in-one devices with PINpad, Magnetic stripe reader, and Signature capture Tested device: Ingenico i6550 Personalize the device with forms 5

6 New payment devices Configure payment device in the register properties components of PIN Pad and the signature device 6

7 AVS for credit card processing Better rates for merchants on manually entered card present transactions –Card present transactions only –When card is swiped the AVS will not be used –When transaction amount is negative (Return) AVS will not be used New address button on Credit Card verification window Only supported for preferred payment integration 7

8 Matrix Items Matrix components created automatically based on dimensions and attributes Easily add or remove dimension attributes Configure how item lookup codes and descriptions are automatically generated for components Preserve display order of attributes Reuse common dimensions and attributes Easily enter or view quantities for matrix components 8

9 Matrix Item version comparison Items created automatically based on dimensions and attributes Matrix Item properties applied to all component items Easily add or remove dimension attributes Easily add or remove component items Preserve display order of attributes Select Component columns for simple editing List view for easy quantity editing 9 RMS 2.0 RMS 1.3 Manually type in dimension attributes for each item Recreate dimensions for each matrix item Recreate attributes for each matrix item Not easy way to edit dimensions and attributes

10 New Matrix Item properties 10 Component itemsQuantity view

11 Product activation and registration Dongle is replaced by product activation One product key per lane for Store Operations One product key per HQ client for Headquarters No changes to the license of SO Manager and HQ Manager License types: –FPP (perpetual) Activation over internet or by phone –Trial (30 days) Activation over the internet –VAR (configuration key) Allows to by-pass activation once Customer registration is required Information entered once per store 11

12 Product activation and registration 12 RMS activation RMS registration

13 Purchase Order Quickly add and create items in purchase order Integration to Word and Excel –Export Purchase Order –Edit Purchase Order format Streamlined process to enter Matrix item quantities Added ability to print matrix items in grid format Print labels for items received today directly from Purchase Order Update prices while receiving inventory 13

14 Purchase order version comparison Add or remove multiple items from with-in the same dialog Edit quantity ordered while adding the items Find items by Supplier reorder number Create items from with-in the Purchase order Change price of items in Purchase order Print labels based on Issued /Received to date, Quantity ordered, Issue/Received on this order Configure Matrix item ordering 14 RMS 2.0 RMS 1.3 Add items to purchase order one-by one Enter quantity after the item has been added to the purchase order Enter quantity for each matrix item component when ordering matrix items Print labels only on Issued/Received to date and Quantity ordered

15 New Matrix Item properties 15 Add items Matrix item quantities

16 Supplier Reorder Number Search Supplier reorder number added as a searchable field –When adding items to purchase orders –When using advanced find Ability to find items based on reorder number 16

17 17 Percent Item Discounts Added percent discount –Buy X and get Y for Z discount scheme –Mix and match discount scheme No changes to existing item discounts

18 SQL Server 2005 MSDE, SQL Server 2000 and 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express supported SQL Server 2005 Express included Support of in place upgrade of MSDE to SQL Express 2005 18 LimitationMSDE LimitSQL Server Express Limit Concurrent workload governor (throttle) YesNo Database size limitation 2 GB4 GB RAM support2 GB1 GB SMP support 2 (or 1 if MSDE is run on Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition) 1

19 Support for Windows Vista Improved performance and reliability Updated security enhancements Technical note: –RMS has to run with Administrator privileges Backwards Compatibility with 3 rd Party applications Registry Entries Windows Vista Capable PC includes at least: Processor with at least 800MHz 512 MB of system memory. A graphics processor that is DirectX 9 capable. 19

20 Microsoft Dynamics RMS Dynamics branding changes : –Start menu –Add and remove programs –Application UI 20

21 Changes behind the scenes Technical Info

22 System Requirements Operating System –Windows Vista Business Edition and above –Windows XP Pro SP2 –Windows XP Home SP2 –Windows 2000 SP4 –Windows 2003 SP1 –WePOS (Store Operations only) 192 MB RAM (512 MB recommended) 600Mhz Processor (1Ghz recommended) 22

23 Licensing Dongle number is no longer stored in Configuration.SerialNumber Potential workarounds –For POS add-in can use the existing SessionClass.License (documented in the CG) –Registration ID and Product ID are stored in table DataBaseMetaData (both are unique) –Registration ID and Product ID are displayed in the About dialog of Store Operations POS and HQ Client 23

24 Database Changes New TablesFields DimensionDimensionName Description DBTimeStamp MatrixAttributeDisplay Order ItemClassID Dimension Attribute Code DisplayOrder Inactive HQID DimensionAttributeAttribute Code DisplayOrder DimensionID DBTimeStamp 24 Modified Tables Fields ItemClassNotes DepartmentID CategoryID Price Cost SupplierID BarcodeFormat SubDescription 1, 2, 3 TaxID

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