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War. World War I – in the trenches Vimy Ridge.

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1 war


3 World War I – in the trenches

4 Vimy Ridge

5 WW I – mustard gas victim



8 Normandy

9 German Concentration Camps


11 Allies fire bomb Dresden

12 Hiroshima



15 Cambodia:Cambodia, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge

16 The Killing Fields: Cambodia



19 My Lai Masssacre: Vietnam

20 My Lai

21 Napalm Attack


23 Refugee camps outside the Darfur region of Sudan 10,000 deaths per month

24 Darfur

25 Darfur, Sudan


27 9-11

28 A pained stare, plastic ties and muddy, shoeless feet. In war, everyone is suspect. After a short firefight in Sayyid Muhammad, these men were rounded up, stripped, interrogated and later released. (Photo by Cheryl Diaz Meyer)

29 Baghdad - The mother of Samah Hussein grieves over the body at a Baghdad morgue. The boy was among 12 people reportedly killed by a suicide car bombing outside the U.S. military's Camp Cuervo. (Photo by Samir Mizban, June 13, 2004.)


31 Squad leader and Staff Sgt. Lonnie Roberts stands at attention as troops from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team pay last respects to their fallen comrade, Pvt. Gregory Huxley, during a memorial for the 19-year- old in Baghdad. (Photo by David Leeson)

32 U.S. Marine Ty Ziegel returns home, after losing much of his face in an explosion to marry his high school sweet heart.


34 MOTIVATION: For what reasons would you go to war?


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