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The End of the War Mr. Koch US History B Forest Lake High School.

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1 The End of the War Mr. Koch US History B Forest Lake High School

2 The End of the War March 31, 1968 –Johnson announces on TV, he will not run for reelection Anti-war candidate Sen. Eugene McCarthy (D-MN) gaining popularity “Get clean for Gene!” Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara no longer supported the war April 1968 –Paris talks, beginning of formal negotiations

3 1968 Election McCarthy loses momentum Robert F. Kennedy assassinated Riots at Democratic National Convention (Chicago) Hubert H. Humphrey (Dem) v. Richard Nixon (Rep) –Nixon wins –Claimed to have a “secret plan” to end war

4 Nixon Era “Vietnamization” –Remove US soldiers, replace w/ SV soldiers 1968-1972: 543,000 → 39,000 soldiers Resumed bombing raids as he pulled out troops –Kept secret

5 Nixon Era Cambodia –Secret bombings (wanted to avoid protests) –April 1970 – announced US & SV moving into Cambodia –Wanted to wipe out Communist camps – bases for attacks –Also hoped to strengthen American power in peace talks –Instead brought chaos/civil war to Cambodia, more protests

6 Kent State (Ohio) Students reacted w/ anger –Vandalized businesses, burned ROTC building National Guard called in –Tell protesters to disperse –Fire tear gas at crowd Students throw cans back, both throw rocks –Guards begin walking away, then turn and fire on students 4 died (2 were bystanders), 11 wounded

7 Jackson State (Mississippi) Similar incident Students/police clash –2 dead, 11 wounded

8 Nixon re-elected (1972) –Ordered heavy bombing in Hanoi (NV capital)

9 Paris Agreement Jan. 1973 Signed by US, S Vietnam, N Vietnam, & Viet Cong Agreement: –US withdraws all troops in 60 days –All POWs released –All military activities in Cambodia, Laos end –17 th parallel would still divide (until could be reunited)

10 Fighting between NV & SV continues for 2 more years –April 30, 1975 – S Vietnam surrendered Last minute helicopter evacuation of Saigon previous day

11 Legacy of the War Longest war in US history –58,000 dead –300,000 wounded –$150 billion (~ $572 billion today) –Millions of Vietnamese died

12 Legacy of the War Laos, Cambodia also become Communist “domino theory” –April 1975 – Cambodia fell to Khmer Rouge –Led by Pol Pot Declared war on those “tainted” by west Killed 1.5 million Cambodians (25% population)

13 Legacy of the War Many flee Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos as refugees Many soldiers return to cold reception 1982 – Vietnam Veterans Memorial completed

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