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“Air-Raid” Offense 2004 Cover Installation 1. Formation (Pro, Doubles) / (Under, Gun) a. Run Play “B”- Gap Wrap ** Bob (Under, Gun, Motion, Check) **

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2 “Air-Raid” Offense 2004 Cover

3 Installation 1. Formation (Pro, Doubles) / (Under, Gun) a. Run Play “B”- Gap Wrap ** Bob (Under, Gun, Motion, Check) ** F/Bob from Doubles (short motion) ** 1/Bob (To Counter 3 tech) ** Bob/C (To Counter 3 tech) Bob Pass “Carolina” is base (can tag) ** Y as primary 2. Formation (Heavy, Wing) ** Bob 6/7 ** Bob 6/7 Pass (Panther action in backfield) PSTE on corner, PSRB/Wing on slip, BSTE drag 4.Formation (Doubles) / (Under, Gun) a.Fly 6/7 and 8/9 (with PS/BS Bob action) “Zone” Scheme ** Fly Pass (Post/Wheel/Sit) Note: Second number indicates direction of Bob action. Exp: Fly 67. First number indicates direction of Fly, and second number indicates direction of Bob fake.

4 Installation Cont. 1. Review Formations (Pro, Doubles) ** Review Bob (Under, Gun, Motion, Check) ** Review Bob Pass 2.Lion (Gun Only) ** Add formations (Trips R, Trips L) ** Lion to weak-side 3. Desert - “A”-Gap Wrap **(Heavy, Wing) Desert 4. Fly from (Wing) 1.Tech Formation ** Fly, Zoom ** Fly Pass (Post/Wheel/Sit) 2. Counter – “A”-Gap Wrap Scheme 3. Reverse – Fold PSG

5 Freshman Installation Formation:Run:Pass:Other: Heavy1. BobPlay-Action (Corner/Slip) Wing1. Bob (Wide)Play-Action 2. Desert(Corner/Slip) 3. Fly Tech1. Fly1. Play-Action 2. Counter(Post/Wheel/Sit) 3. Reverse2. Bravo-Cut 4. Spinner(1/Desert)3. Whiskey Pro1. Bob (1/Bob)1. Play-Action1. Bear 2. Desert(Carolina) 3. Fly2. Quicks (Oscar, Hotel, Yankee) 3. 3-Step (Miami, Carolina, Wash, Frisco) Doubles1. Bob (1/Bob)SameSame 2. Desert 3. Fly

6 Doubles

7 Trips Right

8 Trips Left

9 Pro

10 Empty Right

11 Empty Left

12 Specials

13 Passing Game

14 Victor Vertical concept – Note adjustments to coverage Tags = R-Seam, F,R-Angle, R-Choice, R-Choice, R-Slip, X-Post, Z-Post, F-Corner, Y-Corner QB will take best match-up. Tag post to F or Y versus a cover #2 look. Versus c#3, look safety off and throw opposite to inside receiver. ** Versus C #3, adjust outside receiver to A hitch route at 7 yards

15 Hotel Quick hitch to outside or inside receiver Tags = Go, or B for inside receiver *QB read is softest CB. May make a directional call such as: Hotel 8 In normal down and distance, the QB may check to this automatically

16 Yankee Y-Stick concept with two possible reads Pressures defender over # 2 receiver and stretches the box defenders QB read is defender over # 2. Read may change to MLB. If read is MLB, throw opposite his reaction to the stick route, or backside slant When F or Y is on one-step slant, they must beat defender inside and sit!! May be called to either side

17 Whiskey Quick wheel route. Great man beater QB may check to this versus press man coverage QB read is X-F combo or Y-Z combo May make directional call

18 Oscar Quick out to inside receiver. Part of our curl/flat package Speed out at 4-5 yards. Route must bend back toward LOS. QB must be aware of flat defender. If it is a “squat” CB, throw the fade in the hole. Or, comeback to slant/sit route in the middle Directional call will be made

19 Bravo Slant/bubble concept. Great man beater Similar to Whiskey, but ball is to be thrown behind the LOS to bubble route If defender over # 2 attacks the bubble, throw slant in window created “Cut” call will tell # 1 to block man on and that we will be throwing the bubble. good call versus an uncovered # 2 or a soft zone QB read is X-F or Z-Y Directional call will be made

20 Alpha Slant / out concept QB read is defender over # 2. If he sits, throw the out. If he flies to flats, throw the slant All slants are either “slant/sit” or “slant/return”

21 Delta Complimentary play to Yankee. Y should stutter step at 5 yards then burst to corner


23 Bear

24 Naked

25 Screens

26 Snow

27 Tornado Double Pass

28 Rain

29 Hurricane

30 3 – Step Passing Half – Field Combos 1.Pittsburgh 2.Frisco 3.Indy Full – Field Combos 1.Cleveland 2.Miami 3.Carolina 4.Washington 5.St. Louis

31 Pittsburgh Tag R on Seam versus C # 2 Tag R on Seam route versus c # 2 as a change up From Trips Tag F on Seam route

32 Frisco

33 Indy Great versus c # 2 – puts a bind on MLB and deep safety Directional call will be made Note: Can tag Cleveland with Z-post and get the same thing. May exclude this play and note it as a tag.

34 Cleveland

35 Miami

36 Carolina

37 Washington Run from trips left with Z on the post / sit route

38 St. Louis ** Great versus c # 2

39 Pass Protection

40 Pass Pro. Cont.


42 Running Game

43 Desert “Quick” call will change action from a pass “look” to a quick handoff to R. OL will drive and not pass set.

44 Bob

45 Lion

46 Fly / Rat / Zoom

47 “Tech” Formation Using “Tech” formation to run the sweeper series is a “mini-package.” Fly is the primary run with R on the counter (Desert scheme), Z on the reverse, and Post/Wheel on the play-action pass. We will also add a “Kick” play. Plays will be called as follows: 1. Fly 6/7, 2. Fly 6/7 Counter, 3. Fly 6/7 Reverse, 4. Fly 6/7 Pass.

48 Fly 6 / 7 “Reverse”

49 Fly 6 / 7 “Counter”

50 Fly 6 / 7 “Pass”

51 Offensive Line Splits

52 “Wrap” Scheme PST will always kick out the EMLOS. He will either drive block, or pass set and draw the EMLOS up-field and then kick him out. PST must get movement and anchor the edge. The PSG will down block any shade or 2i tech. he will reach step according to alignment of a 2 or 3 tech. PSG MUST be able to reach a 2 tech. We can provide help with a 3 tech. Center will always block back for the BSG, UNLESS he is covered by a Nose in a 32 look. This should be a very aggressive block to stop any penetration of the defender over the BSG. BST will reach step play-side and hinge back.

53 Reading the “Wrap” Play Both the R-back and BSG should read the PSG block in the following manner. “If the PSG is OUT/IN, I’m OUT/IN”

54 Continued


56 Keys to Wrapping

57 Zone Blocking

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