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Advantage of the Scat in the Wing-T or Jet offense

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1 Advantage of the Scat in the Wing-T or Jet offense
Can throw the ball effectively out of 100/900 Formation Effective out of any formation Gives the offense a valuable no motion play All purpose routes Can be run with any kind of motion Great pass out of empty formations Easy pass protection rules Put you best players in space Easy to drill High completion percentage

2 Disadvantage May not have enough practice time
Quarterback must be able to throw fairly well Must hit a hot read QB must be have and understanding of the coverage Quick release helpful Receivers must run precise routes. Must decide if you will use the routes to warrant the practice time

3 Wingback/ HB Alignment
The halfback’s alignment is one foot outside the end man on the line of scrimmage. The wingback aligns one foot outside the Tight End and one foot deep

4 100

5 400 or Red in Delaware Terminology

6 200

7 Loose

8 Rules for the 2 Man Scat The Ends always run the Scat
The Wing back or Z runs the glance The backs flair If there is no wing and the formation is balanced the QB will make a Right or Left call. This tells which HB runs the glance.

9 Scat Route The Scat route is a spacing route in which the receiver finds the hole between the linebackers approximately 6 to 7 yards deep Most recently we scat at linebacker depth Punch & Pivot

10 Scat Technique C B Sit down between the linebacker
Catch and get vertical B HB As the force defender (#2) passes the Wr’s hip he will sit-down between #2 and the ILB. The Quarterback reads #2 and throw accordingly.


12 Technique of the Scat Receiver
Scat receiver must show his numbers and outstretch his hands to the QB Catches the ball: look and tuck. Scat receiver must get vertical. Catch, turn up field vertically, put hand on the ground to eliminate drifting, split defenders.

13 Glance The glance route is just a skinny post run by the outside receiver to the Tight End side. The Wing or Z will nod on the seventh step and run for the near post. We have recently adjusted the route to nod at 10 (like the Basic launch point) The glance will be run by the outside receiver.

14 Glance Technique Skinny Post Or 10 yards 7th Step


16 Flair check The back will check for the linebacker blitz then flair.
The FB may flair check or release 70 protection with a flair check. Flair must replace the feet of WR. Stretch the defense.

17 2 Man Scat in 100/900

18 Protection 4-3

19 Protection 4-3 One Back Same except no Flair check with HB

20 Protection 5-2

21 QB Read Progression 2 Scat
QB pre snap decision/can he hit the Glance? F/S – is he 8 yards or less? If the F/S is at 8: go TE side. QB Progression: Glance, Scat, Flair If F/S does not back pedal hard, look for the glance to beat the F/S F/S – 9 yards or more, go SE and read #2 SE side throw off #2: Scat/ Flat If QB is skilled he can read glance, then back to SE side.

22 2 Man Scat 400/600 8 Yds or less F/S B C

23 2 Scat SE Side F #2 B Check F/S, 9 yards or more go SE side and read #2 drop

24 Loose 2 Scat

25 Trips Split 2 Scat

26 270 2 Scat

27 Loose Split Scat

28 Switching the route in the 2 man Scat

29 2 Scat Route from Gun The FB will align to the side of the Flair
Heels at the Toes of the Quarterback

30 Justification of Rules
We package all our plays. Each of our packages must have 3 concepts for us to assimilate a passing game package into our Jet or Wing-T offense. Run in all formations Rules for receivers All purpose (can be run vs. any defense)

31 3 Scat in the Wing-T Outside receiver to 3 Scat side runs the Scat
3 Man Scat Rules Outside receiver to 3 Scat side runs the Scat The 2nd receiver to the 3-scat side runs the corner route unless the play is tagged. The end away from the scat runs a combination route. Corner/ glance :Basic/Post :Pac/ Corner The running backs flair check

32 Quarterback Progression on 3 Scat
Look the 3-receiver side first and see the depth of the F/S F/S 8 or less /Corner route F/S 9 or more sneak a peek at the nod of the Corner route then read the #2. If he runs with the Flair hit Scat. #2 jumps the Scat/ throw the Flair

33 470 3 Scat

34 170 3 Scat

35 Pro Zip Scat Other Plays- 82Down,Midline,Sweep, SE Jet, Reverse

36 Loose 70 3 Scat

37 Tagging the 3 Scat Routes
When we want to alter the route and give the defense new conflicts we Tag the Route. The Tag will affect either the 2nd receiver on the 3 Scat side or the 2-receiver side away from the Scat.

38 Basic The first alteration of the route is the “Basic”
The word basic tells the 2nd receiver to the 3-receiver side to run a square in route or what we call a dig instead of the corner route. We will try to hit a post over the Top, then High/ low the front side inside LB The receiver will release inside and run vertical for 10 yards. He will plant and run inside finding the hole “HUNT” between the linebackers

39 X receiver The split end or X receiver must change his route to give the pattern space. He will run a Q route. The X will run inside for 3 steps to attract the will linebacker. After the 3 steps inside the receiver will get vertical for 12 yards then nod inside then break to the flag. The running back will flare

40 QB Progression read/ Basic
QB will read the depth of the F/S F/S is 8 yards or less/ look for the SE on the post over the basic route. F/S deep / high low the front side LB LB drops under Basic/ hit the Scat LB jumps the Scat/ Hit the dig hunting the hole.

41 170 3 Scat Basic C B W M E

42 470 3 Scat Basic

43 Pro Zip Scat Basic

44 Loose Split 70 3 Scat Basic

45 270 3 Scat Basic We can even get into empty sets and run 2 & 3 man Scats. This really complements our running game because we can run the jet sweep out of any formation. Empty jet sweep can be a devastating play if you can keep the defense from crowding the LOS. The 2 & 3 man Scat routes will force the defense to honor the pass.

46 270 3 Scat Basic

47 PAC When the defense is sitting on the basic route we call PAC.
PAC means Post or Corner. We want the second receiver to run the Post or give him the option of running the corner. The post cut in PAC is a double move. We want the receiver to jab as if running the corner route then plant and go to the post. If the defense makes a mistake on the post you will have touchdown. Remember, the quarterback will look Post, Flair, Scat.

48 170 3 Scat PAC

49 470 3 Scat PAC

50 Bunch RT 70 3 Scat PAC

51 Loose 70 3 Scat PAC

52 Tag Opposite the Scat Route
Delta Tag- The name of our curl flat route is called Delta. The X receiver away from the 3 Man Scat will run the delta or deep post curl. Flair – On our regular curl route we run and arrow with or halfback When we tag the Delta on the Scat route we have the halfback run the flair instead of the arrow.

53 170 3 Scat Basic Delta

54 270 3 Scat Basic Delta

55 Contact Information Bruce Cobleigh Harrison High School 4500 Due West RD. Kennesaw, Ga 30152 Cell

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