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Clovis West High School Registration Orientation for…. Freshmen 2014.

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1 Clovis West High School Registration Orientation for…. Freshmen 2014

2 Introducing your Support Team at CWHS Welcome to CWHS Freshman Academy –Your counselor: Mrs. Janet Duke –Your Freshman Academy is located: CWHS “C” Building Mrs. Gloria Lyons, Secretary –Your Support Team: Link Crew with Mr. Danny Munster Peer Counseling with Mrs. Kris Hawkins SRL with Mr. Schwa Yang

3 Expectations It is our primary goal that every child earns a CWHS diploma It is our goal that every child is four year college eligible Student Athletes need to carefully examine the NCAA Clearinghouse Rules and Regulations to ensure eligibility for potential athletic scholarship

4 Important Dates…. March 5 & 6: Counselor explains registration process to students via AB teacher in KIT MPR March 10 - March 14: Collect registration contract via students’ AB teacher and register for summer-school English H Placement Test: March 24 @KIT MPR 2:45 pm – 4:00 pm *Auto Qualify: ELA ADV/3.5 GPA/earned A grade in English class/AB teacher recommendation

5 8 Steps to Register at CWHS Please follow these carefully

6 Step 1:Emergency Information Make sure you list all contact information carefully so that we have every opportunity to contact you in the case of an emergency List both parents/guardians and as many phone numbers as possible List Parent Email Address Please inform Kastner if your email address has changed

7 Step 2: Parent & Student Signatures Signatures approve course requests and emergency information: Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________ Student Signature:_____________

8 Step 3: Summer School Health & Geography Be very sure of your summer school plans before making course selections SS is primarily for remediation or making up deficiencies for graduation SS can also be taken for core/original credit – this year is Independent Study only, and student must have “impacted” schedule as defined by AVID, Band/Colorguard, Orchestra, Choir, Leadership, Peer Counseling, Folklorico, Yearbook MOST IMPORTANT: –When you register, plan on successfully completing the coursework, or you will risk not being able to take the courses in the fall

9 National Collegiate Athletic Association - NCAA CW students desiring to become eligible for an NCAA athletic scholarship must meet certain criteria for Division I and Division II: Earn a high school diploma. Complete a minimum of 16 core NCAA approved courses. Earn at least a 2.3 GPA in these courses. Earn a qualifying test score on ACT or SAT and meet an increased sliding scale standard. (An SAT score of 820 requires a 2.5 GPA in NCAA approved courses, for example.) Successfully complete 10 of the 16 NCAA approved courses before the start of the seventh semester of high school to include English, math, and science. Request final amateurism certification from NCAA. (Students advised to request certification via the NCAA Clearinghouse during the junior year of high school.) Independent summer-school and/or online courses do not meet the NCAA standard anymore.

10 Step 4: Required Courses - “P” indicates a course that will prepare you for college –“H” indicates same but at HONORS level –English, Math, PE, Health & Geography are all required courses for freshman year.

11 Understanding Grades and Credits You must earn a minimum of C grade in all “P” courses to be eligible for college You will earn 5 credits per semester for each course, totaling 10 per course, per year That means each year potentially earns your child 60 credits Multiply by 4 = 240 credits The requirement is 230 credits to graduate from CW.

12 REQUIRED COURSES Circle ONE in each Dept: English Physical Education Dept. 22515 English 9-P 11030 PE Core A OR 11005 PE Band (must enroll in band) 22516 English 9-Honors (Pre) 11030.0 Zero Period PE Core A Mathematics Dept. Health/Geography 44060 Foundations of Algebra 55007/66940 Regular 44C01 Math 1-P (Pre) 44C01.L Math 1-P w/Link Lab (Pre) 44C02 Math 2-P (Pre) 44C02.A Math 2-P (Pre) 44603 Algebra 2 (Pre) Math Teacher Initials: ______

13 Step 5: Academic Electives Circle at least ONE from Science and/or ONE from Foreign Language. Science Dept. Foreign Language 55040 Science 1 98817 Chinese IAB-P 55709 Biology-P (Pre) 98803 French IAB-P 55708 Honors Biology (Pre) 98811 Spanish IAB-P 55710 Chemistry-P (Pre) 98812 Spanish 2AB-P *Please indicate an alternate for languages

14 Science Requirements The minimum science required for a high school diploma: Biology-P (LIFE SCIENCE) Science 1 (not college prep) (PHYSICAL SCIENCE) College Track for CSU and UC: Biology-P or Biology-H (concurrent Geometry) Chemistry-P (prereq=recommend concurrent Alg. 2) (required by UC) OR Physics & Technology-P (CSU) The UC system recommends ONE ADDITIONAL YEAR: AP Biology (prereq=Biology & Chemistry) AP Chemistry (prereq=Chemistry and Alg. 2) Physics, AP Physics, Zoology, APES, Anatomy – Grades 11 & 12 primarily with additional prerequisites

15 Step 6: ELECTIVES Art Dept.Performing Art 88306 Band-P 88302.P Percussion-P 78302 Art IAB-P 88307 Orchestra-P 78306 Ceramics-P 88326 Choir-P 88306 Band Colorguard-P 88323 Drama English Learner Program 88202 Folklorico Dance 1 22044 ELD 1 (Pre) Business Dept. 39013 Computer Applications

16 Step 6: Electives cont. Support Classes: 44014.0 *Math Lab with Math 1 (designated Link) ***Student is likely to be placed into a Support Class based on CST Math score of Below Basic or Far Below Basic or grade in current math class Non-Departmental: 00075 AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) (Pre)

17 Step 7: Alternate Courses List Specific alternate course numbers to replace Electives like Art or Ceramics, and Foreign Language. Alternate#1________ To replace_________ Alternate #2__________ To replace___________

18 Step 8: Assessment Scores 7 th Grade STAR Performance Bands Circle appropriate performance band: Gr 7 ELA: AdvProBasBBFBB Gr 7 Math: AdvProBasBBFBB

19 To be completed by Gr 8 AB Teacher Teacher: Please circle all that apply below: RSP504GATESST

20 Math Pathway 8 th to 9 th Grade 8 th Grade Math at Kastner1 st and 2 nd Semester Grade9 th Gr. Math at CWHS Geometry Placement Test required for Honor Alg. 2 (May) A or B Algebra 2 44603 C or Lower Math 2 44C02.A Advanced Math 8 * Placement Test required A or B C or Lower *Math 2 44C02 Math 1 44C01 Math 8 A, B or C D or F Math 1 44C01 Math 1 (with support) 44C01.L

21 Science Pathway 8 th to 9 th Grade Eighth Grade Math and GPA Appropriate Science Class at CW Student earned an “A” in Geometry and is slated for Algebra 2 in grade 9 Chemistry, Honor Biology or Biology Student earned a strong “B” or higher in Advanced Math 8 and slated for Math 2 in grade 9 Biology or Honor Biology Student slated for Math 1 in grade 9 Science 1

22 Foreign Language Students are required to take a minimum of two years of the same foreign language and earn a “C” or higher for eligibility into a four year college. Spanish 1 Spanish 2 French 1 Chinese 1 Incoming 9 th Graders with a GPA of 2.5 or higher may enroll in one of the above college prep courses. Please list an alternate foreign language in case your choice is full. Students who are native Spanish speakers –Incoming 9 th Graders determined to be Fluent Spanish Speakers may be enrolled in a higher level Spanish course

23 4 Year College Eligibility Minimum Requirements  History/Social Science – 2 years (CUSD actually requires 3 ½ years)  English – 4 years  Mathematics – 3 years through Algebra 2  Lab Science – 2 years (one in Life/one in Physical – Biology & Chemistry)  Foreign Language – 2 years  Visual or Performing Art – 1 year  College Prep Electives – 1 year

24 Summer School Location: Clovis North High School Independent Study – Health & Geography (Freshman required courses) Not to be confused with 8 th grade remediation! May take up to 10 credits – 5 credits Health/5 credits Geography Students must have an “impacted” schedule! –6/9/13 Seven weeks –Student is required to meet once a week with teacher –Office hours T/W from 8 am to 5 pm Caution: Failure to take signed up class may affect schedule next year!

25 Please Calendar ! First week in August – pick up registration packet in CW Main Office (fill out paperwork) August 19 – Link Crew Frosh. Orientation in CW West Gym at 7:45 am August 25 – First Day at CWHS!!! Registration at noon in CW cafeteria on same date to turn in registration packet (activities, school tour, and receive class schedule)

26 Welcome to CWHS CWHS Administration and Staff welcome our future CLASS OF 2018 to CWHS, Home of the Eagles and the Freshman Academy where you will always find a friendly face and warm support

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