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Future Freshman Night Janet Svoboda Freshman Counselor March 12th, 2013.

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1 Future Freshman Night Janet Svoboda Freshman Counselor March 12th, 2013

2 Role of Freshman Counselor To provide academic, social/emotional and college/career support to all students Assist students in the transition from middle school to high school Informational small group meetings for parents/students 8 th grade visitations to MCMS: March 21 st & 22 nd Janet Svoboda:

3 Naviance Log in information: password= student ID#, username= Q code Step by step directions are on OPHS website under “Future Freshman Advisement” MCMS students only

4 Middle School vs. High School Block Schedule More rigor, higher expectations More homework Self advocacy 9 th grade matters!!!

5 Graduation Requirements English (4 years) Social Studies (3 ½ years) Math (3 years) PE (2 years) Global Science (1 year) Biology (1 year) Physical Science-Chemistry (1 year) Visual & Performing Art (1 year) Technology ( 1 semester) Practical Skill (1 semester) Life Skills (1 semester) General Electives (55 credits) 240 Total Credits California High School Exit Exam

6 PE Requirement All 9 th graders MUST take PE 10 th grade PE can be satisfied through participation in an OPHS sport, Cheerleading or Dance Team

7 9 th Grade Course Selections All 9 th grade students must take:  English I  Health/World Geography (semester of each)  Math  Global Science  PE  *Elective: One year or 2 semesters *Elective Options:  Technology Course/Practical Skill (semester of each)  Visual and Performing Art (year long)  Foreign Language (2 years required by the universities. NOT a graduation requirement.)

8 Honors Global Science Fast paced course Must be taking Algebra I or higher in 8 th grade A’s in all quarters of Algebra or B’s and higher in all quarters of Geometry A’s in all quarters of 8 th grade Science Advanced on Science STAR test

9 More Options… Zero Period Optional Meets Tuesday –Friday 7:20 – 8:20am Student must take 7 classes Not necessary to fit in all classes Study Hall Recommended for athletes Must take “0” period No credit for this class

10 Campus Resources 7 th Period Support: everyday from 2:25- 3:10 Q College and Career Center Naviance Peer tutoring Counselors OPHS website

11 Successful Students… 1.Get involved 2.Attend 7 th Period Support regularly!! 3.Complete all homework assignments 4.Don’t procrastinate 5.Have good time management skills 6.Are organized (use a calendar!)

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