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Welcome to Westmont you are the Class of 2017 Becoming a Warrior.

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1 Welcome to Westmont you are the Class of 2017 Becoming a Warrior

2 Introductions Counselors Aaron Duron (A-L) Kim Witthaus (M- Z)

3 What You will Learn Today What are the high school graduation and college requirements? What classes do ninth graders take? How do students get involved at school? What do high school teachers expect? What are proven study skills for success?

4 State College Vocational UC/Private Community College The path a student chooses in high school and the good habits they establish open doors for the future. Military

5 High School Graduation Requirements English40 Social Science 30 Math (Algebra 1 and Geometry)20 Science (2 years)20 Physical Education20 Fine Art *10 Applied Art *10 Foreign Language *10 * 30 units using two categories General Electives60 Total (minimum requirements)220 + California High School Exit Exam

6 College Admission Requirements: UC and CSU English 4 years History2 years Math (Alg1, Geo & Alg 2)3 years Lab Science ( Bio. Chem/Phys)2 years Foreign Language2 years Visual & Performing Arts1 year College Prep Elective1 year Must earn a “C” or better in all classes SAT or ACT Exams MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS

7 Typical 9 th Grade Schedule English Math PE Science Foreign Language\Elective Elective

8 8th Grade Teacher’s Recommendation Required English 1 Honors * Summer reading assignment Geometry or Algebra 2 Biology Spanish 2

9 Course Selection ELECTIVES: First Choice Elective_____________ Second Choice Elective___________ Third Choice Elective____________ REQUIRED CLASSES 1. English 1 or English 1 Honors 2.Alger 1 or Geometry or Algebra 2 3. PE 4.Integrated Sci, Agricultural Science or Biology

10 Electives Students must select one elective from the list provided Parent & Student signatures required All classes are year-long courses.

11 Clubs and Athletics Over 30 Different Clubs Matt Kolda, Activities Director 21 Different Athletic Teams Brett Peterson, Athletic Director Cheerleading, Drama, Color Guard, Link Crew, Peer Trainers, CSF, Robotics Speech & Debate, Leadership

12 Block Schedule

13 What Do High School Teachers Expect? That Students… become more self-reliant over time. ask questions for clarification. know when they need help and learn to ask for it. come prepared and ready to learn. complete their homework. make up missing assignments when they are absent.

14 Homework Expect homework EVERY DAY for Math, English, Science, Foreign Language (core subjects) Complete A-day homework on A-days and B-day homework on B-days, this allows students to go to study hall with questions BEFORE the homework is due. Use a daily planner, SchoolLoop to keep track of daily assignments and projects and Aeries to track grades and achievement in class.

15 Keep a Daily Planner List all classes, assignments, due dates. Check SchoolLoop for deadlines and daily assignments Plan ahead and build study time into your day.

16 You Should Try Study groups Quizzing yourself Taking notes in class Create exams from your notes Write down what you know Say out loud what you know Explain what you know to someone Use flashcards

17 Academic Support Tutorial every morning: 11:50 – 12:20 (regular schedule) Homework Center After School: Monday – Thursday, 2:25 – 3:30 PM In the Library: Teacher + Peer Tutors Support Programs: Algebra Workshop, English Workshop

18 District Transfers Intra-district transfer applications are due March 15 th, to the District Office. Applications are available in the Westmont High School main office or CUHSD district office. Inter-district transfers: Students must be released from their home district and complete application process. Students will not be enrolled in classes until transfers are approved by the district office.

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