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Welcome to Your 9 th Grade Meeting with your counselors March 2015.

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1 Welcome to Your 9 th Grade Meeting with your counselors March 2015

2 We will discuss… How to read your transcript Graduation Requirements A-G UC/CSU Requirements Four Year Plan/Class Selection Request Extracurricular Activities Resources Summer School

3 Myth: Freshman year doesn’t matter because the UC’s and CSU’s only look at grades from grades 10 & 11 –Colleges review the entire transcript! –Freshman year establishes study habits! –Freshman year determines classes for 10th grade!

4 A-G UC & CSU requirements (each letter, A-G, corresponds with a subject area) A. History - 2 yrs. (BHHS diploma: 3 yrs.) (World History/Geography, US History, Government/Economics) B. English - 4 yrs. C. Math - 3 yrs. (4 recommended) (Must include Algebra 1/2, Geometry, and IAT or AAT) D. Lab Science – 2 yrs. (3 recommended) (Biology and either Chemistry or Physics) E. Foreign Language – 2 yrs. (3 recommended) (Must be two years of the same language. One year of credit may be earned in 8 th grade.) F. Visual Performing Arts - 1 yr. G. Electives - 1 yr. A-G subjects must be passed with a grade of “C” or better in order to meet 4-year college entrance requirements

5 BHHS Additional Graduation Requirements: -Student must pass the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) -Students must pass 20 units of PE and the Fitness Examination -225 units total for BHHS Diploma

6 What are honors and AP classes? Honors – Classes that are taught at the high school level but provide the greatest challenge and preparation for college. AP (Advanced Placement) – College level courses offered at a high school setting. Students expected to take AP exams in May. These course earn weighted credit in the BHHS GPA; however, not all colleges give weighted credit for these courses.

7 Become a strong student Monitor your grades on JupiterGrades Peer Tutoring – during lunch and after school in room 292 (Mon-Thurs) Don’t forget – your teachers are also available often before and after school and during lunch: Ask for help.

8 Class Selection for Next Year GRADE 10 **Most students take only 6 classes English: 3-4 or Honors. Math: Based on the recommendation of your previous teacher; see math sequence chart for more information Science: See science sheet World History/Geography: Regular or Honors Physical Education / Football: all other sports require tryout Foreign Language VPA / Elective: See Elective Sheet * You must return your Course Request Form to your counselor by April 2, 2015

9 Admission factors  Academic GPA/Grades in Academic Classes/Rigor of courses (Hon/AP)  SAT/ACT  College Essay(s)  Counselor Recommendation  Teacher(s) Recommendation(s)  Extracurricular Activities

10 Most important factor Grades in academic courses –Plan your time –Complete homework –Learn to study –Take advantage of tutoring –Balance your school work with extracurricular activities – Accelerate in areas of your strength

11 Get involved Extracurricular opportunities:  Performing Arts  Sports  Student Government (ASB)  School Newspaper, Yearbook, Literary Magazine  Community Service  Clubs  Internships  Paid Jobs

12 Academic Support The counseling department at BHHS supports you: –Academic planning (9th/10th yearly group meetings) –Email your counselor for an appt. anytime –Norman Aid Center, room 288 (drop-ins/appts) –College Counselor, room 290 (Ms. Ah Young Chi) –Individual counselor meetings: 11 th & 12 th gr. –Evening programs and presentations Please use your resources! Plan to complete: Naviance tasks such as Interest Inventory, Resume and begin a college search Plan to attend the: BHHS College Connections Fair: Monday, March 23 rd at 6:30 PM

13 BHEF Summer school BHEF Get-ahead Classes: 1 st session June 8-June 23 2 nd session June 24-July 10 More information online: or call 310-557-1624

14 BHEF Summer school BHEF Credit Recovery classes: 1 st session June 8-June 23 2 nd session June 24-July 10 Credit Recovery classes are being offered on condition of pre-approval of student’s counselor. Students who wish to enroll in these classes must submit an application to the BHEF office. There is no online registration for these classes.

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