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Lynda Lee Purvis, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Krista Smith, Registrar CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE AN ADVISOR Or you are going to be!

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1 Lynda Lee Purvis, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Krista Smith, Registrar CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE AN ADVISOR Or you are going to be!

2 YOUR MISSION AS AN ADVISOR To guide the advisee in choosing a plan of study which would serve them in the development of their full potential. Exploration of life goals. Exploration of career goals. Program choice (major). Course choice. Course schedule.

3 THE PURPOSE OF ADVISEMENT Assist students with academic planning, including course selection Discuss career choices and life goals with students so they declare the appropriate majors Monitor the progress of students on academic warning or probation until good academic standing is regained Refer students to other campus support services that can help meet their academic needs and non- academic needs

4 WHAT DO STUDENTS WANT FROM AN ADVISOR? Availability Specific and Accurate Information Personal and Caring Relationship

5 THE ASSIGNMENT OF ADVISEES Major curriculum advisors are selected by the academic deans and department chairs. Students indicate a degree/major they plan to pursue when they apply for admission. Advisees are assigned to faculty members who have been designated as advisors. When a student changes his/her program of study, a new advisor is assigned.

6 First Year Advocate Linda Randall 931-7010 Academic Skills Center, Room 126

7 SEMESTER HOUR LOAD Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more hours are considered “full-time”, graduate students are full- time at 9 hours. Students should be encouraged to earn 30 hours during each academic year. However, in your role as an advisor, you should assist your advisees to recognize the appropriate load based on their individual circumstance. Overloads of 18 or more undergraduate hours must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs or Dean of Academic Services and Special Programs. The form can be found in the list of faculty forms on RAIN.

8 PREREQUISITE The registration system prevents registration of courses with unfilled prerequisites. If you have problems with transfer students, please call the Registrar’s Office for assistance. EXAMPLES: ENGL 1101 (with C) required before ENGL 1102. MATH 1111 required before CHEM 1211. CHEM 1211 and MATH 1111 required before CHEM 1212.

9 WHAT IS A CURRICULUM SHEET? The Curriculum Sheet is a map to graduation. Shows degree requirements. Should match catalog year on GSW Advisor Transcript. The catalog year indicates when the student chose the major or was admitted to a major program such as Nursing. Students should be encouraged to keep their own curriculum sheet and bring it to advisement.

10 Curriculum Sheet Catalog Term on the GSW advisor Transcript should be during the Effective Catalog Year of the Curriculum Sheet. Use the GSW Advisor Transcript to complete a final curriculum sheet to be submitted with the graduation packet.

11 B.B.A. in ACCOUNTING Name ____________________________________ID#______________________ Advisor _______________________________Effective Catalog Year: 2010-2011 Major The Catalog Term on the GSW Advisor’s Transcript should be during the Effective Catalog Year of the Curriculum Sheet. If a student changes his/her major during 2011-2012, he/she will use a 2011-2012 curriculum sheet. When a student enrolls they will use the current curriculum sheet for the declared major.

12 Areas A, B, C, D, E, F and PE are considered core requirements. The “Additional Requirements” must be completed prior to graduation.

13 Area A: Essential Skills Area A (9 hrs)HrsTermGrade ENGL 1101 Composition I (min grade C)3 ENGL 1102 Composition II (min grade C)3 MATH 1101 or 1111 or 1113 or 1120 (min grade C) 3

14 Area B: Institutional Options Area B (4 hrs min)HrsTermGrade CIS 1000 3 COMM 11103 ENGL 22003 SOCI 22952 SOSC 11013 THEA 11103 WMST 20013 Foreign Language (2000 or higher)3 LIBR 11011 POLS 24013

15 Area C: Humanities & Fine Arts Area C (6 hrs)HrsTermGrade ENGL 2110 or ENGL 2120 or ENGL 21303 ARTC 1100 or MUSC 1100 or THEA 1100 3

16 Area D: Math, Science, Technology 10 or 11 Hours Area D (10 hrs min) Area D Lists HrsTermGrade Lab Science4 NonLab/Lab Science3/4 NonLab/Lab Science, Math or Technology3/4

17 Area E: Social Sciences Area E (12 hrs)HrsTermGrade POLS 1101 American Government3 HIST 1111 or 1112 World Civilization I or II3 HIST 2111 or 2112 US History I or II3 Select one:3 ECON 2105, SOCI 1101, PSYC 1101 ANTH 1102, HIST 1111 OR 1112

18 Area F and Major/Elective Requirements are specific to degree program.

19 Physical Education (4 hrs)HrsTermGrade PEDS 1010 Lifetime Fitness1 PEDS 2000 CPR/First Aid2 PEDS ________ (Activity)1 Additional RequirementsUNIV 1000 __________________ GA HISTORY ___________________US HISTORY _________________ GA CONSTITUTION ______________US CONSTITUTION ____________ Physical Education requirements are not included in the 120 hours necessary for graduation. Students transferring to GSW with a transferable AA or AS degree are exempt from the PE requirements. However, the PE classes used to meet the graduation requirements at the previous institution cannot be used to meet GSW degree requirements, including open electives. n/a

20 Courses Transferred with No GSW Equivalent Courses that are transferred with no GSW equivalent are given a “generic” number, but do have the original course title. Example: BUSA 1--- Contemporary Business Issues. GSW has no equivalent. If the advisor wants more information about the course, he or she should ask the student for a course description. If the course content is similar to a GSW course, a substitution can be requested by completing the Course Substitution Form with the appropriate signatures and sending two copies to the Office of Academic Affairs.

21 Georgia & U.S. History and Constitution Required by State Legislature. American history courses and political science courses taken at an out-of-state institution do not satisfy the Georgia History and Constitution portion of this requirement. On the student’s transfer evaluation, which will be on a curriculum sheet for the major, the U.S. History and U.S. Constitution requirements will be checked off, BUT the Georgia History and Georgia Constitution requirements will not. Student should contact the Department of History and Political Science to satisfy requirements by examination or should register for the appropriate course. (US History I or II and American Government or History of Georgia ) Board of Regents Graduation Requirements

22 REGENTS’ TEST Satisfied by earning a grade of C or better in ENGL 1101 and 1102.

23 Candidates for a baccalaureate degree must earn a minimum of 120 semester hours of academic credit and complete three specified courses in physical education. Students who change majors or are re-admitted under a new catalog may have to complete additional hours of coursework beyond those required for completion of the program. GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for baccalaureate and 3.0 or higher for graduate degrees. Candidates must have completed in residence at least 27 of the 40 hours earned immediately preceding graduation. All baccalaureate degrees require 39 hours of upper division courses, with at least 21 upper division hours in the major. GENERAL DEGREE REQUIREMENTS

24 Students who have had two or more years of a foreign language in high school may not enroll in the beginning course (SPAN 1001 or FREN 1001) of that language to meet degree requirements. Students may take a placement test offered by the Department of English and Foreign Languages. CLEP tests are also available to meet foreign language requirements. FOREIGN LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS

25 Tutoring Free tutoring is provided through the Academic Skills Center for all core courses and many major courses. Send students having difficulties there as soon as you recognize academic problems exists.

26 Writing Center The Writing Center provides help with all stages of the writing process for all students in all courses. The Writing Center is located in Room 107 of the English Building.

27 ADVISEMENT MANUAL The Academic Advisement Manual is online as a Resource under “Faculty and Staff” on the GSW Homepage or from the drop-down menu on RAIN.

28 Finding Important Dates Click on Calendar to view GSW events.

29 ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Students are expected to conform to high standards of intellectual and academic integrity. The GSW policy can be found in the GSW Bulletin. Dishonest work should be rejected for academic credit. Burden of proof is placed on instructor. Follow procedures outlined in Academic Advisement Manual. A record of dishonest work should be placed on file in the Office of Academic Affairs. Examples: Unauthorized collaboration, Multiple Submissions, Plagiarism, Cheating A statement concerning academic integrity must be included in your syllabi. This statement must include punitive actions that will be taken.

30 FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Protects students’ rights in regard to education records. Students have the right to inspect and review their records, but no access to financial records of parents, letters of recommendation, honors, etc. if they have signed a waiver. Students have the right to challenge content of records, with exception of grades. (Grades can be challenged through the grade appeal process as outlined in the GSWeathervane, the student handbook.) Requests for educational records should be made in writing to the Registrar.

31 FACULTY FORMS Click Faculty & Staff on the main webpage ( Then Click Here

32 Faculty Forms Continued Click Faculty Forms and this list will come up

33 R.A.I.N. User ID: nine digit gswID# beginning with 913. PIN: Set to the last 6 digits of gswID#. If you lock yourself out of RAIN, contact Robyn DeVane at 2875!

34 Faculty Forms in RAIN Login in to your RAIN account and click on Faculty Services. You will see GSW Faculty Forms These are the forms available to you

35 Each student is assigned a campus email account at the time of enrollment. Please use this email to correspond with the students in your classes and your advisees. Email addresses are available on RAIN under Faculty Services. The format of the address will be: GSW Student Email (radar)

36 SUMMARY CLASS LIST (aka Class Rolls)

37 Verification Rolls Roll must be taken for the first week. Due date is found on the Academic Affairs calendar. For fall term the due date is August 24, 2011 (8:00 am). Enter the enrollment information in RAIN on the Faculty Mid-term Grade Worksheet. (Instructions are found under the secured faculty forms on RAIN.) Krista will send out an email with the deadline date and link to the instructions. Students attending class should be coded as a 1 (one) and students who have never attended class should be coded as an 0 (zero). If anyone is attending your class and not on the mid-term grade worksheet, email Krista ( with the name and gswID number.

38 Verification Rolls are Important Identifies ‘ghost’ students on the rolls. Identifies students who are attending class and not on the rolls. Confirms eligibility for students’ financial aid based on attendance in their registered classes. Extremely important for the student

39 What happens when students are administratively withdrawn for non-payment Student Accounts mails a letter to each student who is withdrawn for non-payment. Students who wish to be reinstated must pay the total fees before reinstatement is done. Reinstatement Communication is between the Registrar and the Director of Student Accounts. How YOU can Help Check your class rolls on R.A.I.N frequently for updated information. REMINDER: GAView is not updated when R.A.I.N. is. A student who is dropped for non-attendance or non- payment will retain access to your course on GAView. That is one of the reasons to check your class rolls regularly. You may block the student’s access on GAView.

40 Final exams must be given during the scheduled time period as published on R.A.I.N. under the semester schedule of classes. Students may not take finals at a different time without the permission of the Office of Academic Affairs. (See Faculty Handbook for more information.) Students with three or more finals in one day according to the published schedule should request permission from the Office of Academic Affairs to reschedule one of them. Final Exams

41 Grades are entered by the instructor online through R.A.I.N. Grading Procedures Instructor must enter the last attend date for students who earn a grade of F. Student, Ima 913035268 Way, Lost Mi 913045289

42 An incomplete grade (“I”) may be issued for non-academic reasons only. The Incomplete Grade Assignment Form must be on file in the school/department at the time the grade is assigned. The form can be found under the non-secured faculty forms on the GSW website The grade of “I” must be removed, i. e., the student completes the missing work, by the end of the next semester, or the “I” becomes an F. This includes the summer term. Incomplete Grades

43 CHANGING A GRADE To change a grade for any reason, including the grade of “I”, the instructor must submit the grade change form. It can be found at under “GSW Faculty forms” on RAIN.

44 Grade Codes on GSW Advisor’s Transcript A Symbol immediately following a grade should be interpreted as follows: Meets CPC requirements, cannot be used toward degree requirements. Falls under the Academic Renewal policy –not included in the GPA calculation. Courses with a grade of “D#” cannot be used to meet degree requirements. Courses with grades of A#, B#, and C# can be used to meet degree requirements. Not accepted in transfer but necessary for calculating HOPE GPAs. Cannot be used to meet degree requirements. This course is a Learning Support (Developmental Studies) or Regents’ remedial course and cannot be used toward degree requirements. * # ^ %

45 These grades are assigned by the Registrar’s Office ONLY:

46 QUESTIONS? Lynda Lee Purvis Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs 229-931-2019 Office of Academic Affairs 229-931-2019 Office of Academic Affairs Krista Smith Registrar 229-931-2051 Sanford Hall room 218 229-931-2051 Sanford Hall room 218

47 Physical Education Requirement Exceptions Veterans with at least one year service A.A.S. Degree students A.S.N. Degree students B.S.N. Degree students are required to take one activity P.E. course Students barred by a physician's recommendation must complete PEDS 2000 and HPER 2040 GENERAL CORE REQUIREMENTS

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