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The War of the Roses Myth and Reality of the most epic period in English History.

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1 The War of the Roses Myth and Reality of the most epic period in English History

2 Main Characters Two parties : the Party of Lancaster (red rose) the Party of York (white rose)

3 Lancaster Henry VI (1421-1471) Reign : 1422-1461 and 1470-1471 Marguerite d'Anjou, his wife Edward, Prince of Wales, his son

4 Lancaster-Tudor Henry, Earl of Richmond (1455-1509) becomes Henry VII Tudor Reign : 1485-1509

5 Lancaster

6 York Edward IV (1442-1483) Reign : 1461-1470 and 1471-1483 His father, Edward Duke of York (+1461)

7 York His sons : Edward V (1470-1483) Richard of York George, Duke of Clarence (+1478)

8 York Richard of Gloucester (1452-1485), becomes Richard III Reign : 1483-1485

9 York

10 Lords Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (+1471) "the King Maker" His brothers : George, archbishop of York John, Lord Montagu (+1471)

11 Lords Duke of Buckingham (+1483) William, Lord Hastings (+1483)

12 Main Events First period : troubles Henry VI weak, Sommerset and Suffolk plunder the state funds--> Lancastrians unpopular 1449 English lose Normandy 1450 defeated soldiers numerous agitators (Jack Cade...)-->anarchy French corsairs

13 death of Suffolk 1453 End of the 100 year war Henry VI becomes mad Birth of his son, Duke of York no more the heir Duke of York protector of the Kingdom Christmas 1454 Henry VI recovers his mind Queen Marguerite and Sommerset at power

14 Second period : first struggle for the power 1455 battle of S t Albans --> Duke of York and Warwick capture the King 1456 Queen Marguerite gets back her husband Each party raises troops 1456-57 civil riots 1459 Marguerite attacks Several battles --> Yorkist leaders leave the country

15 1460 Yorkist leaders come back King captured at the battle of Northampton Duke of York becomes Heir of the Crown Marguerite still fights Duke of York and his oldest son, Edmond, killed at the Battle of Wakefield 1461 Marguerite gets back her husband at the battle of S t Albans Warwick and Edward take London and Edward becomes King (4 th Mars)

16 Third period : Reign of Edward IV (1461-1470) 1461 Towton battle : the biggest of the war and the final one 1461-1463 guerilla warfare in Wales and extreme north 1463 Marguerite flies in France 1464 Death of the last Lancastrians leaders at the battles of Hedgeley Moor and Hexham

17 1465 King Henry VI captured 1461-1469 Rise of the power of the Neville family George Archbishop of York and chancellor John, Marquis of Montagu, reigns over the north Warwick rules the army and the foreign office Edward tries to resist 1469 Edward captured by the Nevilles and his brother George of Clarence

18 Fourth period : new anarchy 1469 Riots in London and in the whole country Lancastrian uprising at the Scottisch border Help of Edward necessary --> more power 1470 Conspiracy of Clarence and Warwick fails (battle of Lose-Coat Field) Clarence and Warwick flee in France Clarence, Warwick and Marguerite ally The alliance takes the power --> Henry VI King

19 1471 Edward comes back with a small army Edward takes York Several battles in favour of Edward George Neville betrays the Lancastrians and gives up London and Henry VI to Edward Battle of Barnet : Warwick and John killed Final battle of Tewkesbury : Marguerite captured Her son is killed

20 Fifth period : Reign of Edward IV (1471-1483) Happy period of peace and reconstruction Governs with the help of his faithful and clever brother Richard Dies unexpectedly of illness

21 Sixth period : Reign of Richard III Richard of Gloucester becomes king with the help of the Duke of Buckingham in place of his nephew and despite the opposition of Hasting He kills his nephews He crashes Buckingham uprising He is killed by Henry, Earl of Richmond, at the battle of Bosworth Henry becomes Henry VII FOUNDS THE TUDOR DYNASTY


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