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The Last Hawaiian Royal Family B y Erin Barry. Queen Liliuokalani and her predecessor, King Kalakaua.

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1 The Last Hawaiian Royal Family B y Erin Barry

2 Queen Liliuokalani and her predecessor, King Kalakaua

3 Hawaiian Monarchy Ancestry High Chief Kamanawa II Opio High Chiefess Kamokuiki High Chief Aikanaka High Chiefess Kama’eokalani

4 David Kalakaua David Kalakaua was Queen Liliuokalani’s predecessor and older brother. Kalakaua was appointed to the throne after King Lunalilo’s, whom he lost to in the 1872 election for the monarchy, death in 1874. Kalakaua was opposed by Queen Emma, the widow of Kamehameha, but the Hawaiian legislature eventually appointed Kalakaua. Believed in hereditary monarchies, and appointed his younger brother as his Heir-Apparent. Built Iolani Palace Faced severe opposition from the Missionary Party, who forced the Bayonet Constitution, which eliminated much of his executive power and voting rights for many Hawaiians, in 1887. Died in 1891 in San Francisco, where he had traveled in hopes of recovery. King Kalakaua

5 Queen Liliuokalani Facts Born September 2nd, 1838 Adopted at birth, according the Hawaiian tradition of hanai, used to ensure the Hawaiian culture was passed on, by Abner Paki and his wife Laura Konia. Educated at the Royal School (The Chief Children’s School), where she became fluent in English. Married John Owen Dominis on September 16th, 1862. Became Heir-Apparent (Next in line) to the Hawaiian crown on April 10th, 1877 after her younger brother’s death. Attended Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Ball and Celebration in 1887 Inherited throne on January 29th, 1891. Reign ended on January 17th, 1893 Arrested January 16th, 1895 when various weapons were found in her residence. The Queen was imprisoned in a bedroom in her Palace, where she began her memoirs. Her motto was known to be “E onipa’a…I ka ‘imi na’auau” (Be steadfast in the seeking of knowledge) Died in 1917, following complications due to a stroke.

6 Liliuokalani, Crown Princess of Hawaii Liliuokalani became Heir-Apparent after the death of her younger brother in 1876. She was officially pronounced Heir- Apparent on April 10, 1877. She was known as the “Crown Princess” after that until her ascension to the throne in 1891. Invited to and attended England’s Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Celebration in 1887. Delegation greeted as equals, something that did not happen in Post-Civil-War America.. Returned home to Hawaii when she heard of the new Constitution that was forced on her brother, the king. When she returned to her native land, she was reportedly offered a part in a conspiracy that planned to overthrow her brother and turn the Hawaiian crown over to her, but refused to participate. Official Portrait of English Queen Victoria, produced for her Golden Jubilee.

7 Queen Liliuokalani’s Reign US Government Minister John Stevens summoned United States Marines and Navy seamen to Honolulu. Queen Liliuokalani, without any way to truly protect herself and her family, temporarily gave up her throne on January 17th 1893. She hoped that power would be restored to the Hawaiian monarchy in a timely matter. Provisional Government, made up of European and American businessmen, established soon after her relinquishment. Power almost restored during Presidency of Grover Cleveland after Blout Report was published and her overthrow was deemed illegal. Morgan Report then published and everyone, with the exemption of the Queen, was found not guilty. Republic of Hawaii established July 4th, 1894.. Liliuokalani ascended to the throne on January 29th, 1891. Attempted to draft new Hawaiian Constitution, which would give veto power back to Hawaiian monarchy, and would gain voting rights for Native Hawaiians and Asians living on the Islands, which they did not have before. Rich Europeans and Americans disliked new Constitution along with the Hawaiian queen, who they wished to dispose. They were very much in favor of annexing the islands to the United States. Europeans and Americans in favor of annexation formed a “Committee of Public Safety”. Committee spoke to US government expressing concern for their safety and the safety of their property.

8 Imprisonment, Official Abdication, Memoirs and Death Arrested in 1895 when firearms, which she claimed no knowledge of, were found in her residence. Imprisoned in an upper bedroom of her house, where she began to pen her memoirs, Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen, along with numerous songs and music compositions.. While imprisoned, officially abdicated throne for the freedom of her supporters in jail. Released from imprisonment after 8 months on parole. Hawaii became officially annexed to United States in 1898, just mere weeks before Liliuokalani’s 60th birthday Hawaii’s beloved, and last, Queen died on November 11th, 1917, at the age of 79. Her body lay in state at Kawaiaha’o Church for seven days before being taken to the Royal Mausoleum in Mauna ‘Ala.

9 Musical Career Throughout her life, Queen Liliuokalani became an accomplished composer, writing numerous Hawaiian classics, such as: “Aloha Oe” “Nani Na Pua Koolau” “He Mele Lahui Hawaii” (One of the 4 Hawaiian national anthems) “Pelekane” “Ke Aloha O Ka Haku” She was an extremely talented musician and sang as an alto. The Queen was also known to play the piano, guitar, ukulele, and the zither.

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