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King David Kalakaua The Last King By Isabel and Hope.

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1 King David Kalakaua The Last King By Isabel and Hope

2 His Beginning  He was born November 16, 1836  He was born at the base of Puo’waina, now known as Punchbowl  King Kalakaua’s name means… “The day of battle” “The day of battle”  His Parents names were the high Chief Caesar Kapa’akea and the high Cheifess Aanale’a Keohokalole.

3 His Family William Pitt Leleiohoku (Brother) Miriam Likelike (Sister) Lydia Lili’u Kamaka’eha Queen Lili’uokalani (Sister) King Kalakaua married Queen Kapiolani in 1863

4 Iolani Palace  Iolani palace means Royal Hawk. It’s a symbol of the Hawaiian Royalty.  King Kalakaua paid $350,000 to help build Iolani palace. He had a Corontion party for him and his wife. He crowned himself as King and crowned his wife as Queen.

5 How he became King  King Kalakaua was elected by the Hawaiian Legislature  His opponent was Queen Emma  He ruled from 1874-1891  He was the 7 th monarch of Hawaii, the last king

6 Did you know…  His nickname was the Merry Monarch. He was called the Merry Monarch because he was fun, healthy, loved to dance and listen to music. He wrote the lyrics to Hawaii Ponoi which is now our Hawaii state song He brought back the hula

7 The End  King Kalakaua died on January 20, 1891  He died in a San Francisco hotel of a stroke  His last words to his people were, ”I tried”  Prince Leleiohoku was supposed to be the next king but he died at a young age. When King Kalakaua died, they asked Princess Liliuokalani to be Queen.

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