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Tom’s Tips for Silencing Your Model “A” 2014 Missouri Valley Region Membership Meet.

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1 Tom’s Tips for Silencing Your Model “A” 2014 Missouri Valley Region Membership Meet

2 Shock absorber arms and links. Make sure the shock bolts are tight on the frame. Make sure the shock arm is tight on the shaft and cotter pin is in place. Check links for tightness whether original or dog bone style.

3 Make sure your headlight buckets and lenses are tight. Make sure the gaskets are in good shape and that the 3 lens clips are in place.

4 Tighten headlight bar evenly on both sides; be careful not to bend the fenders.

5 Check and tighten all bumper bolts. Also tighten the bolts holding the body to the frame.

6 Lubricate the hood hinges and hood hinge hooks.

7 Make sure the hood latch hooks are tight and that the springs are not broken.

8 Tighten the radiator shell and make sure the crank hole cover does not rattle.

9 Check door hinges and hinge pins and lubricate..233 is standard.245 is the oversize pin diameter.

10 Tighten all garnish molding screws. Check dash rail too which should have rubber washers under the dash rail.

11 Check all body bolts; tighten the bolts slowly so that you don’t change the door alignment.

12 Tighten all the fender bolts and fender brackets.

13 Tighten taillight and license plates. Check to make sure the lens is tight.

14 Check the steering column bolts at the frame. Steering arms need to be very tight.

15 Torque all lug nuts to 65 food pounds. Check wheels for broken spokes or cracked holes. Put a dab of silicone caulk inside loose hub caps to stop rattles.

16 Check door handles and latches; lubricate these with white door grease.

17 Make sure door check rubbers are soft and pliable. Rivets need to be tight.

18 Make sure instrument panel screws are present and tight! If amp meter lens rattles, put a dab of silicone on the back.

19 Check the choke rod grommet – the rubber should be soft. Lube the grommet with a little Vaseline.

20 Vibration Problems Muffler clamps like to rattle. Use a strip of fireplace insulation to cushion. Make sure to NOT over tighten the clamp bolt – only tighten until you can get the cotter pin in.

21 Tighten all floor board hardware. Tape the edges of the floor boards to insulate and tighten the fit.

22 If the horn rattles, make sure a split shim is in place.

23 Check brake rod anti rattle brackets to make sure that they are installed correctly.

24 Make sure all the glass channel felt is in good condition. Replace as necessary.

25 Reduce Noise Put insulation under rubber mat or carpet. Use 3/8 inch thick rubber waffle back insulation from the carpet store. Helps too with reducing transmission noise!

26 Buy firewall insulator panel or make your own. This will reduce engine heat and quiet the Model “A”!

27 Check front engine mount spring to make sure at least 1/64” gap exists. Check condition of rear engine mounts. Check patch panels and spray with foam if they rattle. Insulate the inside of doors. Original Model A’s had oil board glued to the inside of panels.

28 Hope that these tips will make your Model A more enjoyable to drive. See you on the road!

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