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J.P. Langston Brake Retrofit

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1 J.P. Langston Brake Retrofit
A detailed walkthrough of how Montalvo upgrades the capabilities of your Langston machine with a retrofit to Montalvo V Brakes

2 Langston Automotive Style Brakes and Langston Unwind Stands

3 First, verify your Langston machine number.
When ordering a Langston retrofit package your machine number is used to match brake bolt patterns and shaft types.

4 After receiving your V Brake(s), verify contents.
V300 Series brake spider assembly Air Input V308 V Brake Piston Air Fittings & (Ø 1/4”) Piping V Pistons & V Pads

5 To begin installation, attach fan cover mounting clips (3) to the back side of the spider plate.

6 Attach cover clips with supplied SHCS & Washers.
Verify that the edge of the clip does not protrude past the edge of the spider plate before tightening. You can use your finger to verify that the edge of the clip is flush with the spider. Edge of spider Edge of clip

7 Additional brake package components
V300 Series Fan Cover Hub & Spacer Brake with single air input Mounting Studs – V300 Series 1/2-13 UNC Hex Nuts, (3) per stud 1/2-13 UNC Studs, (4) per brake

8 J.P. Langston Brake Input air line J P Langston friction module
J P Langston brake rotor

9 Uninstall your Langston brake by loosening the set screws and removing the friction module mounting pins to remove the friction module assembly. Mounting pins Set screws J P Langston friction module

10 Pull out the 4 friction module mounting pins.

11 Remove the 3 M12 SHCS from rotor hub using 10mm allen wrench.

12 Save all shims for use with the new brake.
Check inside rotor hub and on the shaft end for additional shims

13 It is essential that all Shims are kept at their original position for use with your new V Brake.
Remove all grease and dirt from the shims Damaged or broken shims should be replaced with new ones of equal thickness

14 After rotor hub is removed use an allen wrench to remove mounting plate bolts.

15 Carefully pull the mounting plate from the spindle arm without allowing the shaft/core chuck to drop back from the side.

16 Clean grease and dirt from the mounting plate.
Grease seal

17 Mark the mounting plate to identify the unwind position.

18 Prepare to remove and replace shaft seal, and then install new seals from mounting plate backside.
Prepared mounting plate Mounting Plate Shoulder Seal

19 Before installing seal into mounting plate, check that the ‘seal lip spring’ has not popped out.

20 Install new seal using Federal-Mogul P/N 417269 4.875 x 6.250 x 0.500.

21 The next step is to mark the Mounting Plate Hole locations using the Montalvo Supplied Drill Jig

22 Place the drill jig over the mounting plate and align the jig so that the ‘flat’ on the jig indexes to the ‘flat’ on the mounting plate. Flat Index Seal Index New Seal Flat Index Drill Bushings Counterbored Side Flat Index

23 Check to ensure each location to be punched is clear of existing mounting plate holes.
Remove jig and verify that punched locations clear mounting plate holes. Verified locations Ø1/4” Center Punch (4) Locations

24 Next, set up milling machine
Set machine for drilling and tapping 1/2-13 UNC holes, and drill holes for mounting studs (4 per plate).

25 Drill 27/64 Diameter (0.4219) thru (4) places
Note that thru holes are not close to existing mounting plate holes.

26 Clamp mounting plate to work surface and tap 1/2-13 UNC thru (4) places
1/2-13 UNC tap, (4) places

27 Replace mounting plate/seal assembly and tighten bolts

28 Insert spacer

29 Insert shims into new brake hub and align with clearance holes
Montalvo brake hub Shims saved from old brake

30 Place hub at shaft end and hold M12 SHCS bolts in place at hub counter bore

31 Insert and tighten 3 M12x45 SHCS bolts thru hub and spacer into shaft
Note: Apply Pressure To The Back Side Of The Shaft While Tightening Bolts

32 Check shaft for rotation and axial movement
New seal may make rotation stiff until broken in. Predrilled mounting plate New grease seal Hub Spacer

33 Install 4 1/2-13 UNC Studs with hex nut into mounting plate
Wait to tighten the hex nuts until after the brake has been put on. Visually insure stud end is behind hub shoulder Hub shoulder 3/4” to 1” thread into plate

34 Thread a second 1/2-13 UNC nut on each stud before attaching the spider, and then slide Spider Assembly over the studs. Second set Of 1/2-13 UNC hex nuts installed behind spider assembly

35 Make sure the friction pads are facing out.
Thread another 4 1/2-13 UNC hex nuts onto the stud ends to hold the spider in place Make sure the friction pads are facing out. Friction pad Piston assembly 1/2-13 hex nut

36 Attach disc brake to hub over the index shoulder using 6 M8x35 SHCS
Montalvo V300 Brake Disc

37 Tighten the 1/2-13 UNC hex nuts to the mounting plate.
Hex nuts on either side of spider assembly Be sure that stud does not contact brake disc

38 Adjust hex nuts until there is approximately 1/16” gap between friction pads and brake disc

39 Verify 1/16” gap all of the way around the disc
Check pad-disc gap with 1/16” shim and tighten out hex nut where necessary Verify 1/16” gap all of the way around the disc Outer hex nut

40 Run a power cable for the fan cover and replace the air input line with a Ø ¼” hose

41 Push Ø ¼” input air line through cover into push lock fitting
Brake cover

42 Assembled V-308 Brake with fan cover
Power to fan Air input to brake Ø1/4” diameter air line Fan power from control arm

43 Run the fan power from each control arm
Note the air and power input orientation relative to the pick-up arm. Air and Power inputs

44 Langston Model 380 Corrugator With Montalvo V308 Brakes
Done. Langston Model 380 Corrugator With Montalvo V308 Brakes

45 Installation Overview
After removing old brake assembly: Remember To Keep Old Shims At Each Unwind Stand It Is Essential That All Shims Are Kept At Their Original Position For Use With The New Brake Remove Mounting Plate Install New Seal In Mounting Plate Use Drill Jig To Align Mounting Holes Use Punch To Mark (4) Locations Drill (4) Holes For Mounting Studs Tap Holes For 1/2-13 UNC Replace Mounting Plate Insert Spacer Mount New Brake Hub With Old Shims Tighten Hub While Supporting Shaft Thread (4) Studs With Nuts Into Mounting Plate Slide V308 Spider Assembly Over Mounting Studs Attach Brake Disc To Hub Using (6) M8x35 SHCS Verify That Stud Does Not Contact Brake Rotor Adjust For 1/16” Gap Around The Brake Assembly

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