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Honda 450 Installation Manual.

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1 Honda 450 Installation Manual

2 1-855-KTRACKS STEP 1: Remove the (4) SHCS from the ATV swing arm Install the upper track kit swing arm bracket as shown Do not tighten

3 1-855-KTRACKS STEP 2: Remove the ATV skid plate and install the lower track kit mounting bracket Install the (3) SHCS washers and Nyloc nuts Reinstall the skid plate and tighten SHCS

4 1-855-KTRACKS STEP 3: Remove rear ATV tires Install right & left track assemblies Use blue Loctite on the lug nuts

5 STEP 4: Install Swing arm Kit Assembly Bogie mounts will clear the bogie wheels if positioned and rotated as shown (See next steps) 1-855-KTRACKS

6 1-855-KTRACKS STEP 5: Swing Arm Installation LH RH

7 STEP 6: Install Bolt into track kit swing arm mount Place washers as shown Install Nyloc nut 1-855-KTRACKS

8 STEP 7: Install (4) 5/16” bolts into bogie mount Use Blue Loctite Install (2) retainer plates Install Nyloc nuts 1-855-KTRACKS Note: It helps to put a 2X4 under the track to lift up on the rear of the bogie assembly Adjust the out side tension bar to align the 5/16 holes so the bolts  slip into place

9 1-855-KTRACKS Installed Track Kit

10 1-855-KTRACKS STEP 9: Install 3rd link (part 1 of 3) Remove upper shock mount nut Do not remove bolt

11 STEP 10: Install 3rd link (part 2 of 3) Hold in place as shown 1-855-KTRACKS

12 STEP 11: Install 3rd link (part 3 of 3) Install clamp plate utilizing 5/16” SHCS Tighten evenly and then tighten shock bolt 1-855-KTRACKS

13 STEP 12: Install 3rd link Bar 1-855-KTRACKS

14 STEP 13: Install 3rd link bar onto swing arm Install ½”-13NC bolt, washers, Nyloc nut and tighten 1-855-KTRACKS

15 STEP 14: Initial Track Adjustment: 1-855-KTRACKS Measure from this point Measure to back of Bogey mount Adjust to 9” NOTE: Both sides must be adjusted equally NOTE: Both sides must be adjusted equally Measurements must be taken off head of 1/2-13NC (rear) and 5/8-11NC (front) bolts flat to flat                                  Adjust to 18 1/8 inches

16 1-855-KTRACKS Ski Bracket Instructions:

17 1-855-KTRACKS Step 1: Remove ATV front tires Remove ATV front brake calipers Remove hubs

18 Step 2: Reinstall front calipers using supplied (4) bolts and (4) washers 1-855-KTRACKS

19 1-855-KTRACKS Step 3: Install (2) spacers Mount ski leg bracket Install (2) Ski end caps

20 1-855-KTRACKS Step 4: Install supplied washers Install supplied flange nuts Tighten

21 Final Assembly 1-855-KTRACKS

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