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Put a drop of oil inside the wire holder caps – stops rust.

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1 Put a drop of oil inside the wire holder caps – stops rust

2 Grease the threads of all bolts before installing things

3 Mount the rubber holder for the reverse and clutch cables to hold them fast in place

4 New gasket for the muffler

5 Install the muffler

6 Assemble the carburetor, new gaskets and rubber block

7 Making an intake gasket

8 Tools to make new gaskets, a punch for the small holes

9 Rubber block for the carburetor/intake manifold must be installed with the small hole lined up with the groove in the intake manifold seen behind

10 Install it correctly

11 Double check to make sure the holes line up

12 Bolt the carburetor in place connecting the throttle and choke cables

13 Clean the hot air manifold, oil or grease the spring loaded flap inside, it tends to rust out so grease is best

14 Rear motor mount bracket installed – keeps vibration to a minimum

15 Lower cooling shroud installed – small bracket holds a crack together, otherwise in fine shape

16 Cleaned the carb again, more dirt and varnish!

17 Ready for the motor test

18 Fired up first turn, bigger temporary gas tank in place for road tests

19 Runs great

20 Backed up to the door to exhaust fumes from the garage

21 Let it idle for a while, blipping the throttle from time to time to make sure all is well and to allow oil to splash up on the new clutch plate

22 Backed out into the snow in bright sunlight

23 Great day for a test drive – no, I don’t need snow tires today

24 Letting it idle outside in the sun

25 Right front – there’s a guard by the door

26 Right rear side

27 Rear light wires tied in place for a short road test

28 From the back showing the bigger temporary gas tank tied to the cross member

29 There’s the road behind our place where the test drive will happen shortly

30 First run

31 Simon doesn’t like the noise - Ken

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