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Utility Line Truck #23 Vehicle Inspection 12-15-06 revised 08-09-08 Rick Sandvig.

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1 Utility Line Truck #23 Vehicle Inspection 12-15-06 revised 08-09-08 Rick Sandvig

2 Safety Starts With A Good INSPECTION Of You & Your Equipment

3 Walk up inspection: General Appearance - Not leaning, all tires present, no flats, no fluids leaking

4 Checking Boom Controls

5 Engine oil dipstick and fill tube Auto Transmission dip stick and fill tube Air brake foot valve: check lines for rubbing or leaks. Have them bundled together when possible

6 Power Steering Reservoir Check fluid level Power Steering Hoses Not Cracked –Not Leaking

7 Radiator: Full,[check when engine is cold, check hoses for cracks or leaks

8 Radiator mounted correctly and filled to proper level, do not open when engine is hot Radiator hoses: not cracked or leaking

9 frame,: no cracks or welds Upper control arm with castle nut and cotter pin Windshield washer reservoir: filled, not leaking Brake line: not cracked, leaking or rubbing Service brake canister: properly mounted, not dented

10 Windshield wiper motor and arms: not loose or damaged

11 Steering box Leaf spring: None broken or missing Steering shaft, spline, and knuckle: greased and not damaged Shock absorber: properly mounted, not leaking fluid

12 Pitman arm ALL Castle nuts must have cotter pins Drag link Spring Hanger

13 Service Brake Not dented Securely Mounted ABS Line: Not rubbing Air Line: Not rubbing, Not cracked Tie Rod: not bent or loose Castle Nut & Cotter Pin Upper control arm

14 Slack adjuster with brakes applied: push rod moves not more than 1

15 Self adjusting slack adjuster Clevis and pins; must have cotter pins Slack adjuster and push rod with brakes released

16 Air Filter Restriction Gauge: red indicated time to replace Air Conditioner Compressor: Securely Mounted Fan Belt: Not Loose, Not cracked, not more than ¾ slack at center

17 Alternator: Securely Mounted Wires Not Loose Fan Blade: Securely Mounted, No Cracked or Missing Blades

18 Air Filter: Securely Mounted Air to Air Intake: Clamps Tight, No Leaks or Cracks In Hoses

19 Headlight / Turn Signal Wiring: Not Rubbing, Not Broken

20 Hood Restraint Cables: Properly Connected, Not Chaffed or Broken

21 Bumper: securely mounted Current License Plate Headlights: High & Low beams working, clean Turn Signals & 4-way Flashers: Clean & working

22 Windshield: No Cracks or chips in line of vision or connecting 2 sides of glass, Clean, no stickers or obstructions lower than 6 from top or higher than 4 from the bottom of glass.

23 Windshield wiper Arms & Blades: good tension and in good condition

24 Mirrors: Clean and Securely Mounted Windows and Doors: open and close properly, Not Cracked / Clean

25 Air Tanks: Securely Mounted, not rusted or damaged, not leaking Steps: Securely Mounted, holds 450 pounds

26 Batteries: clean, mounted securely, no corrosion Air Tanks: Securely Mounted, not damaged, check Air Lines for rubbing or leaks.

27 Mirrors: Clean & Securely Mounted Pole Claws: Not bent or damaged, securely attached

28 Boom Cradle: Securely Mounted with boom centered

29 Auger roll up strap or cable Auger Safety Catch

30 Steer tire: minimum 4/32 tire tread, matching tire type and sizes Valve stem with cap

31 Budd 2 hole tubeless wheel: no cracks or welds Lug nuts tight, not missing, no rust Outer hub oil cap not leaking

32 Fuel tank & tank straps Steps: mounted securely, hold 450 pounds Check amount of fuel in tank

33 Exhaust system: securely mounted, not leaking Transmission rear seal and drive line: not leaking, not loose

34 Rear transmission seal: not leaking Air Dryer: securely mounted Hydraulic shutoff valve: not leaking

35 Drive Shaft & U Joints Exhaust Carrier Bearing

36 Hydraulic line and shutoff valve: not leaking, hoses not cracked or rubbing

37 Rear Spring Brake Canister; securely mounted, not dented or rusted. Brakes released. Brake lining: not worn dangerously thin or less than ¼

38 U-bolts tight and not missing or broken Brake drum not cracked or worn dangerously thin. Brakes applied; no more than 1 rod travel

39 Brake Relay/quick release Valve Be alert for loose or hanging air lines, electrical lines, and hydraulic lines

40 Spring hanger Leaf spring – not more than ¼ missing or broken Torsion Bar

41 U-Bolts and Nuts: Not Broken or missing, Not loose Spring centering saddle: in place, not cracked Brake Shoe: Properly Installed Brake Lining: Not worn Dangerously Thin or Less than ¼ inch Brake Drum: Not cracked, Brake Lining mounted flush with edge Brake Lining Wear Indicator Shoe retention spring

42 Outrigger Stiff Leg and Foot Pad: Fully Retracted for travel, securely mounted Foot Pad Blocks: Securely Stored

43 Wheel Chock: Securely Stored

44 Tire: ICD, properly beaded around wheel rim Wheel: not cracked or welded Valve Stem with Cap: Not leaking Lug Nuts: Not Missing Outer Hub Seal: Not Leaking Drive Tires Minimum tread depth: 2/32

45 Hose & Reel: Securely Mounted, Not Leaking

46 License Plate and Light: mounted and working Tail / Stop / Turn Signal Light: Clean & working Reflectors Clearance Light

47 3 I. D. Lights: red lens at rear Emergency Glad Hand: Rubber in Good Shape Service Glad Hand: Rubber in Good Shape

48 Mud Flaps: Good Condition, Not more than 6 inches off ground.

49 Pintle Hook: Securely Mounted With Locking Pin Safety Latch Open and Release Pin

50 Safety Latch Closed

51 Pole Trailer: overall view while walking up to – is not leaning / does not appear to be damaged, all tires attached

52 2- safety chains: not damaged, securely attached Trailer break away safety cable: not frayed, securely attached

53 Electrical cord, not cut or damaged Ring Hitch: securely mounted, not damaged

54 T-Support Bar: securely mounted, not damaged Trailer Tongue: Not damaged, securely attached Electrical cord: not frayed, not dragging on ground Dolly leg: pinned into place, not bent or damaged


56 Safety chains: crossed when hooked, not damaged

57 Storage doors: closed & latched Front side Marker Light; amber in color and working Rear side Clearance Light: red in color and working Fender: securely mounted, not damaged Check all welds for cracking

58 I.D. 3 light cluster: Red lens at rear of trailer Tail lights, stop lights, turn signals: Red lens at rear of trailer License Plate and Light: current and working Electric Cord Plug in: No corrosion, not damaged

59 Tire: ICD Not less than 2/32, beaded correctly around wheel Wheel: no cracks, no welds Lug Nuts: tight, none missing Axle hub cover: in place, not leaking oil or grease Valve stem: not leaking air, cap in place

60 Spring Equalizer: outside view: weld not cracked, not bent or damaged, bushing in place

61 Spring Equalizer-inside view: securely mounted – welds not cracked, hanger not bent or damaged, bushings and/or bolts in place

62 Spring Hanger: securely mounted, bushing & bolt in place Leaf Spring: not more than ¼ broken or missing, securely mounted Trailer axle: securely attached to spring, properly aligned Spring U-bolts and nuts: not broken, not missing, not loose

63 Spring saddle U-Bolts & Nuts

64 What Am I ? Identify the parts 1 2 3 4 5

65 Pintle Hook & Ring Hitch properly coupled and secured with safety latch

66 Safety Chains Properly secured and Electrical Plug Properly connected.

67 Load Tie Down Straps Properly adjusted and secured

68 Tie Down Strap Properly secured

69 Dolly leg crank handle in operating position

70 Dolly leg crank handle: MUST be in storage cradle while traveling.

71 3 Emergency Triangles Pads Secured in Storage Compartment

72 Fire Extinguisher: Fully Charged, Mounted Securely, ABC rating, What is correct size?

73 All gauges and dash lights function properly High beam & turn signal indicators work properly

74 Trailer air supply hand valve, also called Johnson Bar or Trolley Valve Do not use for parking

75 Heater & defroster controls – Defroster must work

76 Check to make sure defroster is working

77 Transmission control module; mounted correctly and not loose

78 Check your seat belts: Are they frayeddo they work? Are the Seats securely mounted? Check Your Power Steering Wheel Lash: not more that 5 ¼ in a 20 wheel with engine running

79 Check your Windshield Wipers & Washers: do they work? Check your Horns: do they work? Is there any loose debris on the dash or on the floor?

80 PTO & beacon light switch working correctly

81 Registration & Insurance card: current and in truck

82 Parking brake control knob Trailer air supply control knob Dont forget to do an air brake test!

83 Safety Starts With A Good INSPECTION Of You & Your Equipment! Remember!

84 The End The End

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