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Please silence your cell phones! No texting while in class Supervisor segment is 1 Hour Moderator & Clerk segment may be an additional 2 hours You cannot.

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1 Please silence your cell phones! No texting while in class Supervisor segment is 1 Hour Moderator & Clerk segment may be an additional 2 hours You cannot work if you do not complete the entire class for your position.

2 Election Official Oath Do you swear to faithfully execute the office of election official and will, to the best of your ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States, the constitution of the State of Rhode Island, and all the election laws and rights of the people thereof?

3 Voting by emergency mail ballot If you are working in a polling place where you don’t vote, you can vote an emergency mail ballot at your local Board of Canvassers. The deadline is day before the election at 4 p.m. You cannot leave your assigned polling place on election day unless you are replaced.

4 What’s new since 2010 Everyone must now show ID Cell phone use is prohibited in the polling place, except for election officials for election-related issues. Text messaging is allowed. Cameras are allowed outside the enclosed voting area.

5 Important Poll opening times vary Arrive at your polling place at least 45 minutes your scheduled to open. Polls now close at 8:00 P.M.


7 Warden/Moderator  Supervises the polling place  Responsible for the Voting Equipment  Notary for Day – Signs All Affidavits Clerk  Files and manages all paperwork  Voids & Reissues ballots  Handles Voter Affirmation  Handles Provisional Voting Supervisor  Verifies voters are on the precinct voting list  Issues ballots and ballot applications to voters  Assists Voters as Pair if Necessary Positions

8 Diagram Automark must be setup facing away from booths and at this end Tables must be placed correctly Secure all extension cords! Pay attention to yellow box!

9 Supplies from the State Inside the Blue Supply Box are 4 bags Warden/Moderator’s supply bag Clerk’s supply bag Supervisors’ supply bag Provisional voting supply bag Central Falls, Pawtucket, & Providence will have a bag of Spanish posters and forms.

10 Checklists Sign these and put them in Board of Canvassers Envelope

11 Organize Review your inventory lists Each pair of Supervisors should have a poll book, secrecy sleeves, ballot applications, and ballots. The poll book is given to you by the Board of Canvassers. One pair of Supervisors will list of A-L and other will have M-Z. Place signs in front of you.

12 Organize Place one package of each color of ballots and ballot applications between the bipartisan pairs. Keep ballot applications in numerical order. Place any other official forms on the table such as “Assistance” forms, “Signing with a Mark” forms, etc.



15 Nametags

16 Provisional VotingVoting RightsFraud Penalties Powers & Duties Outside Only Near Exit Inside Outside Only Sample ballots Posters Outside & Inside

17 Check voters in All voters must present an acceptable form of ID. Various Photo ID or Non-Photo ID are acceptable (list on next slide).

18 Photo ID RI driver license RI voter ID card U.S. Passport ID issued by a U.S. educational institution U.S. Military ID ID issued by the U.S. or State of RI Government-issued medical card

19 Photo ID (cannot be expired) Employee identification card ID issued by a commercial establishment Credit or debit card that has a photo Health club card Insurance plan card Public housing card

20 Photo ID Notes Address on the Photo ID does not need to match voting list Does not need to have an expiration date If it does have an expiration date, it cannot be expired.

21 Non-Photo ID Birth Certificate Social Security card Utility bill Bank statement Document issued by a government agency Insurance plan card Government-issued medical card Lease or rental statement Student ID Tuition statement or bill

22 Non-Photo ID Notes Must have voter’s current name & address Address on the non-photo document must match the voting list Must be dated or issued after 11/2/2010 SSA card, birth certificate, and govt. medical card does not need address or date of issue.

23 Check voters in Each voter must state their FULL NAME and ADDRESS. Find the voter’s name, address in the poll book and verify name and address is correct. Verify the voter’s party affiliation.

24 Check voters in Democrat voters receive a blue ballot. Republican voters receive a yellow ballot. Unaffiliated voters choose a blue or yellow ballot. If the voter disputes their party affiliation, send them to the clerk.

25 Check voters in You must repeat only the name and address in a loud and clear voice. If there is a problem send the voter to the Clerk (i.e. No ID or not on the list).

26 Check voters in Important Message Peel off the label Place it on a ballot application

27 Check voters in Stick voter’s label here Supervisors initial here Voter signs here 001

28 Check voters in Put the ballot application on the spindle provided OR Place voided ballot applications sideways on the spindle.

29 Check voters in Place a ballot in a secrecy sleeve and hand it to the voter. Do not pre-fill the secrecy sleeves. Instruct the voter as to the proper way to mark the ballot (use demo pad)

30 Check voters in Send the voter to an available voting booth. Instruct the voter to place their ballot in the Eagle when they have finished marking it.


32 Disaffiliation Handled by Moderator Available upon request of voter Takes 90 days to take effect

33 Check voters in This means the voter cannot present a birth certificate, Social Security card, or government-issued medical card as valid ID. Special Message: HAVA ID Required

34 Check voters in Send the voter to the Clerk. Special Message: Affirmation Required

35 Check voters in Send the voter to the Clerk Special Message: Applied for Mail Ballot

36 Assistance Only Union representative or employer cannot assist voter. Form must be completed and signed.

37 Assistance by Supervisors Moderator can assign two Supervisors to help the voter mark their ballot. Voter’s choices must remain secret Pair of Supervisors must remain with voter at all times during this process

38 Voter Who Cannot Sign

39 Magnifier for Visually Impaired

40 Straight Party A voter may choose to vote for all candidates of a political party by connecting the head and tail of the arrow next to the Party name of their choice. If the voter makes a selection under Straight Party but votes for any candidates in a race, the straight party choice will not apply to that race.

41 Write-In Votes A voter may choose to cast a write-in vote by writing a person’s name in the space provided and connecting the head and tail of the arrow next to the name. Voters cannot put any labels or stickers in the write-in space. This may damage the machine. The Eagle places write-in ballots into compartment #1 of the Eagle.

42 State Laws Voters with a disability and the elderly get priority in line if necessary. Children under 13 allowed in booth with voter. Pollworkers, checkers, or watchers cannot display campaign materials.

43 State Law Voters are allowed to enter the polling place with campaign materials! No one can leave the polling place with an official ballot. 10 minutes allowed in booth under law. No electioneering within 50 feet of the entrance to the building.

44 Affidavit of the Supervisors All four Supervisors must sign the “Affidavit of the Supervisors” Place this form into Board of Canvassers return bag

45 Designated Supervisor One Supervisor will be designated by the Warden/Moderator to deliver the memory pack and red bag immediately to the Board of Canvassers. The designated Supervisor does not need to return to the polling place.

46 Closing the polling place Put all state posters, signs, supplies and unused forms in the state’s blue supply box where you found them at the opening of the polls. Fold up and close all voting booths, and place them next to the Eagle and AutoMARK in a secure area.

47 Closing the polling place Help the Warden/Moderator take the ballots out of the Eagle. Help the Warden/Moderator put the AutoMARK back in the case. Wait until you’re dismissed by the Warden/Moderator.

48 Thank You Supervisors! Read your books and take them to the polling place with you! Wardens/Moderators & Clerks must remain

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