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Precinct Election Official Training ICCSD Special Election February 5, 2013.

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1 Precinct Election Official Training ICCSD Special Election February 5, 2013

2 ONLY OPTION: Voter FILLS OUT an eligibility slip COMPLETELY  Voter fills in name, address, and signature (phone is optional).  NOTE: (Possibly have voters fill out eligibility slips before coming to the computers!!!)  Direct the voter to the next available Precinct Atlas computer 2 When voters arrive in a precinct, stop working on other non- election tasks and be available to help the voter.

3 3 After printing a label and sticking it on the top half of the Eligibility Slip, initial the Eligibility Slip. Return the Eligibility Slip to the voter and send the voter to the PEO distributing ballots HS 11/06/12 2 11/06/12

4 4 (1)Check for PEO initials – this is the voter’s “pass” for a ballot (2)Check the ballot style on the eligibility slip label (1) ONLY 1 STYLE W/ THIS ELECTION!!! (3)Inspect ballot (4)Initial ballot (5)Put ballot in secrecy folder (6)Check for an open voting booth (7)Give the voter the ballot and a pen with brief explanation, and offer use of AutoMARK (8)File the eligibility slip in numerical order

5 Ballot Package Contents Ballot Package Opened/ Time and Initials Number Package Should Have (+) Over, (-) Under or 0 1 6:55 a.m. SR50+4 2 8:12 a.m. SR50-2 3 10:32 a.m SR500 4 12:45 a.m. SR50+2 5 2:19 p.m. SR50+1 6 3:57 p.m. SR50 5 As the ballot packages are opened, count the number of ballots and record the number on the Lime Green Form.

6 6 Preserve the voter’s right to a secret ballot Ballot may be inserted in any direction The machine beeps and a prompt will appear on the screen if a voter over voted. If voter would like to change their selection hit RETURN, otherwise hit ACCEPT to overwrite the notification. Retrieve pen and secrecy folder Offer voter an “I VOTED” button

7 Follow the screens in Precinct Atlas!  If not registered in Johnson County or cancelled voter: use YELLOW Election Day Registration (EDR) Form  Must prove identity (who the voter is) and residency (where voter currently lives)  Proof of residency must contain current address WHITE  If already registered in Johnson County, but need to change address or name: use WHITE Voter Registration Form  Prove identity or residency 7

8 8 A voter is allowed a maximum of 3 ballots

9 9 Curbside Voting

10 10 Secrecy Folder

11 11 Inside Polling Location (Voter Requesting Assistance Folder)

12 12 Balance the number of Eligibility Slips with the number of ballots cast (p. 32) 48 #48 EDR Use the Purple Register to keep track of Election Day Registrations (EDRs) (p. 32)

13 13 9/11/3 Call In (p. 32)

14  Poll Watchers MAY:  Observe the election process  Look at the Declarations of Eligibility  Write down people who have/have not voted  Challenge a voter’s qualifications  Poll Watchers MAY NOT:  Interfere with the election process  Handle ballots or voting equipment  Engage in arguments with voters or PEOs  Solicit votes or offer advice to voters 14

15 15 Campaign signs on public property: signs prohibited within 300 feet of the polling place door. If there is a sign on public property within that distance of your polling place, you may take it down, lay it face down, or cover it so that it cannot be read. Campaign signs on private property: signs are allowed within 300 feet of the polling place door (but not on the polling place itself). Also prohibited are loitering, congregating, electioneering, or soliciting votes within 300 feet of the entrance to the polling place.

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