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Thank you for attending today! WELCOME ELECTION INSPECTORS.

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1 Thank you for attending today! WELCOME ELECTION INSPECTORS

2 Let’s introduce ourselves! Please share your name, how long you’ve worked elections (if you’ve worked before), and your assigned precinct for August.

3 Housekeeping items… Please sign in. Your election inspector certificate will be provided at the end of the training class. If this is your first election, please see Jamie after the training for a quick photo. The next election will be November 4, 2014.

4 Reminders for the August Election The last day to register was July 7, 2014. This is a primary election. Instructions help reduce spoiled ballots! Use the GOLD demo ballot. There is a township position on the ballot- 2 candidates running for 2 trustee positions. This is the result of resignations. Reminder- do not provide commentary on this or the state ballot proposal. Questions can be directed to our office.

5 Reminders for the August Election Precincts 2, 6 and 8 have split precincts due to the Rochester schools millage proposal. Rochester ballots begin RC and are colored red.

6 Reminders for the August Election Direct all voters and candidates looking for results to the Oakland County website, There is also a link to this on our website, Thanks to our new modems, results are online faster than you can even print your tapes!

7 The Secretary of State has initiated election “audits” to ensure all jurisdictions are following proper election procedures. Continue to be diligent with making notes in the poll book and signing where required. Always work in pairs (Democrat and Republican). Reminders for the August Election

8 ELECTION DAY – AUGUST 5, 2014 Please arrive to your precinct at 6am. If for some reason you cannot be there or there is a building issue (doors locked), call us immediately! The polls must be ready to open at 7am. Karen’s cell: 810-338-1331

9 IMPORTANT FIRST DUTY… We will administer the oath today. The chairperson should administer the Oath of Office to the inspectors who have not been sworn in yet- double check signatures. Sign, sign, sign!

10 Make sure everyone signs! Forgetting to sign means a special trip to the county  All Inspectors sign here Chairperson sign here

11 Set up your precinct as usual. Give the M100 priority as it MUST be ready to process ballots right at 7:00am. SETTING UP THE POLLS

12 Applications to Vote- Important Note! Applications to vote will no longer have the citizenship question. Please be sure this box is checked and initialed by an inspector for voters who do not show ID.

13 13 For all applications to vote you must initial (no photo ID)- keep track on the new tally form.

14 14 Don’t forget to complete!

15 Secrecy Sleeves Again this election, secrecy sleeves have added “primary election” directions due to legislation taking the directions off the ballot.

16 15 Processing Voters Let’s watch a quick video that demonstrates the process- ist=PLJHaXzzP47l9Oeo9aARqsPrISG1DrNZP7 ist=PLJHaXzzP47l9Oeo9aARqsPrISG1DrNZP7 Tip: Check your numbers during the day (every 1 or 2 hours) to make sure all numbers match: pollbook, applications to vote and tabulator display.

17 Notes on the day… You will most likely have down time- please plan accordingly and bring reading material, crossword puzzles, etc. No newspapers with campaign materials are permitted. Election Inspectors may not leave during the day but are provided a $10 lunch stipend. Please plan to pack your meals or coordinate a delivery with your fellow election inspectors.

18 Is it 8:00 p.m. yet? Time to close the polls… Announce the polls are closed. Everyone in line receives an Application to Vote. After the last ballot is cast, it’s time to balance the precinct. Before printing the results tape, the following numbers should agree: −Applications to Vote −# of voters in the poll book −M-100 tabulator Display

19 Closing the Polls… As long as you are still processing voters or tabulating results, the doors must remain unlocked and open to the public.

20 Closing the Polls Reminder Close the polls as normal but before you begin, you’ll lift the access panel as shown…

21 You will then lift up the black antenna.

22 You can then close the access panel again and continue to closing the polls. Turn the key to “open/close polls” and follow prompts as normal.

23 After all your tapes have printed, do not immediately turn off the machine. The results will AUTOMATICALLY be transmitted to Oakland County via the modem you just lifted. The screen will look like this.

24 After modeming is complete, an additional note will print on your tape stating “results sent successfully” and the screen will notify you that the polls are now official closed. Congratulations, you just sent some of the fastest election results in the whole country!

25 24 Check and double check that everything is completed and signed!

26 25 This is a party position only. Can file as a write-in on Election Day. Precinct 7 already has a write-in. Assign two workers (republican and democrat) to complete the booklet. All workers MUST sign! Precinct Delegates- Primaries Only

27 26 If no write-ins, still write “none.” Precinct Delegates- Primaries Only

28 27 Totals will be combined with the AV board by the receiving board. Don’t forget to sign or the results are not valid. Precinct Delegates- Primaries Only

29 Preparing Ballots for Delivery to Clerk Place all VOTED and UNUSED ballots in the ballot container. Place the spoiled ballot envelope in the ballot container. DO NOT place the provisional ballots or surrendered absentee ballots in the ballot container.

30 Carefully and correctly seal the ballot container REMEMBER TO SIGN!

31 What a day! Let’s go home. Things to return to the clerk: −Blue canvas bag −Program card in black, canvas, sealed bag −Keys −Provisional Ballot Envelope −Poll List −Ballot Container −Precinct Delegate Booklet

32 Returning to the Clerk’s Office The chairperson and an opposite political party “buddy” will bring all materials back to township hall. Staff will ensure ballot boxes are sealed properly and review ballot summaries. This ensures workers will not be called back to the visit the County Board of Canvassers!

33 32 If you’d like a refresher before election day, refer to your manual or visit for additional videos. You can also always call or email staff!


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