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Montgomery County Board of Elections

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1 Montgomery County Board of Elections
Election Inspector Training BMD INSPECTOR TRAINING

2 Purpose Enforce NYS Election Laws Ensure Voters Rights
Election day protocol Voter Education – The new mark of voting In order to serve as an inspector, an individual must be a resident and a registered voter in the county in which they work. must be able to speak, read and write the English language. may not hold elective office. May not be a candidate for elective office, spouse, parent, or child of a candidate for elective office in the district in which they work

3 At the Polls Inspectors are in charge One chairperson at each district
Officiate as a board Open Count Sign ID Verify Affidavit Oaths Close Assist

4 Changes this year Election Coordinator Regional Technician
PIP at each poll site Onsite voting machine tech Affidavit overseer Voter Greeter An inspector at a district Regional Technician Prior custodian Coordinator - Not necessarily the chairperson BOE contact person Regional Tech – close of polls election result

5 Opening The Polls Arrive one hour before opening Inventory supplies
Confirm Security Seals on Imagecast voting machine and Security Bag Inventory supplies Use the inventory list in suitcase Count all ballots and record on ballot transmittal Arrange polling area Put up signs and sign posts American flag Distant markers Voting/privacy booths Start voting machine Not working properly – contact PIP The distance marker is placed 100 feet from the entrance to the building. Electioneering in the polling or within the distance marker is illegal. Next slide shows security seal report Change in supplies: No ‘ EMERGENCY BALLOT ’ Envelopes No paper ballots ‘ SPOILED BALLOT ‘ Envelopes Pre-Printed ballots with numbered tear-off tabs Ballot Marking Pens Extra Security Seals Privacy Voting Booths Privacy Sleeves (for ballots) Privacy Screens (for BMD) Cones Count all ballots – Preprinted + blank ballots


7 Ballot Transmittal Form
Blue arrow = inspectors confirm ballot ID number first Green arrow = not everybody needs to check quantity received, but accuracy is most important Yellow arrow = quantity at open polls must equal quantity at close polls

8 Poll Watchers Are appointed by a party or candidate
Be a resident of county Must have a certificate signed by party officer or candidate Certificate to be on display at inspector’s table and returned to BOE at close Are entitled to: Observe the opening and closing of polls Ask questions, make lists, acquire info as to who has voted, and challenge a voter Cannot sit with inspectors or act as greeters

9 Processing Voters Verify voter Compare signatures
Ask their name and verify if address is correct If their address is incorrect, and still in district then complete the name/address change section in front of poll book Compare signatures If they have changed their name, they should sign as in book then complete name/address change section in front of poll book Is ID required–ask for a NYS drivers license/id card Compare address on id with poll book Record id number above signature box If something does not match-challenge voter Ballot stub number Next 2 slides showing poll book name/address change section and Poll book with voter with ID required In a Primary Election, only registered members of the particular party can vote. Example: Democrats vote in the Democratic Primary, Republicans vote in the Republican Primary. If a voter brings a family member or a friend’s Absentee Ballot to your polling place, you should take the ballot and return it in your supply bag uncounted. If you are unsure if a voter is in the correct polling place you should call the Board of Elections. You can look up their address in your street guide or locate their address on the map and direct them to the correct polling place. A person who has submitted an absentee ballot may vote on the machine. A person is qualified to register to vote if he or she: Is a citizen of the United States of America Is or will be eighteen years of age or older on the day of the election Is a resident of the county for a minimum of thirty days preceding the election

10 Tom Jones Enter ID # and name from poll book Print current name and/or
address Thomas Smith Tom Jones 159 East Main Street Tom Jones Voter must sign current name Picture of poll book section showing name/address change

11 Print Driver license # here
Picture of poll book showing voter with “ID REQUIRED” If they do not have id or refuse to produce it they can not vote on machine they must vote using affidavit ballot


13 Voter Rights To cast a vote and have it count Record stub number
Maximum of three attempts to cast a ballot Third chance must be hand counted Record stub number Spoiled ballot must be returned before issue of new ballot Draw line thru spoiled ballot number enter new ballot number Poll book illustrating STUB number Up to three ballots allowed draw line thru first or second number

14 Voter Privacy Private voting area (Guardrail) Privacy sleeves
Received with Ballot Ticket to cast ballot Returned after inserting ballot in scanner Privacy Booths No one loitering behind another voter Privacy at scanner Label each sleeve with district number Privacy sleeves are ticket to cast ballot into Imagecast box Booth lighting

15 Challenges Challenged by who Reason a voter may be challenged
Administering oaths Challenges are decided by Complete challenge report section Enter information of voter being challenged as It appears in poll book Any qualified voter may object to the counting of any ballot. Reason a voter may be challenged: -The person’s signature does not match the current registration signature -someone else using the same name has already voted -the person is believed not to reside at his or her registered address. Challenges are decided by the Board of Inspectors

16 Affidavit Ballot Voter must Inspector must
Pre-printed ballot inserted in special envelope Voter must Completely fill out the front and back of envelope Sign and date Mark ballot and place inside envelope Return sealed envelope to inspector Inspector must Verify envelope for completeness Sign inspector section on oath side of envelope Complete affidavit section of poll book The following 2 slides will illustrate the affidavit envelope If a person’s name is missing in the poll book, that person may vote by affidavit ballot or under court order. Before you issue an affidavit ballot, it is important that you determine if the voter is at the correct polling place and election district. At the close of the polls on Election Day, Affidavit Ballots are returned unopened to the Board of Elections.

17 Affidavit Oath Side Voter completes these sections Inspector completes
Incomplete information will invalidate ballot Inspector completes

18 Registration Side Name, address Date of birth Signature is required
If address on this side does not match address on oath side they should be challenged Signature is required

19 Court Orders What it is What an Inspector must do upon receipt
When unregistered or challenged person insists on voting Permits person to vote on machine What an Inspector must do upon receipt Allow person to vote on machine (if instructed) Or to vote by affidavit ballot Record appropriately in court order section of poll book

20 Emergency Ballots Door on end of Imagecast used only during machine breakdown Notify BOE Do not let anyone walk away without dropping a ballot in the ballot box Can be scanned after repair Process ballots through tabulator after BMD malfunction has be corrected. Nobody walks out of poll site without casting a ballot, all ballots must be accounted for at closing. Use of emergency ballots must be indicated by entering EB in the voter’s record area in the poll book and are counted after the polls close at the polling place by the Inspectors.

21 Spoiled Ballots When voter needs a new ballot
Over voted ballot Extra marks on ballot Tabulator unable to read Placed in specially marked envelope Voter receives maximum of 3 3rd ballot must be counted by hand Count quantity for ballot transmittal at closing of poll A ballot that is rejected by scanner with ambiguous marks is not necessarily a spoiled ballot (erroneously marked ballot) make sure all marks in ovals are complete

22 Building Emergency Your safety first Prepare ahead of time
Remove poll books Remove ballots Remove tally and canvass sheets Lock machine with security key Close Polls

23 Voter Education POSITIVE ATTITUDE Show video Display sample ballot
Hang voting instructions in booth and on wall Try to refrain from being overly helpful

24 Assisting the Voter Voter must be able to request assistance
Anyone - except employer or union rep Take assistance oath Complete assistance provided section BMD can also assist As it appears in poll book A voter must mark their own ballot or be capable of tell someone how to mark it. Nobody can mark a ballot for a voter. (ie POA)

25 Voter with Disabilities
Greeting the voter Communication Environment Special equipment Service animals MORE DETAILS TO BE ADDED Add picture of disabled sign or service dog

26 Closing Declare polls closed Evacuate all unauthorized persons
Secure entrance Allow voters in line to vote Secure voting machine Evacuate all unauthorized persons Prepare security pack & ballots for pickup Start Canvass of the results Emergency/un-scanned ballots Printer tape Write in votes Account for all ballots Who can stay after closing Verify removal and tabulation of any emergency ballots in side box Instructions on closing machine and retrieving printer tape Retrieving ballots from inside BMD keep write-in ballots separate Place ballots in appropriate bag Count all ballots – used and unused TOTAL should equal same number as at opening Unused pre-printed ballots + spoiled ballots + cast ballots + unused blank ballot = same as start-up count

27 Total

28 Reporting and Returns Complete inspector return and statement of canvass book Attach result tapes (by ballot ID) Sign last page Sign first page of poll book Complete and sign other reports Ballot transmittal/reconciliation Complete information on envelopes Pack up all signs and supplies Following 2 slide illustrate sections from the statement of canvass book All required documents must be completed in ink.

Complete information on envelope Insert statement of canvass Insert completed affidavit envelopes Return with election supply bag WHITE/YELLOW ENVELOPES Complete information on white and yellow envelopes Seal envelope Return with election supply bag Town/Ward/District information Confirm ballot ID number(s) from ballots Enter ID number Ballots have been account for statement Sample ballot matches statement Number of Affidavit ballots statement “Total Number of Votes” statement

30 Inspectors complete the dotted lines only
Enter votes for any un-scanned ballots in this column Inspectors complete the dotted lines only Will not have to complete any of this if only one machine is used or there are no un-scanned ballots Actual machine counts Ballots will drop in one of two places in Imagecaset ballot box (cabinet). Small space on right is for ballots with a write-in Attempt to scan any ‘Emergency Ballots’ before closing polls. Those unscanned only ballots are recorded in third column. WILL NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE ANY OF THIS IF ONLY ONE MACHINE IS USED OR THERE ARE NO UNSCANNED BALLOTS Write-in BMD ballot counts

31 All inspectors must sign to certify results
John Hancock All inspectors must sign to certify results CLOSE POLLS – Certificate # 2 With results tape

32 More Information Chairperson Supply list Imagecast Supply list
Inspector’s handbooks Security Seal Reporting and Replacement Security Bag Ballot Bag Write-in Bag Security Seal Report on slide 23


34 Poll Site Setup Include photos of BMD set up with privacy screens and chair, voting booths, check in tables,

35 Testing 7 Why the cross out ??? 1 6 2 4 3 8 5
1,2,3 – Public Counter Numbers missing 4 – Voter indicated new address, but address change was not completed 5- ‘ID Required’ license number was not entered after checking voters driver license for matching name, date of birth, and address 6 – New name not entered on name change 7 – Does the big X indicate we are to disregard entry, confusing 8 – Henry St is in district 2/2; McElwain Ave is in district 1 /2 voter should not have voted at this poll site. 5

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